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Is evil subjective?

Posted by markdohle , 09 October 2013 · 420 views

I had a good talk with a friend and he stated that 'evil' is a subjective term, that it had o objective reality.  This is my answer:

Is evil subjective?

Well if you got a room full of people from all over the world, from many religions as well as none, and if they were asked to give a list of what they would consider an evil against them or their loved ones I am sure that the list would be similar.  I doubt that anyone would say that for someone to rape their wife would not be evil, or to steal, or to abuse or kill their children would not be evil.  To burn their homes and villages would be considered evil, as well as taking their land, enslaving their children for sexual slavery etc., I can't think of anyone who would say this is not an evil.  The reason the golden rule is so widespread is that it is here where we know what evil is, what we would not want to be done to ourselves, we do not do to another. Evil is not an abstract idea, but a lack of the good, of love, of caring for others as one would want to be cared for.  Religion or faith is not needed to understand this, these are written into the human heart......we have no excuse for the evils we do.