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Comings and Goings

Posted by BurnSide , 21 September 2010 · 173 views

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I've definitely been doing a lot of coming and going lately, and I'm mostly referencing my mood.
It's been a while since I really had the energy to get online and scope out how some of my favourite places are doing, let alone write.
A couple months ago, everything went to ****. I lost my job, although granted that was kind of on purpose. Then I lost my home, and then I became a burden on all my loved ones, and as of late life has been a struggle just to bother getting up in the mornings.
Needless to say, my writing has done it's fair share of suffering since.

All because I wanted to try and reach out towards a different life, a different way of making myself happy, did I lose everything. That's a pretty depressing realization. But, I only lost because I was so afraid of succeeding, I think. Intentional self-sabotage?

You can read on at my official blog, 'The Crumpled Page', here: http://crumpledpage.wordpress.com/

Happily, although I haven't written in the blog for over a month of self-pitying, my latest two posts that I wrote last night have gained the blog the most hits yet. Somehow the stumbleupon community got a hold of them and BANG, 100 stumbles in a couple hours. Bless you stumbleupon.

Interesting to note: It's always my entries about hardships, difficulties and challenges that get the most views, every time.

An entry on facing Hard Truths: http://crumpledpage....20/hard-truths/

And a short note on how Amanda Palmer keeps giving me hope: http://crumpledpage....1/et-tu-amanda/

Cheers guys. See you on the forums again soon.