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Posted by markdohle , 22 May 2006 · 103 views

He is not the person he was once,
Cannot say what he wants,
Yet still knows he has something to say.
He stutters
The frustration showing in his eyes
Aching to say something,
Anything that forms a complete thought,
But he cannot.
He is present,
Just in a different way,
That makes him seem absent
To those who perceive from outside.
He knows,
He feels,
In ways different than before,
Yet the fire,
And love still shine forth.
He reaches to tap me on the shoulder,
Smiling gently,
Unable to say what he is feeling;
It is enough.
He sees that I understand.
Being with him,
Watching him struggle
Is like learning a new language,
A new way of seeing,
Perhaps that is why he is a teacher
Unknown to himself,
An icon of Christ in the world.