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  2. Shhhhhhhh ...... ~ Okay now you done it ... ~ ~
  3. Not you xeno.....The OTHERS...!!
  4. It's totally like flipping a switch. I believe Moore lost by 1.5%. If he wants a recount, he'll have to pay for it -- and the paper versions printed by the machines will be good enough for the recount.
  5. Lol.......... I know, terrifying right.......!!
  6. Don't think Steele was paid by the FBI. They were considering it, but his name had become public, by that stage. Timescale is several months too early, too. I honestly think you're playing with too few jigsaw pieces, and trying to jam them together. I don't see how the Steele Dossier -- which is entirely useless in a court of law -- could be seen as any sort of viable insurance. A lie, legally, requires that the person lying knows that they are deliberately misrepresenting the truth. Otherwise, they're just answering to the best of their ability. Really don't want to relitigate the Clinton emails thing here. I'm sure we'll get to discuss it all over again in depth, when the Republicans launch the "Emails 2: Hillary Boogaloo" investigation.
  7. Manfred von Dreidecker

    a vast population of monoliths, increasing at an exponential rate, which appear to be eating the planet! 


  8. Better get back on topic ... I'm more worried about the wrath of the Fish of Xeno upon us .... ~ *shudder*
  9. I know I'm off topic... . but oh well.......Sue Me.......!!! Jokes moderators... Pullin ya leg... Lol..
  10. The lawyer who tried to fight it tells a very different story. That what was asked to do was equivalent to flipping a switch. Also from what I understand when an election is decided by half a percent or less it’s a automatic recount. This throws that out. So if that’s the case the decision was criminal in nature.
  11. I'm a skeptic but this is creepy as all hell.......
  12. Ya there???............... Hello.......?? Ahahahaha hahahaha... The space in between laughing, is ME taking a breath...... Lol...
  13. Huh.....!! Where"d ya go......... ............. Lol.....
  14. @ 9:45 Joe Rogan suggests that the reason Tom states he was picked (because Tom has a platform) is like a bad movie (narrative). I do not think Tom was wrong as he has been able to catch headlines. We can not say the same about others like Steven Greer, etc.
  15. What was supposed to be a simple excavation to allow for the expansion of a church cemetery turned into a treasure trove of historic artefacts, including a decorative fitting from a book "imported" by Vikings from Ireland. Byneset Cemetery, adjacent to the medieval Steine Church in Trondheim in mid-Norway, is expanding, and Norwegian cultural heritage laws require and archaeological review of the affected area beforehand.
  16. This is one of those that I wish I could like more than once.
  17. Its a fine example of why I can not take religion seriously.
  18. There's usually more than one reason. Issue was mostly timescale, from what I'm reading. The voting machines are currently set to not keep the records. Keeping them would have involved someone having to travel to each individual machine (apparently 2,000 of them) and changing the settings before the election. Hence why the SC Judge turned down the request.
  19. Okay then ... what to do with the 13 candles ? ~ Okay now ... thanks for really then ... no more ... please ... my head is gonna be exploding ... ~
  20. I kinda sympathized for his family until I saw the 9-11 reference ... I dunno ... don't seem like its the full picture he's painting for a suicide note ... sorry to say ~
  21. When we think of Christmas, what colour comes to mind? For most people, that colour is probably red. Even Santa himself is red. It's a colour reminiscent of family, good food, Santa and his gifts and festive holidays. The Christmas table is laid out with fresh crab, the vibrant red of holly berries and the delicate pinks and intense reds of Poinsettia on the table…
  22. Where do you get some of thos stuff from tv? jmccr8
  23. Okay then ... I hope I never disappoint you ... I'll try harder ... maybe from tomorrow ... ~ No better time to be 38 than now ... as it is and always be ... I think I'll be 38 too ... for the next few hours at least ... And thank you for teaching me ... ~
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