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  2. acute

    The Stupid Name of The Month belongs to the Conservative MP for South Dorset:

    Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax.

  3. Well lets not ignore the fact that the depiction shows something under the ear and certainly not behind it.
  4. Manfred von Dreidecker

    Mmmm, sexy

  5. I have seen such creatures in the woods behind my house! I'm pretty sure it was a dwarf...well...I was pretty sure it was a dwarf until it started to fly and morphed into an Elfin Queen.... ...I was going to video it but in my rush to grab my phone....I accidentally spilled a large amount of Crown Royal on said phone and ...very mysteriously...the camera stopped working. Elfin Magic I am sure...they will not let you capture them on film. Okay..I just made all that up....I'm sorry!
  6. I mentioned nothing about searching.... I just said it gave me Deja Vu as have recently read it myself !!
  7. Divided we fall. United we stand.
  8. If he was a runner, that was a TD before the ball touched the ground. I think it was a catch. Close call though. These always seem to favor the Pats.
  9. Every culture has it's fairy tales, my Cherokee ancestors were no exception. Most, like our own, were tales to entertain children, with origins and meanings, lost in mists of time. Some, like of those Grandmother Spider, were part Cherokee Creation Mythos.
  10. Seeder... i did searched for similar topics about sphinx and secret chamber behind his ear and could not find any....what you have there is a post not a topic, and also it is in Extraterrestrial Life & The UFO Phenomenon section not ancient mysteries, where it should belong.
  11. OverSword

    I'll be alright, I got a gig waiting for me at a laundromat.

    Jimi Hendrix, Isle of Wight, 30/08/1970

  12. Are you serious? What do you think we are...cats...mesmorized by the light pointer on the wall? That is so obviously fake you should just go stand in the corner for awhile...also... said the word ****....see?....I typed it but it didn't type out as **** did didn't even type out as feces...I'm sure if you will take a moment to read the rules of the will find that users are disallowed from using such words in type or in videos....just saying...seriously..go stand in the corner!
  13. She loads of friends as this cast list shows
  14. And until they ate of the forbidden fruit, man (and woman) were immortal and wouldn’t know sickness. God obviosuly met his match in that his human creations disobeyed him so he condemned them to a life of pain and hardship outside the garden of Eden ...... I rather see that as, 'It's my ball and you will play to my rules or I am going to take my ball home’. Petulant from the start?
  15. More like suicidal. No doubt an I.Q. of 72.
  16. No one cares if you ate an orange unless it was talking to you before you ate it and after eating cured you of smoking and gave you the gift of physics empowerment, maybe throw a bright light in there for good measure. jmccr8
  17. Cheeky and Stupid.
  18. Oh Yes! They do help the people paying families for their martyrs! British aid cash is being given to the families of suicide bombers, it was claimed last night. The Palestinian Authority, which gets £86million of British aid a year, has authorised payments of almost £5million to the families of ‘martyrs’. Another £3million has been given to 5,500 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. The payments, using taxpayers’ cash donated from Britain and the European Union, have been described as ‘ludicrous’ by one Tory MP.
  19. Tried to run a gauntlet of U.K. and U.S. security? Cheeky.
  20. No wonder I got deja was my own thread where this was mentioned He said that life on Earth will change dramatically when the Great Sphinx monument in Giza is 'unlocked', adding that the opening mechanism is hidden behind an ear.
  21. What is a physics gift of empowerment? jmccr8
  22. Im getting deja-vu...this has either been posted already or discussed in some thread
  23. Yes, and such astronauts have flown multiple long duration missions lasting several months each. They did not spend less than 10 minutes in space, which is the duration of a New Shepard flight from launch to landing. Gennady Padalka, over several missions, has spent 879 days in space, that is the equivalent of more than 126,500 flights on a New Shepard. Your argument has no relevance to such short missions.
  24. Walker You do need yoi3r alien whether it is real or not, it is what makes you feel unique and special by talking about it. Why is it that Jesus didn't have a problem walking amoung men and speaking and teaching and your alien hides in the shadows? You are quite limited in your perception of what I say to you. You say that by us talking about our lives gives you an understanding of how we think. When I said dangerous you interpret it as violence even when I said that I don't have to hit someone for them to find themselves in a dangerous position. Yes I did grow up on a violent environment and have openly said this in past discissions. I have also said many other things that you ignore. We are social animals that depend on group interactions, do you know what happens when one member of a group is pushed out? They become susceptible to preditors, years ago I worked with a fellow like you a know it all and with defensively abrasive attitude. We were cutting scrap for the furnaces at a steel plant and he was not willing to engage as a productive co-worker. There was a pile of coil ends that the euclid had dumped and this fellow decided he was going to cut his way into the pile. I called him to stop and pointed out that he should wait until the mag operator spread it out as if he kept cutting his way into the pile the way that he was that it would collapse and that there was potential risk for serious injury. He got mad and started flapping his gums so I just turned and walked away several minutes later the pile collapsed and he was fortunate to get away with minor injuries. I had gone and stood at the shut of valves for the oxygen and map gas so I could turn them off and did so when he dropped his torch. He was willing to put all of us at risk because of his stuborn attitudue because we didn't use tanks all the torches were run off of a line system and the potenial for fire or explosion is there. Afterwards none of us on any crew would work or communicate with him and after a few weeks he quit because he had isloated himself with his actions and words. You have me on ignore but still repond because you need me you cannot exist without opposition to pretend that you are superior in some way. To me you remind me of one of those mouthy little guys that hangs around with a bigger guy and push because your big buddy will end up fighting on your behalf, well until one day he walks away and lets you back up your mouth alone. jmccr8
  25. Please let Will speak for himself. How can a God be looking out for everyone if he isn't looking out for me? I don't deny the existence of anything that cannot be proven to exist. I will leave it in the realms of fantasy though until it is proven. No, it would be illogical to think that because an alien has taken interest in you that it is automatically interested in everyone else. It is also illogical to think that an alien who did not create itself, or the system within which it works, is the God that people have been describing all these years. It is not the God of Christianity that's for sure, that God created the universe apparently.
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