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The end of a conversation

Posted by markdohle , 01 June 2006 · 127 views

Failure stared him in the face
Mocking all that he has ever tried to do,
Seeking to lead him down the path of regret,
That eventually can mature into despair
Leading into the world that is colored ever so softly
In shades of grey.
Easy on the eye but lifeless and silent,
The wrong kind that leads into nihilism,
A world in which nothing matters
Nothing last or is important.

The man was used to the world of soft shadows
Knowing well the dust filled land
A drought that chokes out all life,
The water of life elsewhere, far distant, that could wash the dust away.
A place that he knows exist from his younger days when hope flourished,
Ideals high and the good sought in a land of bright colors filled with life
That is until his weakness and inner conflict became something more real than life itself

The wheel has turned many times always returning to this conversation
The man knows this place well
This time he smiled
At the insults slung
Finally coming to the point of seeing what failure really is.
A simple chance of listening to the right voice
And the faith and courage to continue and simply move on.

He reached out to whom he knew not
The light came quietly
Softly whispering hope
The future bright if only his heart turned
From mediating upon his failure,
Toward the light
That sees all.
The divine presence that is love
That brings good out of all things.