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  2. As others may have indicated, Youtube is one of the worst places to obtain information on anything, and "ancient mysteries" videos are among the worst. Don't get me wrong -- there ARE ancient mysteries and there are things to be found even in explored places. But there's a lot of nonsense out there. Here's a quick guide on How to Tell If That Video Is Pure Baloney * It's about Sphinx/Giza/Gobekli Tepe/Stonehenge AND the video is not by someone who's an actual researcher on the site. * claims something about an ancient site that nobody has noticed (in spite of thousands of years of people climbing all over it, chipping off souvenirs, digging up the area, etc, etc.) * No one in the video has any credentials in the subject (in cryptozoology, nobody is asking a vet what that skeleton is, for example. Or a geologist commenting on Egyptian monuments.) Our knowledge base is vast. If they don't even know the basics, they have no business commenting (just as I have no business commenting on space ship design.) * It's about "Akashic Records" or "Library of Alexandria." If you doubt this, read some of the works of the more famous people who claimed to be able to read them and compare what they said the future was with what it is. * It involves "sacred geometry" and an ancient site. "Sacred Geometry" was invented by the Greeks and dates to the time of Plato - Societies not in contact with Greece (like ancient Egypt) didn't have such a concept. * It says that everyone who has studied the site since it was first recorded (including amateur archaeologists, artists, etc) is wrong and only they have the right interpretation. * An ancient monument predicting Christian prophecy. (If they were making predictions, they didn't know about Christianity and would not be making prophecies about it -- just as Christian churches today aren't making prophecies about a religion that will come into being in another thousand years. * It supports/advertises a site that's owned by the person making the video and that site just happens (golly, what a coincidence) to sell books and other things about the topic. * There's also a list of names that indicate the material's unreliable (Von Danniken is one of them.)
  3. This coating of 'organic insulation' is so thick that the usual spectral signature expected of asteroids is not visible? That is very odd. Even if some presumably organic material is present on an asteroid, giving it a reddish tinge of color, the signature of various kinds of minerals is normally quite obvious, too. Some organic materials are said to be very good insulators against radiation in space.
  4. No kidding. What we could learn.It would be incredible. I imagine trying to stabilize it into a steady orbit around sun is what we would do.I wonder what the logistics would be in attempting to do this when its travelling at 26km/sec. or if its even possible
  5. I am not having cake tonight. Sorry, thought you'd like to know other things random people won't be doing. Isn't that the idea?
  6. Holy smokes. That's a helluva way to finish a project Those last moments on the train must have been terrifying
  7. This is an abssolute tragedy.
  8. If UN peacekeepers came to Chicago, then the city is by default under martial law. We can do that without the UN. This guy just doesn't want the white supremacist US government to help fix the complete failure of the local government in the most corrupt city in the USA.
  9. RACISM!!!
  10. I didn't see this posted yet
  11. ......and still not proven it. The ultimate FAIL. cormac
  12. Another Carly Simon This next one, Alannah Myles - Black Velvet, someone said to me many moons ago this song was about Elvis. Can anyone confirm if its true?
  13. One thing that does tick me off about the internet is like...when I click on links from the drudge report...or anything really on my phone...there are so many highlighted thisers and makes it very hard to navigate the page without a zillion popups appearing. Are those from the ISP?
  14. How about this, remove the current leaders (especially Emanuel), no more sanctuary city status, bring in a great deal of US law enforcement?
  15. Ya sure just get rid of the military budget - We will invite ISIS in and North Korea should be a good time. Imagine a world without war....... imagine a big mac w/out the calories. Never going to happen.
  16. Normally, that'd be a decent bet. Barrier to entry here, however, is restrictively high, given the infrastructure costs involved in physically getting cable to each house you want to supply to. It's not like everyone's Gran is going to set up an ISP as a side business.
  17. maybe we need to remove leaders that let the city become the shthole it is.
  18. Richard Boykin, the Cook County Commissioner to meet with UN and request they send UN Peace Keepers to Chicago. At one point in the interview he names them as a "higher power" and cites all the good they've done for minority groups in Africa..
  19. Here is a show that talks about many cryptozoological creatures such as dog headed men, the black dog, etc
  20. I suspect the briefing happened, based on the reports, and the absence of Fitzgerald's denial that they occurred. My best guess at what happened was this: 1. During the meeting, the policy analysts were told not to use the words in their budget proposal, because the government would be less likely to fund them if they did. 2. Policy analysts became outraged they weren't allowed to use those words, and leaked it to the press. If there's a mischaracterization -- then perhaps the message they were supposed to receive is that they should use words more likely to gain funding, with a list of words that they expected to elicit a negative reaction. A list of words to try and avoid is different from a list of words that are forbidden -- but not by much.
  21. There is also the Mesopotamian stories from which some of Genesis is based off of. If people think that the true story is of Eve eating an apple they have much to learn. That story in Genesis is more of a symbolic interpretation of what really happened.
  22. This video is a paranormal experiment and you could perform that put a camera, and a spirit box and see what you get. You can even report it via the reporting link on youtube.
  23. No, I flew in F-14A's and retired around the same time we started getting FLIR pods so I never used this type of gear. We did use what was called a TCS which was basically a 10X television camera you could slave to the radar for visual ID's. Like this system the target was always in the middle of the scope and a crosshair showed you where it was actually pointing.
  24. Dog headed men have been sighted many places and here is a video to summon them although they may appear anywhere near that area.
  25. Market place will figure it out!
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