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  2. Not even closely.
  3. It's the fact that bits (like the legs) can break off that gets to me hence chunky insects, mice and rats (which also scuttle about fast), snakes etc don't bother me. Butterflies and moths come under the 'chunky' sort. Centipedes, despite many legs they are short and not spindly. Aren't we weird?
  4. Are you absolutely sure about that ?
  5. There is only one thing you can do, if this situation bothers you. They should understand, at least that is how i percieve my surroundings and act accordingly. Why not make it as if you have some project in mind, to decorate your garden and explain that for that it needs to be 'reshaped' totally. That also seems as decent trade, if you need to resolve this situation so much than you have to do some work for it. Actually, it doesn't take too much time and not much money either to do 'garden project'.
  6. If you've ever watched a dog wandering the garden with a bone in it's mouth looking for a hidey place....the expression is one of pure craftiness and guilt as it sneaks round hoping nobody will spot what it's up to.
  7. Because fangs are threatening by appearance, yes. I can't remember of cartoons in which snakes are represented as lovely pets either. So, it's partly from appearance but fear from those threatening things is, to some part, also imprinted from interactions with environment.
  8. I draw the Honourable gentleman’s attention to the fact the Sphinx is a lion ... also known as a cat. It’s quiet clear to anyone other than dogmatic adherents to the ascended bassets.
  9. Let’s start with a concept of the Absolute. Our current human mind cannot grasp this concept in its full sense. Our mind perceives only in limited, conditional mode. Everything which we can perceive, including ourselves, and still cannot perceive is but an Aspect of this Absolute. And everything is conscious, only on different levels, or vibrations, if you like. This Absolute is not temporal, which is again something we can’t really grasp since we are bound to think in past-present-future mode. Absolute transcends opposites, and we need opposites to make distinctions of things, and thus make any sense of reality. We need a different kind of organ to sense this Absolute through spiritual intuition. Some propose that this organ is so called “third eye", which we indeed do possess but only in its latent state.
  10. Training exercise, Heli med evac, avoiding air space? All plausible explanations. Was trundling up the M61 in Lancashire the other week and heard a very distinct noise, thought I had a blow out at first, eventually spotted a Chinook at, a very rough guess, about 200 - 500 ft, was an awesome sight, there's been an increase in military convoys aswell, usually 1 a week upto 3-4 a week. Felt sorry for the guys in the WMIK's! Keep an eye out for more helicopters.
  11. It was not the only tragedy. Many more Israeli's died and so did Palestinians. We should not compare which tragedy is worse than the other but we must, not only condemn ( which has become some sort of trend, usually not followed by action against murderers ) those tragic events there has to be action made to prevent future outbursts of violence. Cheering up was sick, if we look from our perspective and i do not try to justify brutal murder of Fogel family here but keep in mind that while Gaza was burning and people too, literally ( from white phosphorus ), there were Israelis who were cheering and applauding. Numerous examples on both sides but we do not see through their eyes. Let's be real, in this neverending circle of violence you can expect that every once in a while one of the people who live under occupation rules will strike back. There is a little bit of guilt on government there too.
  12. It will be quite a tour de force if Trump manages to pull this off - The Mind Control Media will be caught between a rock and a hard place trying to brush anything positive about Trump under the carpet while at the same time reporting on what could be a super deluxe news sensation - (depending on what's in the classified material released)
  13. Book does have to be evaluated completely and as i have said i will surely read it couple of times but in it's essence it seems fragile. So far i can't say good either about the message or author himself, after going through some of his bio ( for example in this book he writes how, quote, '' communism was to 19th century what Islam will be for next 100 years ) so he surely ain't objective enough but totally driven by his assumptions. His desire, professional, 'which came out of respect and love for Muslims' ( as written in his bio maybe not exact formulation of sentence ) is to see as many as possible to convert to Christianity. First book he wrote was about opinions about Islam from Muslim converts to Christianity in the book '' Why We Left Islam ''. Nonetheless it's interesting read. In this particular case, yes. To make this short ( for now ), as you guys mention Hadith's you have good point there but what is most important to backup my claim is that i believe that Joel 'manipulated' his sources by taking parts which support his claim but he (somehow?) managed to 'overlook' how those sources actually have more to say and are way broader than he makes them to be. That will be major point in my evaluation of his work after i read whole book and most likely there will be no need to go into author's personality and motives in order to disprove his claims.
