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  2. So, what, just bury heads in the sand and hope reality goes away? Ah well, it is the Trump way, I guess. Fact is, the threat of terrorism is currently part of living in any major city. To deny that is to be unprepared. To be unprepared is stupid.
  3. It's true that the explanation is in the eye of the beholder. Whena I was young I saw a video (on TV) from a failed missile launch that was being promoted as "UFO crashes on earth". It was so ufo-ish that I believed it was a real unexplained phenomena but it wasn't. Now I know it was a failed missile launch. That's why they were filming it. Secondly, when I joined this forum I presented what it was for me the most believeble proof of UFOs. It was a video from NASA where you can see an object going back and forth in space at what I thought it was amazing speed. Here in this forum, I was schooled and explained that I forgot to add the Z axis to my equation and what I was seeing was something falling to earth instead of something flying across space. Everytime I see something that I can't explain I come to this forum because here there are lots of people who know what they are talking about it. Summary: I think UFO is a good term and it shouldn't be associated with ets.
  4. And what is my stance? If you are referring to your post #248? You made two points, one was about his personality or character. That does not matter when you critically examine what he writes. It’s about what he writes, not who he is. And two, that there is not enough info on Dajjal. That is non-sequitur as it’s about the eschatology of end-times, not just the Dajjal. Richardson references Quran, Hadiths, and the Bible to make an authoritative comparison, that is the simple fact. So if that is all that is important to be said, then you didn’t say anything. If I say that the sky is blue on a clear day, is that my prejudice? That’s all Richardson is doing. Richardson is not spreading lies and he says several times that his intention is not to induce hate. It’s more like a wakeup call. But that’s what I want you to do, is to just pick one lie, explain what it is, show the ayah that he is misinterpreting, and show why. Don’t just say it is. I’m not familiar with that book so I do not know what the “lie” is? But you have to wonder why it is especially evident? Richardson points it out. He says that something like 90% of the violence going on in the world is caused by Muslims. Now please don’t argue and say that he’s wrong because it is really only 87%. That kind of argument is distracting. So it is Muslims that is causing mischief and corruption in the land. This attitude hasn’t changed since when Mohammad and his followers harassed the pagans at the Kaaba. Let’s be honest here, the world views Muslims as spoiled brats and will throw a tantrum until they get their way. Saying that is not prejudice, or hate, or lies, just fact. Most people are just incredulously dumbfounded over this behavior. Another thing is that the teachings of Islam has become readily accessible via the internet. More and more Islamic sites come online that don’t hide the true intentions. It’s easier now to capture quotes from clerics and Imams and post them right away, then it’s followed up later with the statement “but that’s not what I meant”. This is the impression that Islam shows to the world. And it’s this attitude that lends itself to the anti-Christ and his followers. If you had, I wouldn’t be asking “again”. If you have been answering then you haven’t been very clear or you’ve been saying things but not answering the question satisfactorily. It’s not just direct mention of the Mahdi or Dajjal, but the eschatology, the setting of the stage, supporting concepts. In one of his Chapters, Richardson provides a long list of attributes of the Mahdi (Quran/Hadiths) and compares them with the corresponding attributes of the anti-Christ (Bible). There seems to be enough source information to compare. He even checks what he says by talking about how each time period has their own anti-Christ. It is usually a Pope, a leader, or empire. Recently, we’ve seen Hitler and the Third Reich, Stalin and the Soviet Union, even Reagan, Bush/Saddam, and Obama. Hec, I’ve shown how Obama’s name can be morphed into Mabus. But these entities come and go. Now Nazism and Communism were pre-anti-Christs, giving us a glimpse into what it would be like. But there is one entity today that is so close to how it will be like, it’s just too scary. This presents a conundrum. If Islam is not going to be the vehicle of the anti-Christ then it will surely wane and disappear. I don’t suppose that is a prospect that most Muslims would be able to wrap their head around. I’d like to think I know it well enough. At least well enough to not be fooled. I’m constantly learning new things. No, it is not too hard to understand. If one knows anything about the scriptures of both faiths, this book is not fiction. It is a critical look at the subject. He doesn’t say that this is the way it’s going to be, he’s just presenting how close the comparison is. It’s up to the reader to make that determination. No, not really. You can just write about only what you know. Actually, I think it would be. Looking at the Mahabharatha as a physics book would be very interesting and perhaps enlightening. Explain physics via a story about a civil war. I think many ancient texts have such dual meanings like this.
  5. Jerusalem absolutely belongs to Israel. give some to Palestinians they will use their part to shoot rockets at israel part. you would not let a guy with 5 dui\crashes anywhere near your car. same applies here.
  6. Seriously if you ever meet an Alien you will not call it's Space Craft a UFO. You would say it's very nice to meet you can you tell me about your SPACE CRAFT!
