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  2. Did someone say that Gardiner’s list is comprehensive? That seems to be more your idea. No, it is not comprehensive. Notably it lacks the nome symbols, which is why the Unicode encoding of hieroglyphs (which follows Gardiner) had to extend the list to include them: Nome 15 of Lower Egypt would normally be represented by something like this: That’s right, the good old (non-crested) ibis, on a suitably elaborate standard. I do not know why the UCL site assigns the bennu to this nome. More research is suggested. Call that a deluge? The average wˤb-priest would pour as much. That’s the kind of thing we’re seeing here: a libation or a purification ritual—and no, that is not a pyramid. It’s the sandy slope, Gardiner N29, phonetic value ḳ. Strange how quickly you’ve forgotten that the hieroglyph for pyramid looks like this:,1124656,1125864#msg-1125864 Have you now quietly dropped the idea that the rectangle at base is Gardiner N27 (the garden pool)? I suggest you go back to basics and stop trying to make up your own Egyptology. M.
  3. I was born of St. Michael and Christ - they are one of two that. St. Michale one of Gods eldest protects Christ, until Peace is on Earth. St. Michael was born from my fathers side, Christ was born from my mothers. Jesus Christ brought Peace, St. Michael & Christ bring Peace and Order - the misstep in Islam leading up until this day. Long story for a different topic of course. God Bless!
  4. The shorthand version would be used around the water cooler. In a formal paper, one uses the standard definitions. Even with everything plotted in front of you, you still have to pick an equation to plug into the program. And sometimes you get a poor fit, even then. I have run so many detrendings that I just automatically use a transformed negative logarithm. It works nearly every time. If it doesn't, I have to hunt around for something else. And a little less condescension on your part wouldn't hurt, either. Doug
  5. Aquila King

    Interesting lil tidbit for today.


  6. Occult Mafia 2000


  7. Yeah, my sarcasm is godly.
  8. So you believe you are St. Michael the archangel?
  9. Where do you get your news from?
  10. ExpandMyMind

    Rottweiler farts are absolutely horrendous.



  11. The first five letters are Correct. God Bless!
  12. Oh my bad. Honestly I don't watch any of them. Very much including FOX.
  13. We were talking about Fox.
  14. Who is they? The American public? The World? You think Dems want the creator of the tax bill to be President? That's completely ridiculous. They want Trump to answer for any crimes he has committed, and the Russians for their interference in the election. Trump is by definition the establishment. No one thought they could reverse the election. Where are you getting this?
  15. Yea it got much MUCH worse. CNN straight said they had been doing all they could to get her elected. Came right out and said it.
  16. My mistake. Didn't speak clearly. It appears to be Christy's intent that his equation replace the climate constant. But I think he realizes it will need extensive modifications to do that. So while it is supposed (by Christy) to replace the climate constant, it cannot do that because it does not suffice to predict temps accurately. At least in American parlance, "supposed to" do something implies that the job isn't getting done. Where are you from? I seem to be seeing a different set of meanings between your writing and mine? Doug
  17. No, August 22nd, after I touched the dead hair of a man, I was Compelled by God to go to this cemetery and brought to these Headstones - I couldn't help myself, couldn't stop myself. Just did and I was brought to these. The Michael Chunick, was God telling me I am St. Michael when I was asking who I was. The 'Piper' tomb stone was significant as my wife named our unborn daughter at the time, 'Piper' and the minister to do our wedding his last name is 'Piper'. Right beside that the Head Stone was the other Hogarth - My wife's mother , Mary Staples' family owns Hogarth Mansion in Toronto - I was not aware of these things. Mary was the one that ended up getting Mr. Piper the Minister in the video, she had no knowledge of this and never did. These things just come together. Like I said the Antichrist is not a person - it is the Opposition of Christ; Not in an authoritarian way - it is those who oppose the man who is 'Christ'. The Dead cannot lie. God Bless!
  18. I think the original topic may have run out of steam so it veered off the track.
  19. Ryan is the establishment. They would be more then happy to have him in power, even if they pretended they didn't. I don't know if they have their hooks in Pence or not. Ya cant get to him without first knocking Trump outta the way though. They have been talking about a coup this whole year. Actually thought they could reverse the election and seat Hillary with this Russian crap.
  20. Interesting to say the least.
  21. Three women who accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct have demanded a congressional inquiry. More power to them. But of course its just a leftism / liberal charade to make the great and mighty look bad. Imagine finding 3 women willing to demean themselves for that
  22. How are they trying to steal power? If he were to be impeached, then Pence would be the President. If he was also shown to be compromised in any way, then it would be Ryan who would become President. This isn't an attempted coup.
  23. He isn't going anywhere. Dems should focus on why people should vote for them, instead of trying to steal power. The media is going to hand him the election again in 2020.
  24. Israel don't like it when Hamas and Fatah get along. That's why they and the US engineered the attempted coup in 2007.
  25. Not at all. The Soyuz spacecraft and launch vehicle are basically the same design as first entered service in 1967, however they have been upgraded several times with more modern electronics and computers.
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