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Talk about evil

Posted by markdohle , 08 October 2013 · 157 views

Talk about evil

People often talk about evil in ways that keeps them out of the equation.  When in fact the only way to even begin to understand the problem of evil, is to have some knowledge of ones own involvement in it and deep participation, either through our actions, or our backing away and not doing what should be done.  I often have good reason for what I do, but if what I have done with all my reasons, where done to me, well they would seem cruel and yes evil because of the affect it would have on me.  There are no simple answers for the reality of evil and suffering in this world, but understanding and self-knowledge can lead to some diminishment in how we treat and judge others.  I need mercy for what I have done. Why would I deny that to others?  It I is a struggle, but one well worth dealing with.  

Evil thrives when there is little empathy or compassion.