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  2. I dont know. Messing with nature so that it suits us can sometimes have adverse effects. ^^^ And what about insect populations that inhabit and sometimes eat the leaves ect
  3. It's the rainy season there at this time. The original story of Jesus' birth.
  4. I disagree that the cables are unprotected----there is a deep ocean, the corresponding pressures and other challenges to overcome in order to get at them. Difficult!
  5. I've already been told that over and over and over again. Then one day long ago, I realized that everything I've been led to believe is a lie, is the lie.
  6. We can continue bsing each other, unless you answer: why do you need God? Are you THAT weak that you need supervision from above? Are you that weak/stupid to realize whats wrong or good? Do you REALLY need God for that?
  7. They came from Walmart in a cardboard box with fringles.
  8. You're very perceptive. But nature isn't God, however a crutch the idea that he is, may be for some, temporarily.
  9. Look fun but we will have glowing stream, river and sea when the particle will wash out from dead leaves and all. It will accumulate in the food chain and we will see glowing animals but the first will be caterpillar and moth...
  10. Mr Mork

    What do you call a depressed looking Polar Bear who is stood on two legs?


    A Bi-Polar Bear.

  11. Insert firefly gene to genetically modify tree barks and branches.
  12. I already told you that you're a lot more plugged in than you let on. All that's left now, is for you to realize that it's all, much more than an idea.
  13. Very interesting.
  14. An Aussie created the universe? No wonder it never makes sense
  15. He is the Creator and ruler of our universe.
  16. Maybe, but I do have it on good authority that your that shifty geezer who always tries to sneak up and bag the pasty.
  17. He was born at noon, August 21st, 7 B.C.
  18. Ugg: "What made it rain?" Ogg: "sumfink unknowable" And that's God ...... (something unknowable that explains what we don't understand. In many cases it's just Mother Nature. Over time it also became a carrot, a stick and, for many, a crutch)
  19. Getting my list together for ingredients for Christmas cookies. So far I've decided to make sugar cut out cookies, snickerdoodles, white chocolate macadamia, chocolate chip, melted snowman cookies, and white chocolate no bake peanut butter cookies. I think that will be enough for the neighbors and coworkers.
  20. It was probably fear and s/he was probably talking to one of their dead relatives. All it takes is one idea Will. Just like the idea that aliens talk to people and instruct them to write a book.
  21. Then who put in the mind of the first caveman, who thought about it, the idea of God, that became a part of his life?
  22. You mean he was an Aussie?
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