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I'm an Idiot



Posted by EDW74 , 29 April 2006 · 77 views

Ok, I've been away a while, and every time I come back it seems that the Ghosts and Hauntings forum becomes more and more redundant. It seems that when I first signed up, the related experiences were serious and heartfelt, that these people really believed that they were under some type of spiritual influence.

Since then, the forum has dropped in...


The idiot went to Florida!

Posted by EDW74 , 19 February 2006 · 80 views

Ok so I been back from FL for a few weeks now. Posted pics from the trip on my webpage

Click here!

Had a good trip despite what I was going through emotionally before the trip. Did some snorkeling with the manatees near Kings spring, then did a day drift dive over at Rainbow river. Then we did a night drift dive at the same place in the middle of a...


PTSD (Long)

Posted by EDW74 , 27 January 2006 · 111 views

This post will most assuredly be more personal than I ever intended any of them to be. I'm not looking for advice or pity, as is not my nature, I just needed an outlet, and maybe someone will read this, and then I know that at least someone out there knows.

I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, not from combat, as many other veterans do, but from...


10 days to go!

Posted by EDW74 , 23 January 2006 · 59 views

Guess what? That's right, I'm still an Idiot!

Ok so I've started my countdown till the Florida trip. We've decided that we're going to camp out at the dive sites. Crystal river the first day, Then off to either Vortex or Devils den for more Scuba diving. I love it .

Tomorrow We're going to see Underworld:Evolution, I'm not...


I'm now a certified idiot!

Posted by EDW74 , 15 January 2006 · 72 views

Ok, so I froze my (expletive deleted) off in a cold lake for 2 days (Told you I was an Idiot!) and now I'm a certified PADI open water diver. Great news for me.


I've jumped out of airplanes, walked 30 miles, blown things up, (hey I was in the Army for 8 yrs). Slept in the mud, been eaten up by countless mosquitos. I...


Twas cold in the water.

Posted by EDW74 , 13 January 2006 · 41 views

Well, I'm back and an even bigger idiot than ever.

A story if you will.......

Twas cold in the water,
I'd wished it was hotter,
When I jumped into the pool,
I was cold and wet,
said what the heck,
And "Man I feel like a fool"

We did various tasks,
What they were, please don't ask,
My fingers went numb, my toes too,
I was feeling...


Gonna get wet! and cold too!

Posted by EDW74 , 09 January 2006 · 64 views

Ok so tomorrow I have to go do my confined water dives for my Scuba class. And I'm still an idiot!

So let's see, next 2 days are going to suck the big one, the weather's been ok, but the water temp is gonna be cold, so I'll freeze my derrier off Sucks to be me I know. Plus I'm doing this tomorrow after being up all night at work....


Hostel Movie review! **** 4 stars

Posted by EDW74 , 07 January 2006 · 83 views

Ok here goes........and I'm just as big an idiot as I was last time!

Our movie starts with 2 americans (Paxton & Josh) and a guy from Iceland or greenland (Oli) who says "of course my horse" a lot, not annoying, kinda funny He's also the self proclaimed "King of swing" blah, blah, blah. Movie starts of with our trio in...


People Irk me!

Posted by EDW74 , 05 January 2006 · 49 views

Ok so I spend a lot of time in the Ghost forum........

And this does not change the fact that I'm an idiot...........


Here I am doleing out my advice, and some people don't get that it's like this,

The things I have been through, by and large effect my opinions, and therefore the advice I give. I see things from every...


A new Year Whoo Hoo (Sarcasm)

Posted by EDW74 , 02 January 2006 · 71 views

Ok here we go, and I'm an idiot.

Lessee what's goin on?

I have a job, where I basically get paid to do nothing, which isn't so bad, but the pay sucks, and on top of it, I hate doing nothing. So do what? Sit on here and "give advice" over on the Ghost forum, why not?

The night goes by just a little faster, and I get a small...

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