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  2. I'd say there is no best way, but just handle on a case-by-case basis. Also the term 'gullible' is quite subjective and insulting.
  3. I was going to point out that I can't find any difference in the accuracy of thermometers going back at least half a century, so we agree on that. Yes, but there must be some information on that transition. For example, prior to 1900 all the data is "adjusted" estimates, and after 1970 all the data is actual measurements (I made up those figures to illustrate my point). What I find disturbing is that we are told what is going to happen in fifty years or a hundred years into the future if we don't stop using fossil fuels, yet having reliable - and independent - data of what has actually happened seems surprisingly elusive. Like I say, a strange science indeed.
  4. So what, in religious books, you did not find the answer? A man is mortal because he is clothed in matter, he has gone on in evolution beyond all angelic hierarchies and plunged into the very abyss of matter because it is the final link of God in evolution. At one end, the spirit- God and on the other matter (the spirit, who forgot himself in physical form) Man is a symbiosis of the work of all the hierarchies of angels, therefore he will in future become a perfect being possessing spirit and matter when he transforms it and becomes immortal in the body.God knows what should a person become so even to the angels he ordered to bow to Adam but Satan said that he was created earlier from the fire and a man from the clay so he will not worship. And for God, it is not important who is the first and the one who finally appeared as his material sample, because God wants to establish the kingdom of God on a physical level, and for this he needs accomplices-people on earth. God wants to establish a perfect world here, Knowledge and the Harmony that is now at the spiritual level and we, according to his idea, should become the spokesmen of the will of God and the angels are intermediaries between God and people.
  5. I would be interested to see such cases if you could provide any info please? What I tended to find was that the stories had been changed or exaggerated and when digging deeper there were usually more mundane explanations. I would prefer something more mysterious of course but I'm struggling to even see what kind of 'paranormal' this would be. Ghost attacks? Witchcraft?
  6. In my defence I thought the guy was the mayor of Jerusalem, which would have made it far more relevant. So, just this once , I'm the idiot of the story.
  7. seeder

    all the snow has gone and the sun is forecast for tomorrow, tho it will still be chilly of course..

  8. And you know this how?
  9. Thread cleaned That's enough folks - keep it civil or step away from the discussion. Is it any wonder your threads keep getting closed, Fila ?
  10. One thing that really bugs the hell out of me, are those people who speak in net lingo in the real world.
  11. It might seem like I'm on here 24/7 but 99%of the time I'm doing something other than lurking. Make a post, sweep my floor, make a post, feed my dogs, do some push ups, make dinner. Read. Oh, make a post. Like I mentioned earlier. I remember how it was before the internet was this huge thing. Won't hurt my feelings all that much.
  12. They were what I could find real fast atm in a kinda ad hoc sorta way. I don't consider them 'heavily biased' as you claim, and do find them fully sufficient. But yeah, I'll admit they aren't the best. That's why I posted the blog entry linked in my signature. That's where the best sources are. Got tired of having to quickly post sources over and over again. Check those out, then b**** and moan so I know for sure where you stand.
  13. @ I'mConvinced: I'm wondering where you got your information from because the cases I looked into(many years ago), could not be explained. There was no obvious point of ignition and although the body was burned very severely, the chair they had been sitting in, nearby curtains/rugs etc. were not even slightly singed. The impression was of an extremely high temperature within a very short timespan and within an area limited to the body only ..... a flash and the body was burned up and the fire was out before it affected anything flammable nearby. If the body was burning for any length of time then there is no reason for articles nearby not to be affected. @ Susie: I remember watching a TV programme where they burned a dead pig to try to gain some insight into spontaneous combustion in humans. The first thing they discovered was that it was very difficult to set the pig on fire in the first place. Such a tremendous and persistent heat was required that it just couldn't be compared with what happened in cases of apparent spontaneous combustion where only the body is consumed, not any of its surroundings. Having got the pig well and truly alight, it continued to burn for quite some time, destroying a large area around it.
  14. You can bring up whatever you want. I'm still not interested in either defending her or rehashing the details, in this thread.
  15. Very interesting, thanks.
  16. "Ur" crazy Z
  17. Aquila King

    Some people say:

    "Never give up on your dreams."

    Of course if they knew some of the sick, dark, selfish, psychopathic dreams of others, I think they'd probably reconsider.

    1. XenoFish


      You get pretty strong using a shovel. I'm down to 3 people a day.:lol:

  18. Yeah that's a good point. Using the bias argument, how are we ever going to investigate Hillary. Trump was literally leading chants of "Lock her up!" during Republican rallies. That pretty much shows that all the (R)'s have the same level of bias as the DoJ people mentioned. And after reading what Giuliani was saying that the FBI agents (or former agents) were saying, they seem to have the same level of personal bias as well.
  19. Thanks a lot. I wish you all the best, peace, happiness, everything good.
  20. This asteroid probably crossed interstellar space at 26 km/s. Voyager is moving at around 17 km/s. Although slower, the two objects are moving somewhat close to the same speed.
  21. Well.... The Hollywood sign wasn't originally Hollywood- it was Hollywoodland, a housing development. Celt traditions has holly, and also a lot of other woods including hazel, hawthorn, rowan, ash, oak, mistletoe, birch, and yew. The traditional holly we think of for Christmas with it's pointed leaves and bright red berries is a dioecious plant- one must plant a male and a female plant to get the female plant to produce the bright red berries. Though most unnamed/unknown cultivars can be difficult to sex if they are not in bloom or seed- most cultivars sold through nurseries that are named/known have the sex in the name itself, like prince/princess, boy/girl, king/queen. According to The Easter Egg Archive, there's over 2,500 movie easter eggs
  22. This is why I would love to see this ability disseminated throughout every corner of the globe. For anybody who wanted it. No more lies from anyone! God is - Infinite Living Mind. So seeing as how we to have life and a mind - makes it possible. Perhaps if you asked a question of God, maybe he would give you the time? Your choice, I'm not preaching here, just sharing an idea.
  23. As long as I don't have to see "u" or "ur". lol
  24. Very interesting and thanks for elaborating. What I saw wasn't light balls but the complete opposite. It was night time and I happened to look at the sky and say an object that was completely black kind of like a black hole. It went from point to point to point in a very quick motion a number of times and then it flew out of eyes view. It was when I was younger and I was with my mom. She started screaming and crying. She was pretty!! I was just amazed by it.
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