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  2. Well thats creative. Who knows if one day AI gets god like powerfull it can travel back in time and extend its influence in this period. That makes a good science fiction.
  3. Why not their machines are created directly by aliens?
  4. yes with Globalist backed Obama gone and Clinton denied the top job -- things took a turn for the worst for the Islamic State and Al Qaeda affiliated groups - but first and foremost the Russians working with the Syrian Army prevented a decent into Islamist chaos like in Libya - the Islamic State could have swept through the whole country if '''things''' had been different -
  5. Welcome to UM, raketata! I think we were created as we are exactly BECAUSE of the spiritual benefits that we get from struggle, pain and contemplating death. I also believe that our mortal bodies are just one stage of life. I think we are placed here in them to learn lessons. That's my take!
  6. I dunno.., even with multiple angles, and such.., it could still be a fake. I could organise a flash mob? Well then how come we couldn't find MH-370?
  7. The determination should include various points. The footage should show the object sharp and detailed, filmed/shooted by >1 person and from various angles. Ideally filmed/shooted by CCTV cams as well. Footages to be analysed by a number of professionals like commercial movie special effects experts. ATC/military and space agency operated satellites radar data records should show the object and its trajectory.
  8. Who cares if he's biased? Are you kidding me? I guess that you would be cool with a jury comprised of Klan members in the questionable case of a Black man who was likely falsely accused of a crime. I really and truly don't get your posts on this subject.
  9. Manfred von Dreidecker

    Hello. I think my wWord of the day today will be Rundfahrt. Why not enjoy one today! 

  11. Has nobody seen the jungle book? It's clearly Baloo. EVERYBODY SING... Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities Old Mother Nature's recipes That brings the bare necessities of life Wherever I wander, wherever I roam...
  12. I'm sure that's the most likely explanation, yes. :
  13. The CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia is called the George Bush Center for Intelligence.Yes, it was named after Bush HW, not W, but it still sounds like the Donald Trump Center for Feminist Studies, doesn't it.
  14. Could not agree more
  15. Oh, where've you been? Still gripped by this gripping saga then?
  16. Well yes, I suppose an alien machine created by the illiminati is much more likely than a demon. They're notorious for it, the Illumianti. So why does it force you to eat, and eat what? What might be the purpose of this?
  17. That is an interesting take, if you accept that we are made in his image.
  18. It should be accepted that any and probably all analysis dealing in major macro issues, start with a end point in mind, no matter how vague. The purpose of the 'published' analysis is seldom to present an unbiased interpretation of a given situation, rather it is to further a course of action, or ideology at least loosely in line with the sponsors of the analysis. It should come as no surprise therefore when on occasions outcomes predicted on such analysis and reality don't merge. Note to Self: Always know the sponsors, their ultimate goals and underlying beliefs, when gauging the value and 'independence' of published analysis.
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  20. It is obvious that God made a big mistake when he created human. He is weak, mortal and able of sickness. Angels was created before human but are neither weak, mortal and able of sickness. Why God not created all of us angels? Why he needed to modify us as humans?
  21. Oh you're back are you I'm sure Remainers from all political parties will do their best to thwart the referendum result and Brexit - looks like they are trying to create a window of opportunity to use delaying tactics as their main weapon - ? Tony Blair and Ken Clarke probably hugged and did a happy dance together last night - toasting Dominic Grieve and kissing a picture of him as they laughed with delight and plotted the next step --
  22. A mutant earth bacteria? The old MIR had a devastating mutant fungi infestation. Cosmonauts could smell them as soon they went in the station.
  23. It was said by Emma above that sound is carried on air but the relevance of that in the context of this discussion is obscure, at least to me anyway. Sound or pressure waves may travel through any medium, whether it be water, ice, gas or hardened steel really doesn't matter. How waves might travel through quantum dimensions is a mystery. "..In quantum field theory, the quantum vacuum state (also called the quantum vacuum or vacuum state) is thequantum state with the lowest possible energy. Generally, it contains no physical particles. Zero-point field is sometimes used as a synonym for thevacuum state of an individual quantized field.."
  24. I have very strange things happening to me. I connect all them to the illuminati. For exmaple somebody teleport genetic material on my hand, then put demon (I don't believe in real demons so it is refer to alien machine) on me and force me to eat.
  25. I take it you mean "believe in the Christian god"? People have been believing (very strongly) in deities for thousands and thousands of years. And, having hung out on many a Christian and apologist board, I think you are probably not aware that most atheists come to that position after reading the Bible and are in many cases more familiar with the Bible than most Christians are. The main difference is that Christians tend to read in small chunks (verse by verse) and look for understanding rather than reading the whole book and seeing it as a unit or reading the individual chapters and seeing them as complete documents.
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