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Make a difference

Posted by markdohle , 13 June 2014 · 183 views

Make a difference

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua.  He is a doctor of the Church and belongs to the Franciscan order.  He taught that it is in looking upon the Crucified that we learn of our worth before God.  We see in his suffering tortured body our mortal wounds, in his death our death.   He bore our sufferings; by his wounds we are healed.  In this we can contemplate the love that would allow God to enter into in human history and allow his children to kill him. Yet in that process, by forgiving all, to stop the cycle of violence and enmity between God and man once and for all and towards one another….in Him is our peace.   I believe that the Christian faith is still young, that we have yet to understand what this means at a level deep enough for us to make a major difference in the world.  Many millions of Christians live in the United States.  Yet we are a society filled with violence of many sorts.  I would think that if those who profess Christ (well me for example) really lived out their faith, if that actually happed, would the face of this country look different?  We are each God’s beloved children, of infinite worth, whose hearts can only be seen by God to its depths.  Reach out, love, heal, pray for others, ask to have the ‘Heart of Christ’, a heart truly human, loving, without rancor or the seeking of revenge.  The ‘Heart of Christ’ is the “Mind of God”.  

Who can understand?

Infinite mind,
unending love,
compassion overflowing
into hearts uncompassionate;

Who can understand
the Mind of Christ?