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  2. I think we must have been on a mind link there because as you wrote that I was just watching the following video - I stumbled on it and watched it just to see something from before Trump won - because I think that can be interesting after everything that's happened - the guy near the end (7:52) summarises his experience of the Trump Rally and it's interesting because even in January 2016 people were noticing the media bias and the censorship... it probably factored into his success - I'll just put a link as it's a tiny bit off topic but related to the whole media collusion to the Russia collusion bs narrative -
  3. For some time now, I have been researching bitcoin from a technical standpoint. It amazes me that people blindly trust a system that was created by 1 anonymous programmer. I did some more research and came to the conclusion that Bitcoin was not created by 1 person in particular. Along the road I read some articles that cover the origin of Bitcoin and there I read that some experts in the cryptocurrency community think Bitcoin was actually created by artificial intelligence as some sort of test. The more I read about this possibility the more it became clear for me, that Bitcoin was indeed created by an AI that developed bitcoin. Some think that the AI is controlled by the government, but it could be that the AI managed to stay under the radar and created Bitcoin in order to create a bigger infrastructure for itself. This video sums up the evidence for that case pretty well and elaborates on the impact.
  4. Early one June morning in 1837, a few weeks after her 18th birthday, Princess Victoria was awoken by her mother to greet the Archbishop of Canterbury, who delivered the news that King William IV had just died. Victoria, still in her nightdress, had become queen. That night she wrote in her journal: “Very few have more real good will and more real desire to do what is fit and right than I have.” Victoria’s accession marked a significant change. Gone were the old men who had ruled for half a century, replaced by a young queen soon to have her own family.
  5. I think I understand what you mean RAyMO. If that DOES happen, then they will have reaped the whirlwind. It would effectively give a green light for sexual abuse, on the grounds that the public (and by implication, Juries) may automatically disregard claims against politicians.
  6. Some 1,200 years ago, a wealthy noblewoman, at least 60 years old, was laid to rest in Peru—richly provisioned for eternity with jewelry, flasks, and weaving tools made of gold. Now, more than five years after her tomb was found untouched outside of the coastal town of Huarmey, scientists have reconstructed what she may have looked like.
  7. This is a Pet Peeve of mine. I was just discussing this very issue here, and here in this post.
  8. Honestly I don’t understand how anyone could look at the no less then 5 fake stories in one single week and claim they were honest mistakes. Even if they really did have “sources” for the Wikileaks email thing, that means their sources are liers. No such email ever existed. That means their sources are getting desperate. Same applies to the Flynn story, that send millions of dollars down the drain, from the stock market. These people are flat out lunatics who would willfully destroy our economy to get get rid of Trump. And of course we still have completely childish reports of pictures of a Trump speech hours before it began showing a almost empty audience. When in truth so many people showed up they had to turn people away. How the hell was that an honest mistake? That was intentional deception. Propaganda.
  9. If they come into schools here, they live in the teacher’s desk (for primary aged kids, so 5 to 12ish).
  10. what a time to be alive if you have an interest in alien life.this will probably have an natural seems mankind is trying harder than ever to find alien life,there seems to be anouncments all the time about possible life elsewhere theres the recent google ai discovery tomorrow,this cigar shaped ufo,the recently alien megastructure,all the exoplanet announcements,fast radio bursts,oceans on saturns moon,the upcoming probe on mars,the james webb telescope,breakthrough listen.seems were closer than ever hope fully anyway.most will be explained naturally but still an exciting time nonetheless. why do we always assume inteligent life is curious or adventourous like us?maybe there that smart that they think space travel is useless and there brains are bigger than ours(if they have a brain)what if there planet is blessedwith so much natural resources they don't need to fly into space,or there cursed and they live on a planet plaqued with natural disasters so all there money and resources go on keeping them safe.i actually think intelligent life couldbe quite common in the universe but just completely different from us and notnecisarily spacefarers like us.though they races will exist id imagine.just my thoughts its exciting times if you have an interest in this subject like myself.peace people.
  11. Peace to you Walker... "WE"... did not Construct Karma.. We may have given this process a Name, However this Residual Energy Balance was put in Place Aeons before the Modern World that we Know and See was Formed.. This Process is in Fact the Foundation that Your Theory is based on, and Not the other way around... Advice: I Feel in my Heart that You mean well, with your Experiences and There are those who find wisdom in your words.... I am One... However my friend, Your words, to me, have No Pulse, as in Feelings.. A bit more heart and a little less words would do wonders for the message that you are trying to Convey... Peace to you and yours...
  12. Someone did a terrible paint job on your dog. It's all splotchy.
  13. AFL 200-5 dated April 29th 1952 gives the UFO definition as "any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type.” This was the original Project Blue Book definition of UFO.
