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All saints day

Posted by markdohle , 01 November 2013 · 166 views

All Saints day

People tend to want to place their own inner connection to God on to others.  It is others who are holy, or who got it all together, or get it, etc.  Humility is the ability to accept aspects about ourselves without falling into self-contempt or despair.  The road that we are all on tends to bring growth slowly and often when things are rough.  In ‘easy’ times, or ‘happy’ periods of our life, there is no struggle (I like that very much), nor is there much questioning, we for the most part just accept it as something normal, though in fact these easy times are not the norm for most if not all.  Traumatic events, times of loss, ill health, economic struggles, all of these, force us to draw on inner resources in order to get through it and to have some sort of balance.  Those on a faith path may seek to live out what they are called to when living in times of suffering and deep stress.  Conversion is a way of waking up, seeing clearly and seeking to live out of ones center.  Faith, if actually believed will flow out of that deep often hidden center; it is where the quiet voice of the Spirit speaks to us.  It is a call to listen to that which leads to deeper life, greater love, mercy and forgiveness for others, which lessens the hold others have on us.  Anger and hatred towards others are in actuality, very deep and intimate relationships, in point of fact not that far from loving interaction….they just deliver very different fruits and consequences.

To become childlike, is what saints do.  To break free from despair, self hatred, contempt and rage at others, as well as cynicism, calls for a death of sorts in the depths of the soul that is painful and life-giving at the same time.  To swim against the current is difficult, to float and sink, well sad to say, it is disturbingly easy.  Here I am speaking of myself and my own struggle..  God is always faithful, intention is everything, for in the end, when we start on the path, we are responding perhaps after many years of running away, to the invitation of God’s loving grace, always there waiting for us to begin.  

A holy man or woman simply knows their need for grace, both from God as well as others.  A fragmented heart given to God that slowly brings all back together.  For once it is understood that all is seem anyway, there is now no longer any reason to hide, we are all in fact naked before the presence of God.