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  2. For starters, I've got some health issues that I am working through. I wanted to be upfront about that before I started depicting what happened. So my idea is that he came to be as a warning of my life being stolen from me. But I would like to see others interpretations about the dream. In my dream, I found myself in a rather large house. Hardwood floors, crown molding, custom kitchen. A very lovely home, scattered among the house were people I did not know, but seemed to know me. Upon entering the Foyer to the home, I saw my father. Briefly, (My father's relationship with me is strenuous at best) engaging him in conversation. I was ripped out of the scene and thrown into a supermarket parking lot. Into one of those coin operated children's rides. It was a helicopter, with doors that closed. I was drawn into the ride and the doors closed. In that moment of the door closing, something felt terribly wrong. As if I had fallen into a trap, I began to panic, jostling the door to break free, hitting the glass. Then I saw him. As if the tight quarters of the ride had elongated and there were 15ft between us. He stared at me, like he knew my secrets, like everything that I have ever feared had come to fruition. He smiled at me, as if there was some understanding between us that he knew that I knew what he knew, that he knew I knew this wasn't a dream and that this wasn't a joke. The helicopter took off, flying into the air rapidly as if something from Charlie and the chocolate factory. All of a sudden, the helicopter began to tilt, and he began to smile at me. As i felt the blades stop whirling. I looked him in the face, his grin was chilling. I knew I was dreaming, I had to be. So I embraced the death, instead of freaking out. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I woke up. Panic and a startling feeling came over me. Trying to piece together the feeling i just felt and the looming death that I just embraced. Honestly, I am still trying to make sense of it all. Trying to understand why me embracing it allowed me freedom from the dream. Why I had this mutual understanding with the dark-man, that he and I shared the same thoughts, feelings. I was beginning to wonder what if the dark-man is me, and I am him. All the bad parts of me, the malice, the discontent, the unhappiness, the hate. Why did I choose to embrace him, instead of fear him. Why did I give into the dark-man and his choosing to kill me. Any insight would be appreciated.
  3. I'll be darn they get snow, who knew. The palm trees kind of fool ya. But it is good most of the traditions some from northern Europe, because palm trees really don't look that great with Christmas lights.
  4. In January, Princess Charlotte will begin attending Willcocks Nursery School in Kensington, not the Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre in neighbouring White City.
  5. She hasn't thought this through very well. She said - But not for long. As others have already pointed out, her mother's ashes won't stay inside her and then she'll have lost them too. It's sad that she felt the need to do something so weird and drastic in order to feel close to her mum, I also think she might regret what she's done one day.
  6. How can you ridicule me? I finished ahead of you and destroyed you twice when we played. Bama can feel free to mock me, along with Sweet and ZZ - they earned it. But an amateur like you? You're not fit to lace my boots, wee man. Leave the ****-talking to the big boys, kid.
  7. I just wanted to save this I'll be back to ridicule you later.
  8. President Obama was in no way jumped upon by the media in the manner Trump has been. The vast majority of the press loved Obama. The birth certificate thing was silly and the mainstream media said so many times over. However, no quarter is ever given to Trump...he's vilified on a daily basis. Hell, I even saw a couple of 'the fair minded media' attacking Trump because he drinks diet Coke for goodness sakes. And the 'orange Hitler' thing is just outrageous. God only knows what would have happened were President Obama attacked based on his complexion. Attacking any President in this manner is wrong, wrong no matter what their party affiliation. Oh, and the 12 diet Cokes and 8 hours of TV stuff has not even been corroborated, but that doesn't stop CNN:
  9. They'd make colourful tattoo's even if they are a bit different I was gonna get a Jay for my next tat but now......
  10. Getting a bit tired of the constant bickering in these UFO threads. Fila - stop misrepresenting what Stereolgist is saying. Everyone else - keep it civil please, there's far too much hostility going on in here. Final warning for this thread before we close it down.