  7. I can see this thread is based on no evidence but chit chat and stories and anecdotes and ... nothing substantial. That is what happens with UFOs. The elephant analogy was not that good. There are plenty of things that have been reported that we now know do not exist. There are plenty of stories and chit and and anecdotes about witches and cities of gold and lost advanced civilizations and dragons and talking animals and giant flying birds and rods and all sorts of other things. Just because there are reports does not make them real. Just because reports have come in for a long time does not make them real. Just because some people pretend that governments or other authorities are hiding something does not make it real. UFOs are simply things that are not identified. Just because some things are not identified does not make them special.
  8. he is right thou, i mean london mayor, as bad as it sounds, it is a new normal, look at nyc, we had quite a few. now we care more about how fast city gets back to normal, than anything else. we become numb to it over time, there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. he just should not have said that even thou it is true. cuz it can be taken in few ways, like we saw it in posts above.
  9. Out of interest did the Welsh and Northern Irish vote for or against the amendment?. I suspect the DUP voted with the government, against an amendment which, based solely on what you have provided, would have had no impact in NI. A other little crack in our "great democracy" - voting on issues of relevance to others but not to ones own constituency.
  10. More than a few my friend. Yet, if I was an atheist, I would gain some comfort from the presentation. Peace mark
  11. You sure you are Ohio and not Wisconsin with all that cheese AND using half and half in your bechamel veloute? Yum. Though I tend to skip the lil smokies and add ham instead Tonights dinner is shrimpy bits- a baked dish of shrimp, rice, mushrooms, and spring peas in a butter/oil and Italian herbs sauce. I've been baking cookies all day for the neighbor that plows my driveway- oatmeal, chocolate chip, molasses spice, lemon crinkles, and some rice crispy treats. I have a very long driveway over 500 feet, so the day of baking is worth it.
  12. Apparently I live in the UK. Who woulda thunk it. xD Just kidding! I have too many friends that live there.
  13. I prefer the term --- "foo fighter, USO or UAP" myself --- But I'm trying to remove the term "UFO" from my mental vocabulary...because it has a very dark, evil meaning behind it --- Which would be bad political protocol, if you used the term (two syllables) U-FO and not pronouncing the separate letters U-F-O to a space alien, during a first vocal contact with the alien entity; who might translate from his meaning -- "You foe/foe's " --- So in the intricacies of first alien contact...I would avoid the term altogether, so as to possibly avoid any chance of intergalactic war. p.s.: I'm not the first person who has thought about this possible scenario with space alien contact --- The problem has been discussed by others, many years ago.'s not a proper term (UFO), when the alien starship is parked on the ground. Cheers... Erno
  14. The Acronym UFO has always had a very specific meaning. If you use the phrase Unidentified Flying Object and just assign your own meaning to that Phrase then you are not talking about the actual UFO Phenomena (UFO being an acronym with a specific and well defined non-arbitrary meaning) any longer.
  15. This reminds me of the article where someone's house was stolen. The downside to having the technology to move houses, yeah?
  16. I really like this one. I did it about two years ago. It's not really finished (I could have filled in a background) but I felt that it worked in this manner. I love the humor aspect of it. The man is looking for his missing pet and he is asking a monstrous looking creature if he knows its whereabouts. As if it was normal to encounter such creatures. And the creature, is pondering whether or not he can identify the lost pup. Sadly, everyone I have shown this too, has failed to see the humor in it and have just said, it looks nice. Ha, maybe it's just me.
  17. ... Yet the fair was shut down not for its safety issues, but for not having enough security. Interesting.
  18. I was born in 1970. But I have 4 older brothers and an older sister who were all into the Beatles. In fact One of my brothers seen them in concert. He described it like this - "There were the Beatles and there was everyone else". They are my favorite band.
  19. So for you both.., does UFO simply mean (bird, stars, moon, swamp gas, meteorite) and nothing else? Are these things Unidentified? Does a "sceptic" think UFO means Known Objects? Another question would be. Do you see ambiguity in the word? Do you see ambiguity as a problem? If not, why?
  20. Meanwhile, someone probably didn't get the help they needed while emergency crews were busy helping this idiot free his head. I just... Wow, just wow.
  21. London should EXPECT a terror attack: Sadiq Khan says it's 'part of living in a big city' https://www.*** blocked ***/news/uk/713144/Sadiq-Khan-terror-attack-London-part-living-big-city-manhattan-north-america-brexit-tour Oh well, I can find another link from Europe if you like. I can't fix this one.
  22. How ridiculously adorable!
  23. I think he DOESN'T know what he's talking about, which is why he's failed to do so. I could educate him on la llarona, which fits his description exactly but something tells me he'd deny it.
  24. we should not have people like that anywhere close to immigration anything, but Europe should, they keep telling us how multiculturalism works, lets see how it works out there first before we open doors wide again. or not.
  25. yeah and sold us a Demon not a puppy
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