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  2. That’s one of the things I love about UM is we become like a family and support each other
  3. You;re welcome. And thanks for your kind words.
  4. That’s why dads brother had to leave army to knee problems. In a heart beat I’d donate one
  5. I would like to 'like' this post. But first, I must understand the context.
  6. Thank you for sharing that kmt. I'm glad you're still with us buddy. That story really puts life into perspective, and is incredibly inspiring. So again, thank you.
  7. You know what I'm saying, then. I'd trade you my knee for one of your kidneys, but truth be told my knees aren't so great. I was honorably discharged from the Army because of them. I'm a freakin' mess. Oh, I found a recent photo of me:
  8. There’s cats in this game. New South Park game
  9. I personally don't believe in any kind of religion. I think tho, that people can be kind or they can be evil. Those who are evil tend to use whatever excuse / justification that they can by twisting the scriptures, or whatever else is needed to fit their malicious dogma or ideals. Those with kind hearts don't go on violent jihad rampages etc... so we can't condemn all people, just because they happen to be Muslim. Many are peaceful, and all they want is to live in peace.
  10. Glad you’re stable again.
  11. A mix of diabetes and hypertension. Both are stable now. Well, stabler.
  12. I've seen some loving it on YouTube, my sisters cat Maggie does. I remember you posting about it, glad to still have you here. When I first did my knee couldn't get bandage wet, sponge baths feel horrible.
  13. Just curious, kmt, what caused your kidneys to shut down?
  14. It's gone by many names. "Ki" (Japanese) "Chi" (Chinese) "Prana" (Indian) "Mana" (Polynesian) "Barraka" (Islamic) etc. It's also been called "The Biofield", "Vital Energy", "Life Energy", "The Aura", etc... But for the sake of simplicity, I'll simply refer to it as "Spirit Energy". Does Spirit Energy actually exist? If so, then what exactly is it? I'm not going to say anything either way (at least not yet), I'm simply curious as to what possible explanations there are for and against it's existence, and as to the science of it (if it actually exists). Believers in it, please explain in detail what it is, how it works, and why you believe in it. Skeptics, try to give logical detailed responses as to why it doesn't exist, and explain in detail the supposed real science of what those who claim to use and feel this energy are actually doing (whether it be parlor tricks, misunderstood science, biological processes, etc.) And so to begin, I'd like to show you an interesting video I found on the subject:
  15. Abu Simbel is along the Nile River, the transportation route for Egypt. Gobekli Tepe is ... far away, across a lot of landscape. There's pottery from around 4,000 BC showing that the Egyptians could make boats of reed (which won't travel across seas and large bodies of water.) HOWEVER... the people of Nubia (Abu Simbel) are a different culture than Ancient Egypt. It's part of Egypt by conquest (every time the pharaohs felt feisty, they went upriver and captured Nubia. But whenever there's a weak pharaoh on the throne, Nubia leaves Egypt.) So they traded along the Nile but they didn't go to Turkey (there's no trade goods from Turkey in Egypt at that time period and no Egyptian pottery, etc, in Turkey from that time period.)
  16. Really? That bad, huh? Some cats actually enjoy water...but I haven't met one. I only see them on You Tube.
  17. I'll share something personal, but a lot of my friends in the Ancient Mysteries forum (my usual haunt) know this about me already, as do my Mod colleagues. My kidneys largely shut down last November and I spent eight days in the hospital. I started dialysis almost immediately, while admitted. To do this they put a permacath in my chest. It looked pretty much exactly like the tubes coming out of this woman's chest. That was mod-November. Because the catheter behind my chest wall went straight to my heart, I was not allowed to get it wet. It stayed in my chest till June, when they put a smaller catheter into my abdomen. So between November 2016 and June 2017, I was not allowed to shower! All I could do was give myself sponge baths. Let me tell you, no matter how hard you scrub, a sponge bath is not the same. I never truly felt clean. I hated it! But the exterior portion of the abdominal catheter can get wet, so I tend to take looooong hot showers now. It's like a little slice of heaven. I now do dialysis at home. In fact, I'm doing it right now as I type this. I'll stay hooked to the machine on its wheeled cart till the morning. A long way to go just to share the old cliche: you won't miss it till it's gone! For me that was something as simple as a shower. enjoy life, take nothing for granted, take care of yourselves.
  18. Allright i'm gonna talk in your language so we can have an intelligent conversation. "OINK"
  19. At my course one group had a cat come in for grooming that day, poor thing had to be sedated first
  20. I had cats growing up but can't remember if we washed them. I could swear I have a memory of my mom washing a cat in the kitchen sink, but perhaps that's something I saw on an episode of AFV.
  21. Holy crap, I thought I was the crustacean. While we're at it, we should both get off the lawn.
  22. Congress Woman says “Trump said X” Trump says “I never said that” Woman from the family involved says “He said it” Kelly says “no he didn’t” Trump spokesperson “Hey, do you all think it’s proper to question a general?” Everyone else “it sounds exactly like something he’d say” MAGA supporters “damn lefties, making up **** about the President again”.
  23. Never wash a kitty unless they grew up getting washed, it doesn’t end well lol
  24. I'm back. Sorry. I needed to take a shower and fold the laundry. I'd say wash the cat, but sadly I have no pets.
  25. How do you nurture faith and to what end, if any at all? How does it help you with the uncertainty, the unknown, the unanswerable, for me it has been easier to accept the unknown, the uncertainty, and the unanswerable. It seems natural to not have an adgenda ( just meaning in this case a preference on what may or may not happen on something I can't know while living).
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