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New Article: Creative Brainstorming and Writing Session

Posted by BurnSide , 17 August 2010 · 235 views

Brainstorming creative writing fiction character development plot elements
Posted a new article over at my wordpress blog, The Crumpled Page.
This was more of a fun creative writing session that turned into an entertaining read highlighting the creative writing process and brainstorming. Really it was just a public brainstorming session for the story I'm working on. I hadn't gotten clear guidelines yet for the story such as characters or settings (although it s quite far progressed) and thought it would be interesting to take the brainstorming online.


That was a lot more fun writing than some of the deep/heavy issues I've been tackling over there, such as religion, perception of reality and consumerism.

Really starting to get the hang of this writing thing. I got my first email back earlier today from a magazine editor too! Offering freelance work finding and writing stories based on student interests and issues at University. I've been too excited and nervous to respond yet haha. We'll see if I come up with any ideas tomorrow.