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  2. I would have to believe what I objectively believe to be true. I am not going to believe a comfortable lie. To me, the objective evidence for the afterlife is overwhelming. We’ll have to disagree.
  3. @Commodus, welcome to UM, Start documenting your abilities, enrol in competitions and face off against professionals. One easy thing to do would be to record your shot grouping at a gun range. Can you post your results here? Let us know how you go!
  4. Bruce Ohr's not even on the Special Counsel's team.
  5. Banned for getting up, smelling the coffee and going back to bed.
  6. The Left has a tendency to Humpty-Dumptyism: "When I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less."
  7. The Capitol of Israel is Jerusalem. They made a Law that says so, just to prove the point. So, how hostile to the Israelis would you have to be, to put your Embassy 50 miles away? In what other nation in Earth is that even an option?
  8. When I was seven or eight the bully from the next grade up grabbed me by the throat (left my hands free) and I drove the heels of my hands onto his temples. He crumpled like a loose bag of potatoes. It kind of scared me at the time but he left me alone after that. I didn't even know that was a 'move'.
  9. Poland isn't surrendering to anyone. .... and the EU hates them for that. Why is the Left so utterly hostile to anyone that isn't hostile to their own country?
  10. He had a chance. They evidently made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
  11. Bernie 2020! If only that sort of vision had been employed in 2016.
  12. I agree. I filled my house with furniture and things from 1970's from door knobs to windows , furniture and electronics. They never fail . It is true !
  13. I will quote MLK: "I have a dream"
  14. On a serious note though, I do suggest going to see a doctor and getting a referral to a specialist. This is not something that should be allowed to fester, especially when you have an arsenal of weapons. At the very least, speak to someone in your family about it and see what they say.
  15. It's a good song... Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody they made a movie about it. (the intro actually sounds like Keanu Reeves, from John Wick or something) Literal Bohemian Rhapsody
  16. I live in Vernon. Our record was 117 F in my lifetime, so in the last 40 years. Why didn't you mention that?
  17. On that we can totally agree.
  18. Sorry to have to disagree with you on this - I watched the fight with a mix of boxing fans and Connor fans. The fight was effectively over by the second, when Mayweather confirmed that Connor didn't have a punch to worry him. After that Mayweather completely gave up any pretense of defense and played with Connor. The Connor supporters were totally embarrassed by the spectacle. The only the respect he got that night was having the savy to get a very big pay cheque. Manny has not been as good for a while, but I'd take a even a 55 year old Manny to beat Connor.
  19. That may be true, but he beat the alternative in more ways than one. The Democrats picked the one terrible candidate that he could beat.
  20. It's more than that. Some were linked to Clinton's shenanigans. It's cool that you found and read the article. I hope that it mentioned Ohr, the latest questionable member of the team.
  21. Seems like someone must have hooked you up to The Matrix's neural interactive Construct program. This is definitely one of the cooler experiences I've seen shared here.
  22. Well go to the Supreme Court. Texas has had to defend itself over and over in regards to Education funding and guess what we still do just fine compared to other States.
  23. DO NOT quick draw a Glock. It won't end well....
  24. It's pointless to ignore reality. Children aren't younger teens (in age), and younger teens aren't older teens/younger adults. Men, who like eighteen-year-olds, aren't pedophiles. Words should reflect legal and moral differences.
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