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    Strange optical illusion *more soon !?!


  3. * Lends you his spare tinfoil fedora * Until evidenced, it's a conspiracy theory, by definition. So is Russian collusion, so you're in good company. This is why the Office of the Inspector General at the DOJ exists -- to investigate exactly this sort of thing. Seems like they were doing their job, long before Congress was even aware. I'd much rather they handled it, than Congress, tbh. For a start -- I hear Congress is pretty partisan. I'm not exactly thrilled with a member of the Trump transition team leading the charge to discredit an investigation which involves the Trump transition team, either.
  4. Occult Mafia 2000


  5. Well God can tell me Himself. Then I will no longer have to take other folks beliefs and ideologies and theories however plausable they may seem. There will be no deed for the middlemen of the Church, no more lies, corruption, abuse, deceit, no more crimes period.
  6. Actually you did challenge with this statement , "I understand theres alot of fakes and magic tricks to sift through, but closing off your mind to such a possibility is just arrogance and ego. Just those 2 emotional trains of thought are responsible for so much pain and suffering on this planet." In other words you don't want any challenges to your claims and according to you the only reason for any such challenge is simply arrogance and ego. That's fine but please don't state that there are: "Many esteemed universities have studied paranormal abilities like psychokinesis/hydrokinesis/aerokinesis etc And found there to be undeniable evidence these abilities are possible. Some simple googling and reading is all it takes to find proof of this." This simply isn't true and the "universities" you linked are neither esteemed nor accredited. If you have a study you'd like to present then feel free, otherwise you should retract the above at least. Oh, it really isn't all that hot a topic, there are many here making similar claims and not a one has been able to offer anything that would be considered legitimate proof of their beliefs.
  7. I'm not sure the Hindu's would agree with you.
  8. Correct, but Nazareth itself is majority Muslim and Christian.
  9. You're right, my bad. I had thought the article was about Jerusalem.
  10. Did you ever stop and think about what God wants ? ~
  11. Harder and more often. Yes, maybe it is that simple! I do pray and the answers come quickly, but it isn't an actual voice. I want the voice of God via Spirit to talk to me. And I want to share this know-how with anyone who would like the same. I hope this thread will become a place to share experiences and methods that work. A belief based on personal experience and actual proofs and evidence. As much a science as an art. For everyone.
  12. There are some quite important points raised in that post, ExpandMyMind, so I'm proposing to try and nail them down a few at a time, rather than eat the whole Elephant. How do you come to the first conclusion, ExpandMyMind ? After the 1967 expulsion of the Jordanian occupying army, I was under the impression that Israel and the Arabs in the occupied territories got on reasonably well. I'm certainly not aware of mass "expulsions". Where there these people supposed to have been expelled TO ? Could you expand on this ? In regard your second paragraph; I think you have mis-read what I wrote ? I pointed out that the possibility of a Palestinian state was stifled when Jordan annexed the West Bank (and Egypt the Gaza Strip). I never meant that the aspirations (e.g. the desire) for a seperate nation went away.. merely that the practical ability to do anything about it was stifled. After all, the Palestinians proposed territory was now Jordanian and Egyptian respectively. The Arab League statement that the two countries where acting as "custodians"... well... .either you believe them, or you don't, because there is no practical evidence to suggest a custodial intent. Personally, I don't believe them. Apart from anything else, why didn't the individual countries (Egypt and Jordan) make this statement themselves individually BEFORE the Arab League conference ? Notwithstanding, I concur that it is down to a matter of personal belief. As for your third paragraph, I didn't say that Palestinian Arabs had no aspirations to nationality. I even stated that there WAS a Palestinian Arab Nationalist movement going back to (at least) 1920. My point was in connection with the "Palestinians lose land to Israel" cartoon, and that it was mis-attributing the term "Palestinian" to mean a distinct group that didn't exist at the time that three of the frames depict. Now.. to the meat of things. (which I'm afraid I didn't quote you on, as I am struggling to manage the splitting of existing quotes on the forum). You state that it is "obvious" that the Israeli occupation of the West Bank is illegal under international law. Indeed, you assert this in abusive terms. But here's the thing.. it isn't. Your links relate solely to activities DURING occupation (such as settlement building). the UN (and others) go to great length to determine wether a state of occupation exists, and - if so - who is the occupying power, and what obligations they have to the occupants of the occupied territory. The occupation - in and of itself - is neither legal nor illegal, because it is simply not addressed by "International Law". You can claim that you find the occupation immoral, or unfair, or whatever. But you can't describe it as "illegal" in and of itself. Because it isn't ! Can we agree on this ? (in which case we can move on to the rest of your post).
  13. About thermometers: There has been little change in thermometers since 1753. Some thermometers in use in the 1960s are still in use after 50 years. My own personal backyard station uses one that was manufactured in 1963. There was an article in the Oklahoma Weather Observer about a thermometer that had been in use since before statehood (1907). Again, there is no one date at which "measurements" replaced "estimates." The transition was gradual and in any case, you can't make an estimate without real data. No estimate can go back farther than the oldest actual measurement. Most can't get that far back. Doug
  14. Not that kind of signs ... was peeking at some Psychiatric evaluations related to the suicide note being exchanged at some other forum ... Not final but the points raised were interesting ... though how valid or substantial to a any conclusions I have no idea ... ~
  15. I agree with you about meeting people here and I have met severl here that I have a great appreciation for athough I have not tried to conact them through PMs. My favorite Walker and wife story is how they prepared themselves for a break-in, regular Bonnie and Clyde in that tale. jmccr8
  16. I'm not sure what you mean. The Mayor is cancelling Christmas festivities in Nazareth, not Jerusalem.
  17. The signs are everywhere!
  18. Jerusalem isn't part of Israel.
  19. Then there should not be any problems ... why not try praying 'harder' ? ~
  20. If you could think clearly you'd see how delusional these claims are.
  21. Different names, same God. Its ALL One.
  22. There is also the matter of heightened security issues ... a magnet for unwarranted extremist attention ... ~
  23. I dont watch QT anymore. but my mum asked if i seen the man on it last night - with the power of the internet i have know seen the clip. Is he and the audience representative of the feelings held. If they are and its country wide this political class are in trouble.
  24. DNA completely degrades by around 6.8 millions years, which is far younger than the Cretaceous Burmese amber deposits.
  25. Based on what I say if you see what I said and think clearly without back thinking what you say, if I don't lie and it is 100% true?
  26. Strange situation: A Muslim mayor cancelling a Christian holiday in a majority-Jewish nation.
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