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  2. She's decided mom is main chew toy. I almost need to tell anyone who I'll see, to excuse the bruises and any teeth marks they're from her
  3. The term plausible deniability is thrown around a lot. You can never truly connect it to any one person. However, "Project Blue Book was one of a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects conducted by the United States Air Force."
  4. Why does it seem like some women cannot stand to be alone and will be with guys who are not good for them and make them miserable??
  5. Good song! I remember I read somewhere that Bon Jovi took some inspiration from the intro of this song when they made their live-intro for Lay Your Hands On Me. It's not exactly the same thing, but one can hear some similarities in the build-up, with the keyboard and the drums - a bit slower tempo though. Bon Jovi - Lay Your Hands On Me
  6. Occult Mafia 2000

    The Exorcist 1973 Horror Movie !!! the-exorcist-759.jpg 

  7. Are you kidding? I come here looking for someone, who has been keeping tabs on a hot button topic, for them to keep me updated. Thank you!
  8. So, we automatically blame their problems on racists. Makes all the sense in the world to me. It's the same logic as all Mexicans are illegal and all Muslims are terrorists. I don't expect you to see the similarities...
  9. Puppy teeth hurt!! So do kitty teeth!
  10. Oh no, the universe is very real to me, it's been around for 13 billion years or so....or at least in our part of telling how many other "big bangs" have occurred in the vast void out there, perhaps hundreds, thousands........? My door is not closed, but all the craziness surrounding the various religions and their penchant for sucking tons of money out of the gullible in society is bothersome to me....
  11. I grew up in the 60's, watching the Apollo missions as a kid and it was like magic. I always wanted to see a launch and visit the Kennedy Space Center. That trip was on the bucket list and I'll always remember it fondly.
  12. Dozens. Probable. >87km/sec There are images but not that kind of images you expect. Maybe you dont know yet that optical telescopes are not designed to zoom in. And maybe you dont know yet that 800 meters isnt big and 24 million km isnt close to Earth.
  13. Occult Mafia 2000

    automatic writing, found in old book !!! 


  14. Unfortunately the same doesn't seem to be applied to minorities. This has been well-documented.
  15. If anybody is interested in meaningless figures the NYT has some fancy calculations currently giving a 52 % chance Jones wins - ohh just dropped to 51% - oh no back to toss up. Now back to 51% with a margin of 0.4% points. Based on 2% of votes counted. Sadly while I won't bet a penny on these figures - I am one of those sad individuals who will sit here for hours watching meaningless changes in these numbers. I really need to get a life
  16. I disagree. Will post examples if you want to also. Airforce (Sign, Grudge, etc) I am using the term UFO to mean STILL unidentified. Not cases that have been solved.., as these are no longer UFOs. The remaining 10% where trained reputable observers report objects that resemble advanced unknown aircraft. To your knowledge. However just because I do not see a whale in a glass of water.., does not mean Whales don't exist. I have read cases where witnesses were told to keep quiet, and data was confiscated. People were discouraged from starting UFO clubs to discuss it. reports were skewed to give false conclusions etc. They do exist, yes. Including reports of large metallic aircraft that surpasses any known man-made technology A wide range of possibilities including ET, private man-made, military owned, naturally occurring unknown phenomena. There currently is not enough evidence to say either one is correct.., or incorrect. Not to you perhaps.., but to others it does. I guess that's just where it ends. There are confirmed official reports from numerous highly credible trained observers.., matched with radar data.., reports filed and still no explanation. If you do not find this interesting.., please don't get angry at others who do. We are not attacking you personally and I don't understand where all the defensive anger comes from.
  17. They reported what multiple sources told them. The multiple sources were wrong. If they were blatantly dishonest, they wouldn't correct their reports.
  18. you tube CAN be....acceptable, so long as the source used is credible. Its just a video link dump.... what is not acceptable is someone...probably stoned in their bedroom....making nonsense videos...that 'others' then use to promote bogus stories... there was/is a youtube user called he or she started posting high quality videos of UFO;s above his home.... he made the national press too with his vids and stories Until that is.....he was debunked....this video shows how he was rumbled
  19. Thanks Michelle
  20. A write in is when you don't like either person running and you write in the person you prefer.
  21. It seems to me that if one has concluded the universe doesn't have to have a point to it for it to be real, then it might also occur that being antagonistic, which is to be actively hostile or in opposition to the spiritual realities of the point of the Universe, this might be something that ought to be avoided. Having honest doubts is understandable, but why keep the door closed? If that's what one is doing.
  22. Hmmm. Any published papers? Is this the first time it entered our solar system? How fast did it pass by our earth? Question for anyone. If no astronomer has an image, then that is very sad. Goes to show that astronomers can't even take a pic of something so big and so close to earth, less alone UFOs/UAPs in our own skies. Seriously... They better have a good excuse. Also, I remember reading this story sometime ago and rolled my eyes and said fake news and moved on. I have dishonored myself... idiot!
  23. Already preparing to lose. Are they able to call the complaints in or are they recorded on the spot person? For like ten years, every time I went in to vote they had no record of me, even though I hadn't moved, gotten married or divorced and had everything in order. I pointed it out every time, on the spot, and they straightened it out. Then the same thing the next election. It never failed...local or record. But I had my voter registration card.
  24. That's the thing isn't it ? Maybe there is some logic in learning the religion in the original language it was set up with ... translations usually messes up more than not of the already messed up message due to the long historical pits and falls ... ~ ~
  25. I am 51 years old. How old are you? Ive been into the stories of ufo's and unexplained phenomena since I was about...oh, 12 or 13 I reckon. ..when one of my xmas gifts was a HUGE book on....Unexplained mysteries... or some similar I consider I have a head start on those younger than me
  26. So the answer is to force them to speak a different language entirely? Won't happen. They don't even enforce the native languages in schools. They provide bilingual teachers. Maybe I missed something...
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