  11. heres something I once posted about "witness reports" try a witness yourself.. TIP,,,..concentrate on the team in white shirts....count how many times they passed the ball... Would you make a good witness?
  12. What day as if Christmas coming isn't enough now we get the low down that the kitchen goddess that is Mrs Mork is doing the food could it get any better?
  13. And that is the perfect example of why I dislike tournaments. The guy sucked the whole season and due to bad luck with the Seahawks in one week he eliminates me. Lol he wouldn't even have been there if Myles hadn't made 3/4 of the teams eligible for the playoffs. Ah well, I'm still proud of how I did despite having practically zero knowledge of the sport.
  14. My current (festive) avatar defeats the notion, once and for all, that hedgehogs simply cannot get any cuter.
  15. Morals do not exist as absolutes, only social cohesion exists in this way. There are no good or bad acts only acts that positively or negatively affect the social cohesion of a group. In fact you can't even define an act that has a negative impact on a group as negative, especially if the loss of one group results in gain for another. There are only actions and consequences, any meaning you wish to ascribe to those actions will be personal to you and your belief system.
  16. In Genesis, the purpose of man was to be the gardener of the Garden of Eden. When we got cast out we lost our initial purpose, probably confusing us to this day as to, "Why are we here?" We're still wanting to take care of Eden, but can't. It's like a curse.
  17. Yeh well....opinions vary of course... youre opinions of me are as unimportant to me as you are... you bring nothing to the conversation but hand waving and moaning...
  18. You could try be truthful. You could try to stop misrepresenting what other people including myself post. It seems what you pretend is research is not research. You don't even try. You're not even looking over a variety of the UFO sites that made up all sorts of far fetched stories about the events of that night. You have go n and on about credible witnesses yet you pick out a criminal repeatedly. You probably had no idea since you did no research. Had you actually attended a course at uni about research you'd be well aware that you've done no research. I have stated repeatedly that the witnesses did not lie. They provided statements which did not match what happened. It was what they were guessing was happening.
  19. I often meditate and can enter a state somewhat similar to dreaming where I leave me body and visit 'places'. I believe this is what others call 'Astral Travel' but it is really just allowing your subconscious to take control whilst you are still consciously aware of it. It happens naturally every night when you sleep but you can be trained to experience it when waking (some people appear to be able to do it without training). It's a very relaxing and refreshing experience but I wouldn't attach too much significance to it.
  20. Hmm, really. I didn't hear anything about the "surprising amount". Of course they get much more rads while in orbit than while on the ground but it's always calculated and summed. If someone got the critical dose he or she's banned from traveling to space anymore, and such astronauts exist. By the way, here's a good article on the topic:
  21. Nuclear armed Iran or a drug-funded Hezbollah. Kind of a Catch-22 situation. I know which I would choose. What about you, Joc?
  22. acute

    To track your package, enter your 76-digit order number.

  23. I certainly hope not. If that happens it would most likely mean the U.S. had already have been hit with a nuke. There's no way the U.S. is going to pre-emptively nuke anyone. Fatboy Kim knows this. So do his puppet masters in Beijing. I hope Trump resists the calls (probably within his own administration) to sit down and negotiate with these thugs again. At least until all missile testing stops for 6 months and inspectors are allowed access to his nuke sites. Anti-proliferation worked for awhile but now that the Norks have a bomb and are working on delivering it and the mullahs in Iran are queued up to be next, it's just a matter of time before one of these damned things gets used. I think China will exert control over Fatboy Kim but who's going to control the mullahs when their goal is to hasten the return of the Mahdi? I think Obama is evil.
  24. I don't believe people are ruder now than they were a few generations ago. I personally believe that had the internet been around in the 50's - 80's etc. You would find that people would be just as rude and outspoken as they are today. The only difference now is that due to the internet it gives everyone and their dog and platform to speak.
  25. Your house is infected with orbs! There is only one sure fire way to get rid of these things: Also stops you scratching insect bites during the night. Congratulations, you've just killed two ghosts with one can.
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