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  2. And what on Earth does having your picture taken (possibly years ago) with a previous POTUS or a celebrity have to do with anything? This is really reaching. What's with the partisan pass for the magic R?
  3. A politician being accused of an inapropriate sexual interaction is not news. Well, there ya go. Never been news before, you say. Never ever been news worthy that sort of thing. I am sure nobody can think of a time when inapropriate behaivior or being an enabler of that behavior was news worthy. ....... My own personal opinion is that there is no time limit on sexual assault. I didn't ever tell anyone when I was followed and groped in the supermarket at 13, I was scarred, embarresed, ashamed, but if the guy ever ran for office or position in the church or any job of power or leadership I would certainly be prompted to now. It does look like this is a case of innocent until proven guilty, unless you are claiming to be a victim of course. Then you are automatically guilty of lying.
  4. What do anyone's consensual extramarital affairs have to do with sexual harassment? Deflect, deflect, deflect. This is all partisan deflection.
  5. Did you not notice? Lol, such a whining person. Yes.., I noticed. Yeesh. If you were talking to someone else, do not quote me. Or explain what is meant. Or, don't get angry if I don't remember each and every post from others. Just chillax broham. For serious.
  6. Well, of course there are people behind the curtain. Rich and powerful people, but not Reptilians or some special bloodline. They're just greedy elites who are used to getting their way. They can keep us snowed with propaganda if we aren't bright enough to figure that out. They use wedge issues to divide us and get us to continue to support them, even though they are clearly not acting in the best interests of the people. The people hawking this Illuminati crap among other conspiracy bs are on their payroll. Otherwise, how do you think they'd still be alive?
  7. Wide of the mark? Irrelevant? Is this when you pulled me up on using m for meters? What issues am I having with what? I do not need to provide a single case. The point of this thread is lost on you. You are confusing yourself. Anything I type here, has already been explained. Please re-read the thread then get back to me. I 'll have to get back to you on this one. Its going to be kinda long. Yes, each case on its own merits. Something sceptics are unable to do. Its just automatic dismissal or anything that "looks like" the object. That would be great. Don't worry, I rip into biased "believers" just as much.., just doesn't seem to be any around. The only people talking rubbish so far are the sceptics. Dude. I think you are not in the right frame of mind right now.., which is just frustrating. Its all VERY very simple. I think you complicate things by assuming I am evil, lying or whatever. Just read the thread title.., and the OC. It explains everything. I would just be writing the exact same thing again.
  8. Except it actually looks like this...
  9. alot of blood as anywhere.
  10. Gotta go. Morning comes early. Nice chatting with you, Sheri, Mr. Argon.
  11. ...however... A bit of shame falls on this band (BandMaid), since they obviously "stole" some inspiration/riffs (almost everything) for this song....; ...from this song; ...and it is kinda's a f¤"#¤n rip-off...really. I mean, just listen too the two.... And Haelstorm made their song 2-3 years before BandMaid. In these days of "camera-everywhere" one doesn't get away with anything.... But, regardless; BandMaid is a solid band, with very good musicians, and I bet they will produce good music in years to come..if they can keep it together.
  12. I envy your country's depth of history.
  13. Oops. Right you are. Drip drying isn't a good idea. It is! Shame it's over 100 bucks a pop. If I got one I don't know I could sell it.
  14. yes it is the old core of the city. a roman town salona was nearby.
  15. Just remember something of him having a palace, thereabouts.
  16. i always said you are a genius.
  17. Don't you remember? I questioned the fact that in spite of decent cameras being much more widespread (why, even you've got one!!!!!) why is it that we decent camera owners, along with all of the millions of amateur astronomers out there haven't captured anything worthy of note (in terms of your thread title). Nothing, not a sausage. Or at least we are waiting for anyone here to post one. Thing is, there you are with your camera, here am I with mine, and lots of other photographers are dotted around.... So if you saw something interesting but far away (not 100miles, though) then chances are pretty high that someone else would be right underneath it, or vice versa... But .. nothing... I thought, forlornly, that you might actually have something interestingly unidentifiable... oh well.. Now clearly, if those are your photos then you know what you are doing (there you go, a compliment! - I'm not that awful), and it looks as though you spend a reasonable time out there. So do I. So do lots of others. But... where are OUR videos/images? The ones taken on decent equipment? ...nothing... How do you explain that? It's simple - the UFO's that might be 'U' to you, are 'I' to other folks, if you get my drift. As for youtube videos, people love sci-fi. people get confused. people exaggerate. people don't consider things like traffic choppers, RC craft. other people deliberately hoax or troll. The volume of that stuff means nothing. And if it is really 'good', it will percolate to the top and we'll hear about it here at UM. But crikey, take a look at what does percolate to the top - it's rubbish. Reminds me of the chunks that rise to the top of a septic tank... Anyway, nice pics. But I havta ask - why did you raise all that kerfuffle about the appearance of aircraft in a long exposure, when you obviously knew dam well what it looked like? Namely exactly what I described way back here: BTW, I'll be back later with some video footage, and we might discuss your comments about how it's not useful. I beg to differ.
  18. Semitics. Ok. I meant it as in film/footage. The images received that would make the film footage. I will be less ambiguous in future posts. Neither sillyness, nor trolling. I can do that. I'm Australian, so I am just used to seeing 500m for meters. and 500mi for miles. Thank you for pointing that out.., I did not think it was an issue. but can see it could be. Very good, you do know your stuff. I had to read up on all that crap for uni. BUT.., grab a camera and actually try it for yourself. You original argument was continued off Emma's post: I think it's worth bearing in mind that with the sudden explosion of very high quality, mobile cameras which now the majority of the population own and carry around with them at all times, the proportion of UFO photos and footage has not exploded accordingly, something you'd expect to happen. I think that's pretty much proof that there aren't actually any cases of visitation. EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THEORY (ChrLzs) 1. How many people have smart phones now, compared to .. oh say 1980? Here, let me help - NO-ONE had a smart phone in 1980.... 2. How affordable is a digital SLR now, compared to.. oh say 1980? Here, let me help. About 10 times more affordable, once you added in film and processing costs. That's why I now have one with me at all times, but didn't back in the 80's... I'm not alone in that - many, many more people have very fine cameras now, than at any time in history. I already addressed the "more cameras means more pics" assumption. So we moved onto quality. Your point revolves around there being more cameras that are better quality. But you yourself only have a simple Webcam. Most people I know only have phones. I do not carry my $5000 DSLR like I do my phone. If webcams and phones had large sensors, 3 CCD or MFT chips.., then you may have more of an argument with why UFO image quality has not improved, when camera tech has. In short.., you cannot say "Because DSLR's are invented.., all camera's footage should now match DSLR's. d Yes, that is because they lens can let in more light than our eyes. But brightness is not what I was talking about. Distance.
  19. i am in fact from dalmatia. upper part is called slavonia. i was born in a city of diocletian.
  20. Bright Areas on Ceres Suggest Geologic Activity
  21. Not surprising, as your country was once part of the Roman province of Dalmatia.
  23. Did you not notice others are posting here? (geez, I even named one in my post at the end..) I guess not. This isn't all about you, Fila. I'd suggest you read all responses, then you'd know who I was talking about.........
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