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  2. Gotta jump in the shower, brb....
  3. It's likely a waste of time and money as political witch hunts often are. It's an investigation in search of a crime. There's no evidence of collusion. Trump would be gone by now if there was. The investigation(s) probably will continue in some form or another. The past *year* of investigation(s), none of which has shown evidence of collusion, demonstrate this. I'll give a big donation to the charity of your choice if there's evidence of real collusion. Even Mueller likely knows that there was no conspiracy between Trump and Putin, which is just one reason why I question the real motives of this fishing expedition.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I've seen clips of subliminal messages on Disney movies. It was an eye opener!
  5. It's so hard to find Christmas music that I personally enjoy. So much of it is Bing Crosby era diddy songs if ya know what I mean...
  6. well thats the ever I remain unconvinced...but heres the story anyway
  7. The economy did not grow as fast as it's neighboring states. The results were so bad that the Republicans ended up raising the taxes back up, overriding Brownback's veto. Iowa borders two of the neighboring states, so I actually paid attention.
  8. Anyone remember 2 girls 1 cup?
  9. Ok. Your point of view. Now. I remember, we all do, when middle east refugees in Europe were accused of sexually asaulting women and girls. Everyone here believed the victims. Many said: what if the victim was your mom, sister, daughter? AFTER an inquiry the vast majority prooved to be true. Only a few cases were not. So, now, what if Trumps accuser was your mom, sister, daughter...wouldn't you want to know the truth regardless how awsome #45 is?
  10. My fault for the mis-spelling, and yes I was rejected because I'm white.
  11. This is totaly true. Some games are very inspirational to me. they don't get me angry at all. i just enjoy them. A bit of excitement and challenge, but nowhere near strong anger.
  12. MrBene

    Does someone collect vinyls? I do have a small collection (around 200 lps and 7"). I wonder if I could start a threat about it.

    1. seeder


      Might be better if you just made a thread....threats are not so popular

  13. My kind of Christmas song
  14. Whether Mueller finds evidence of Russian collusion or not, I think he's looking in all the right places. As regards the probe continuing, Ken Starr fashion, until they find something -- I doubt it will. Many of the lawyers on Mueller's team are foregoing million dollar plus salaries back in the private sector. I doubt they'd want to chase ghosts for any extended length of time. I doubt a Republican Congress will continue funding the investigation for the entire term of Trumps presidency, either. Time, as always, will tell.
  15. And this is exactly what the Paper in the OP is about. In the troposphere CO2s thermal contribution is due mainly from colisions with other Atmospheric molecules as opposed the photon re-emission. When a CO2 molecule absorbs a 15 um photon for example this causes the molecule to vibrate, but in the troposphere the atmospheric density is so great that the CO2 molecule bumps into say an O2 molecule for example before a photon re-emission can take place and thus there is a slight heating but the CO2 molecule also stops vibrating and therefore has no energy to emit a photon. i.e. no down welling longwave radiation back to Earth from that molecule. This fact greatly reduces the amount of heating the IPCC assumes because the IPCC has not taken this into account. In the OP Paper the Author even explains that by disregarding this fact then you would appoach about 6 degrees K of heating at ~4,000 ppmv CO2. Venus' 96% CO2 atmosphere is soo hot because it is also 93 times denser than the Earth's Atmosphere. On Earth under normal conditions the temperature raises or drops about 3.5 degrees F / 1,000 ft. So imagine an Atmosphere 93 times denser than Earth's and you can see why the surface of Venus is soo HOT. It's the same principle that cause Death Valley to be one of the hottest place on Earth because the is simply more Atmosphere above it than most other places on Earth. Again see the explanation in the OP Paper.
  16. LOL!
  17. Haha, maybe we need to start dedicated PUBG and Fortnite threads in the gaming section!
  18. acute

    I just watched a bit of Nude Nuns With Big Guns, but it wasn't the 'Impoverished Catholics rising up against Protestant tyranny' narrative that I was expecting.

    To be honest, I was so disgusted, I had to turn off the TV!

    Edited by acute
    1. tcgram


      Sure you did.    :rolleyes:

  19. never got angry when playing pc games, only chess. but even that phase passed. dont get angry if defeated anymore. strange.
  20. I don't like Jones *or* Moore, and such poor choices bring the presidential race to mind when a vote for one often was just a vote against the other. Aren't you all tired of this? We always are forced to pick the lesser of two evils while we perform mental math on who will do the least damage when they're in office, and that mental math often forces us to vote for horrid people. I can't believe that this is all our country has to offer!
  21. My son and I went to dinner, just the two of us. We went to Bob Evans as I had a coupon.
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