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Joy is there

Posted by markdohle , 31 May 2006 · 74 views

Joy is there
The light ever present enveloping
Upholding the one loved.
Often hidden but at work none the less even if in secret.
Slowly bringing to light the fruit long in coming
Overcoming the darkness of fear
That often haunts those who seek the good
The conflict often wounding
Forcing the broken to choose to move forward
To trust
That Joy will win out in the end
No matter how bleak it seems.

Life is not dark
Though at times it seems so
Suffering and evil seemingly strong
Covering the world in its viselike grip,
Will one day end.
The light is slow in its work,
Allowing life to takes it course
Until one by one we are called home
Into the light
Where the mystery answered in part continues to unfold,
To dive deeper into this love is our eternal joy,
Our calling
To always plunge deeper into the center we have never left.