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  2. I can see this back an forth will take forever. You need to be more specific.
  3. Perhaps, dear readers, now might be the time to vote on closing this trainw er thread. I vote thumbs down for delonge.
  4. ohh, dont say that on this page, most amercians believe their government always tells the truth!!!! their gov is the one and only true power!
  5. All referring to the video
  6. what a waste of money and resources, imagine a world without war, the money used could do so much, just takes the USA military budget, it could end their debt, advance in medicine, education and space travel, but no rather show off how much firepower they have.
  7. Which ones? Let me guess, all of them
  8. How do you know it's pointless?
  9. Why did you spam the thread with a pointless video?
  10. What is quite clear is that the Phoenix lights event #1 was a squadron planes. This was verified by a number of witnesses. The interesting part was that the bulk of the population was unable to see that and came up with a wide range of conflicting tales that were all wrong.
  11. I need some fries with all this salt.
  12. Nobody said I had any.
  13. I appreciate your inabilities.
  14. You're not welcome.
  15. Are you finally accepting that it is not necessary to debunk or show UFO tales to be false? It is the responsibility of the UFO story tellers to show that their ideas have merit.
  16. So there is no reason. Thanks.
  17. So they can judge for themselves about if it is unusual. A purported UAP. These are easy requests/questions you guys.
  18. Only a complete idiot would think that is what I stated or suggested. Only a blithering liar would suggest that I stated that. Actually, I stated that witnesses are often wrong ad in the case of the Phoenix lights there were so many conflicting witness accounts it was mind boggling.
  19. Symington is of many witnesses. Is this one of the credible witnesses you love to refer to?,_conviction_and_resignation_(1995–1997) There is no requirement to log the planes. Failure to find a log entry for the planes is meaningless. As I have pointed out witnesses are very poor at describing what they see. The video showed planes. The witnesses were wrong, wrong, wrong. Get over it. With failure after failure you go to Barwood. Simply wonderful. This just shows how little you know about the case. She tried to use the event to bolster her political standing. Again you fail.
  20. Way I see it Russia is the scapegoat
  21. It sure looks like Mueller wants out and he wants it bad. Will Trump take the bait and fire Mueller? Or will he let Mueller continue to twist in the wind... This week could get ugly.
  22. Well one thing is becoming increasingly clear. Unlike the Obama administration, which promised to be the most transparent administration ever, the Trump administration has been an open book since day one.
  23. 3,730 pages of emails from the Trump Transition Team have been released under FOIA. You can find them, here.
  24. Business and politics probably attracts more psychopaths than any other two fields. Also, warlords and dictators also tend to be extremely intelligent. Then again, that's pretty much business and politics rolled into one person. Stalin, Khan, Lenin, Hitler and Idi Amin weren't exactly dumb guys. Then you have the mentally handicapped, often with IQs below 70, and anyone that has worked with them can attest to just how compassionate and caring they can be.
  25. But it’s only been 3 or 4 years in the show. I’m not sure how anybody could develop a mutated gene in that time though I’m sure they’ve all had their share of walker blood get in their mouths and eyes so maybe. Speaking of ingesting walker dna, remember the kingdom was feeding their pigs walkers, the ones they gave to the saviors? That seemed like it was going to be a significant thing but nothing ever came from it. That plot vanished like dreadlock dude did in Oceanside. Those were two things that deserved answers that the writers just abandoned. I hope they address the helicopter from this season. Anyhow, maybe Carl ate some pork during his stay at the Sanctuary. Maybe he and some of the Saviors gained an immunity. I still think Carl is done and I don’t know how the show will end. Probably a time jump where Judith Grimes leads the new world.
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