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  2. What, this one? I think you look pretty good.
  3. Link atleast worked. Bit odd to censor a food product, hell theres worse food people put in their mouths
  4. b*****. Didn't embedded and when I tried to add the image it crashes my window. Sensor maybe?
  6. Ooh, that's the stuff.
  7. @ShadowSot here lol
  8. I'm worried about the one of me in a kilt.
  9. Smart butt lol. Besides 100% truth there's zero photos I ever have to worry about getting out
  10. Care to prove me wrong rather then throw out blind assertions?
  11. Yeahp. Something about anonymity makes guys go absolute horn dog. Yus can I c boob?
  12. Lol thanks, I try to think quick on the feet. Joys of being female and copping creeps. Thankfully the guys here NEVER cross the line in to creephood
  13. I know, the nerve of some guys. But come to think of it, I have a delicate question I've been meaning to ask you... Kidding! Kidding! Kidding!
  14. Go ahead and be condescending...but you don't have a clue what you are talking about. Not a clue sir! Sad but true! ...and I don't watch Fox News....pffft...I haven't had a Television for many years....I don't even own a TV
  15. Oh, no, there's nothing pretty about it. But keep that reply loaded. It's a good one!
  16. For females hell no. Some guys thou seem to think its ok to ask random females for pics
  17. I've never posted this before but there's a company called Summum (in Utah) that will mummify pets and people in the ancient way. "History shows us what great concern Mummification expressed in the final care of one of nature's most beautiful creations: the human being." Here's their website: Summum. Please note that the base price for a person's mummification is $67,000. The coffin will cost you extra, but they can provide one in the ancient Egyptian tradition. So, UMers, who wants to be mummified?
  18. Yeahp. I don't think anyone finds extreme close ups of any genitalia worthwhile.
  19. No clue why, personally HELL NO. Sorry guys but it's not pretty, I haven't copped one (almost have) but would be tempted to say mines bigger just to freak them out.
  20. I've wondered this. Never met a woman who did.
  21. I am trying to be condescending when I say that there's a clear reason why you ignored my previous points, because you can't refute them, and you clearly aren't thinking past the end of your Fox News talking points. I challenge you to think for yourself for a change and not just repeat the same drivel you heard on conservative talk radio without having a bloomin' clue what you're talking about. You're just asserting things while ignoring my argument. Which really it isn't even an argument as much as it is a well-established fact. Government MAKES the laws that benefit the corporations, because the government politicians are put in their position by the corporation's money financing their campaigns. No money, no campaign victory. Therefore the deal is made. Corp pays politician, politician makes laws that benefit corp. It's as simple as that. Ending Net Neutrality is what kills competition you dingbat. Now your competitors can slow down the internet speed to your website, thereby incentivizing web traffic to stay forever on your competitor's site and not yours. It literally kills competition. What the people who have indoctrinated you at Fox News or wherever actually mean by 'allow the marketplace to work', is to allow the marketplace to take total dominance and unchecked control, killing competitors and boosting profits by any means necessary. Money-making machines are not the arbiters of good. Haven't you ever heard that 'money is the root of all evil?'
  22. I've never understood why some guys do that. Does any woman (or man, for that matter) really want to see some guy's junk?
  23. “We have to pass the legislation to know what’s in the legislation”. Can you imagine the furore if that happened today?
  24. Lol...whether those "physical devices" were hammered into oblivion shortly after receiving the subpoena or shortly before its anticipated arrival, the optics look godawful bad (even criminal) either way. To most folks, anyway.
  25. Another job I used to have was as a counselor for a kids' group home. These kids, boys and girls, were placed there by the state. It was the most depressing job I've ever had, which is why I left after a few months. My child psychology training was all fine and good academically, but it didn't prepare me for reality. I have always loved kids, so this was hard to take. Some of the kids had been abused sexually and/or emotionally, some physically, they came from broken homes, some of the parents were hopeless alcoholics, some of the kids had become substance abusers. These poor kids were so damaged. At one moment they could be sweet and affectionate and all smiles, and ragingly aggressive the next. So I can't really know what your experience was like for you, but I have some smidgen of an idea. I'll stop now. I don't want to dampen everyone's mood.
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