  14. Thanks Mark, thats good to hear.. I just wanted to add something else, when I am meditating, praying and affirming my magical formulas, I also feel the thing that I am saying, doing. For example when I chant I feel compassion within my heart and I allow it to radiate outwards. And when I am affirming the fact that I have forgiven everyone, including myself, then I get to feel the sensation of forgiving too. I believe that this is an extraordinarily powerful practice. The ties that have bound me to the past feel like they have been cut away and the sense of freedom is immense. Also the feeling of love and gratitude have a wonderful affect upon me and those I meet. I stand back, watching the watcher, and really connect with Life, with God. When I write this word - Bless - I feel it too. I Bless you and anyone else reading this. Peace.
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  16. Thats an interesting thought, pushing faith. The Buddha was very clear, don't push your beliefs upon anyone unless they have asked you first. Respecting free will. So we lead by example, we show the change and its consequences via our actions, we are the change we want to see in the world. We are the source of love and wisdom and wealth, these things flow through us and we become them too. This is why I love forums like this, everybody is here by their own free will. I can express my happiness, my love and any wisdom I may have gleaned, but I am also a student here, a teacher/pupil of life, in life. And my prize is the Truth. Other than that I have no dog in this race, I don't mind where this amazing journey takes us, I am here to experience the ride, come what may. We have some interesting times ahead. The future is together. Love y'all.
  17. Space is the White Lines on the carpark of the Universe !
  18. If the (admittedly limited) evidence of Australoid influence among the Amerinds turns out to be true, than it is likely not via some sort of trans-pacific migration-- the Aborigines never found New Zealand, let alone the New World.. Rather, it probably shows that their were at least two distinct populations that entered into the Americas, a likely older Australoid-Ainu population, which was displaced by a later East Asian / North Eurasian people who make up the bulk of native ancestry, with the last remnants of the Australoid migration surviving in the most isolated regions of the Amazon and the Southern Cone. Which isn't to say I believe all of this, but it certainly is very compelling. This guy talks quite a bit about it in his rather excellent (albeit cranky-- he advocates for "Out of America" as his main thing) blog, "Patagonian Monsters":
  19. You simply ignore the questions I ask every time so I see little point addressing your post until you do. If you don't want to answer just say so, don't dodge around the issue though. I'll ask once more: Are you psychic and did God change your neurochemistry? If yes then: What makes you think being psychic and favoured by a God is the normal state for human beings? You claim extraordinary powers and in the same breath call yourself normal. This is contradictory and needs explanation.
  20. Interesting question.
  21. In all fairness, I remember a candidate Trump saying that, once president, he would have released secret files (JFK, Area 51, the Saudis and 9/11, etc.) for the people to see and read. That said, it was like 10 personality changes ago, so who knows who lives in his head now? All in all I would say that definitely the timing is very convenient for him. It's basically killing two birds with a stone: it shows (to his core base) that he has a resemblance of coherence and at the same time distracts the public opinion. Anyway, like other posters already said, IF the files will be released, it's because he will do nothing, not because he will be a beacon of truth. Here's an interesting article about the files, basically it says that, even if unredacted, it's quite probable they will not change much about what we already know (and what we don't)
  22. Interesting stuff, it'll be a while before I can read it all though.
  23. There's an interesting case from the late 1700's, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The precise dates haven't been preserved, but based on the life dates of the people involved, this likely happened in the 1780's, around the end or just after the Revolutionary War. A young man (teens or early twenties) named Ansil Wood believed that a much older lady in the town (late sixties or seventies) was a witch. Some nights, he thought, she would change him into a horse (!), and ride him to a witches' gathering in Plymouth, then ride him back home. The round trip was about 50 miles (80 km), so understandably, Ansil was very tired the next day. He believed this firmly enough that he was considering formal legal charges against the neighbor. He was advised that before he did that, he should wait until the next time he was transformed. He was told to make a distinctive mark on the tree where the woman tied him up in Plymouth. Sure enough, it happened again, and Ansil made the mark as suggested. When he woke up in the morning, the mark was on his bedpost at home. He didn't file charges, but reportedly he wasn't personally convinced and continued to tell the story. However, that he was able to make the mark shows that he wasn't in ordinary REM sleep, either.
  24. Summerin1905

    damn sorry guys long time no see. i been busy with twitch. im sorry senpai 

  25. Was there anything unusual about the sound ? I would have thought that a high-altittude (however you define that) helicopter would have sounded kinda muted, if it even made any audible noise at all ?
  26. These articles may serve as a decent source material for further speculation about a nature of Space, Time and the Universe.
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