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  2. I cant be bothered to search for you, here are just 3 prev threads
  3. Friends of mine (the rapper cliques) often times would disrespect some of the songs in the Beatles catalogue saying there were mostly 'stupid' songs ... Then ... ~ [00.02:41] ~ The lads were Song Craftsmen ... even their 'throwaway' tunes were magical as is often the case when performed so many times by so many fantastic musicians with their cover versions ... ~
  4. Ack. Yes indeed. Picked the wrong symbol. That's a heron on a perch, as I saw when I went back and checked. I have looked for a photo of the original for the "heron on a standard" designation for the 15th nome and I can'f find a single photo of it. I have no idea what happened to my own photos of the wall, so I can't say one way or another. However, it's not on a "temple of Thoth"'s the White Chapel of Senusret I and is (I believe) dedicated to the pharaoh himself. As to the photo, I think it's "Thoth brings/Thoth bringing""...
  5. Clearly you didnt read enough results then...
  6. Contain the word.., not individual threads though. Which is what I was talking about. I did the same search.., found 1 result at the top.., followed by a bunch of Kenneth Arnold threads.., and didn't go much past that. I asked Piney how many threads there were.., not how many times the word has been mentioned. Thanks for your input though. That's great.
  7. Not like it was back in 2013. Yeah that was.....a year. I think my "best" was between 2015 to 2016, a tad bit much if you ask me. I think I've calmed down a bit. I still have to take breaks to keep myself in check.
  8. Listen up sunshine... I know all about Wikipedia.... More importantly, Ive lived in of my plans was to go to Hessdalen... tho when I was there - there were no lights/activity so would have wasted my time I was aware of this subject over 20 years doesnt even make the news anymore I take it you havent heard of the similar phenomena, the Min Min lights.... look it up
  9. I don't see the video's ending as negative. It's rational, using conclusions that can be achieved via the current body of scientific knowledge. This is sound logic. The universe doesn't have to have a point to it for it to be real, and here, and ours. Life is far too important, considering it is so short, to be taken seriously.
  10. Not so, it comes from reading the scripture, and putting it into practice. It really isn't convenient a lot.
  11. Excellent saying Ma Ora. I love your hippie vibe, Indian style.
  12. Haha hahaha, Fierce and Funny..!! Powerful Combo.....
  13. I know, huh, your **** is always in trouble. Lol
  14. This seems to be working properly now. Both Farmer and I have posted embedded Tweets in the last day.
  15. I know all about I admire Holding True to who You are, and Flexibility.. We have a Saying in My Family, We may Bend but we Won't Break..
  16. So the Christians of this one part of the world have decided to refer to their imaginary friend as an "it" instead of a "he." Cool. How does this affect anything at all, again?
  17. Da tovarich! Spasiba!
  18. Piney

    Who remembers this adage

    "There are 2 things you do not discuss-politics and religion."


  19. That is what it is, he is so brutally honest and most of all with himself. A lot of posters live in bubbles of their own making, and he once did too. He calls bull****. Love him or hate him and many do, you can’t help but respect him for his honesty and his heart.
  20. You do realise that I can log into Wikipedia right now and edit that to whatever I want. And you will read it as Wiki gospel. This is why universities do NOT allow references from this source. Sorry. The same applies to .com website. I can create my own today.., so can anyone. and write whatever they want. I'm sorry, but I probably won't click that link. Feel free to summarise and provide 1st hand references (found at the bottom of wikipedia) Good luck!
  21. More evidence of Republican voter suppression.
  22. My search results throw up over a thousand results...
  23. Awww, I am so pleased. X is a good man, the real deal. He won’t lie or bull**** though.
  24. hmmm .... ... at least they were decent enough not to push it in from the behind ... ~
  25. That there pie in it for me? I just think that if I can help I'll try. My perspective doesn't mess well with a lot of people, that optimistic nihilsim or in fancier worlds, existentialism. Life is what you make it.
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