  14. Experimenting on, perhaps even antigravity can be achieved, where more massive is attracted to the less massive. And do dimensions exist where sound travels at light speed and light travels only at the speed of sound? I think maybe.
  15. It's been snowing quite a bit over the last 3 days. Overcast and windy with highs in the low 30's and lows in the mid teens. 12 Days Till Christmas. How's that song go? On the 12th day of Christmas my true love came to me.......
  16. My grandmother had one of those at our family farm. One button was for police. One for EMS. I was out working on a tractor when my 2 friends, who were cops came whipping into the driveway. The one saw me face first in our 6600 and laughed. He says to me "Did your grandma fall on the button?"
  17. Interesting article though the barrel to blade carving ratio in the replica looks a bit off compared to the original. Not that the Thames beater would be a bad choice for bludgeoning someone but there may have been a more utilitarian purpose of the artefact other than cracking a person's skull. It is not tined, but appears to me as something that would be useful for harvesting tubers from a loamy soil. It could also stir mash fermenting in a tun. Later German beer makers would use a similar wooden paddle in just such a manner. If it were constructed only as a bludgeoning device, such a wide blade would be completely unnecessary. A common two by four sizes piece of timber cut to that length with a pommel and a barrel carved for a hand grip would generate sufficient force. Again, I am not saying that it is not a satisfactory choice of implement to bash someone's brains out. I just think that there is a different primary purpose for the tool.
  18. Overdueleaf that mac and cheese recipe sounds delicious will have to try that one
  19. Time to start baking for Christmas and New Years and of course I will have to sample many of the cookies and pies to make sure they are up to par.
  20. McGlinchy and Nelson from Notre dame made the first team 2017 AP All-America Teams
  21. Greg Schiano would have made $27.7M over 6-plus years in scrapped Vols deal Greg Schiano would have earned $27.7 million in a proposed deal of six-plus years with Tennessee before the deal fell apart because of uproar from fans and on social media. The school on Monday released a copy of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between John Currie, who has since been replaced by Phillip Fulmer as athletic director, and Schiano. Read more:
  22. Ummm yeah that'll be it phew --- you mean Trump didn't really overfeed and nearly kill the fish in Japan relief
  23. Seven Long Island mobsters hit with racketeering conspiracy, gambling and obstruction charges Several Long Island mobsters were busted Tuesday on a host of criminal charges including loan sharking, drug dealing and running illegal casinos, authorities said. Federal prosecutors unveiled a 13-count indictment charging six members and associates of the Gambino organized crime family, and a member of the Bonanno organized crime family with racketeering conspiracy, illegal gambling and obstruction of justice. The charges against the seven men include alleged criminal activity on Long Island and in Brooklyn that took place between January 2014 and December 2017, officials said. Read more: Feds Press Release: THAT'S LIFE: A look at Frank Sinatra’s most famous shenanigans Francis Albert Sinatra, aka Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, was arguably the single most influential musical artists to emerge from the World War II era. Born into an Italian family in Hoboken, New Jersey, Sinatra grew into wild success at a young age. From provocative Vegas tomfoolery to bizarre mafia affiliations, we flashback to some of the icons most famous shenanigans from his early days. Read more: New mafia turncoat set to testify at trial of Philly mafia boss Joey Merlino The upcoming racketeering trial of alleged Philadelphia mafia boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino and Genovese crime family capo Eugene (Rooster) Onofrio got a little more interesting with the feds set to add another mafia rat into the fold. According to a new report from Ganglandnews, the feds plan to have former Bonanno crime family capo Peter (Pug) Lovagliotake the stand and testify against both mobsters. Lovaglio will team up with mob snitch John (J.R.) Rubeo who taped multiple conversations with various gangster associated with the East Coast La Cosa Nostra Enterprise case. Read more:
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  25. Lol Seeder or Aqulia could give tips lol
  26. No, it’s an abbreviation for part of that formula, wḏ3 in ˤnḫ wḏ3 snb (Gardiner). Not sure what you mean by this, can you explain? M.
  27. All the Media and Globalist shenanigans are obviously detrimental to your country and citizens and that's why it's extra ridiculous for those doing all the name calling and smearing and negative spinning to kid themselves they aren't doing damage - The writing was on the wall when Trump won and the protesters were bussed in and there was a spate of serious street violence and rioting - Naively I was expecting Obama or Clinton to step in to calm things down and remind their supporters that although they lost it was democracy at work and the street violence wasn't the way -- but there was nothing - I was kind of shocked and even more shocked when I realised they (Obama and Clinton) must have thought the rioting and violence and the mayhem when Trump won was a good thing and that they were probably enjoying it !!!
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