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  2. So there was this old, dirt poor family that on an old dirt farm where they raised, well. Dirt. It was the farmer, his wife, their three sons, and a milk cow. Now, their livelihood depended on this milk cow. It produced the finest milk in the county. And then one morning the farmer woke up to see the cow was dead. Overcome by grief he hung himself Then the mother woke up, seeing the milk cow was dead and her husband hung, she threw herself into the river to her death. The oldest son wakes up, sees his father's dead and his mother's dead and the milk cows dead. And there standing nearby is a female leprechaun. "Having a bad day?" she asks. "I'd say so." he replies. "Well I tell you what, make love to me 10 times and I'll bring everyone back to life. Even the milk cow. The boy, thinking it's a good idea, tries but doesn't make it. And she strikes him dead. The middle son wakes up, sees everyone dead and there stands the leprechaun. "having a bad day?" says she. "It seems so," he replied. "Well I'll tell you what I'll do. Make love to me ten times in a row, and I'll bring everyone back to life. Even the milk cow." The son looks at the leprechaun and sees she's not unappealing and makes a go at it. And fails. The leprechaun strikes him dead. Finally, on into the afternoon the youngest son wakes up. He sees everyone is dead, and there stands the leprechaun. "It seems like you're having an awful day here lad." "I guess, he replies. " Well I'll make a deal with you. Make love to me 10 times and I'll bring everyone back to life. " The youngest son considers. " And what about 15 times? " The leprechaun laughs. "Well if you can do it 15 times I'll bring everyone back to life, even the milk cow. And I'll fix up this old farm house." "That sounds nice, but what if we do it twenty times?" Chortling the leprechaun tells him "Well if you can do it 20 times, I'll bring everyone back to life, even the milk cow. And I'll fix up this farmhouse into a mansion. Heck, I'll even through in my pot of gold. You'll be set for life!" The boy pondered for a moment. Then said"That sounds fine, and we can start in a minute. But I have to ask, what happens if you die?" The leprechaun bursts put laughing, and says "Don't be daft boy, I wo die!" "Why not," says the boy. "The milk cow did."
  3. In regards to the video showing a turning "object" on camera (not the other one that supposedly speeds away): "This distinct change in turn rate seems consistent with a "reflection" hypothesis, but might just be coincidental." - Mike West (
  4. Deep packet inspection and packet prioritization / denial are basically the core of what the issue is. Everything else stems from that.
  5. Gee whiz Walker you know I have a concept of god and you blindly push your veiw without being able to show that it is valid. I don't push my understanding of god in yoir face so no I don't feel that I have the right to push my relationship on you or anyo e else and I have been smoking for many yeats amd would allow you one opportunity to say that's not good for you. If you continued to flap your gums about ot you might find just how my smoking and you botching would be dangerous to your health. You do see the point. jmccr8
  6. Don't try to pretend you aren't an Illuminati member. I have seen you at the Illuminati meetings.................. I mean I would have if I had ever been at any of them, which of course I haven't.
  7. That is not the original story. It comes several centuries later, probably just before Islam, as it appears in the Quran . It was one of the Hellenised variants and additions to the original gospel stories, which were written around 70-90 AD, while it appeared about 400-500 AD or possibly as late as 800 AD. Leto in Greek mythology[edit] Suleiman Mourad has traced the development of this story in the Qur'an and Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew through Greek and Latin literature. He writes: All the various Hellenistic and Latin variants of the original myth of Leto giving birth to Apollo by a palm tree reflect the borrowing and adaptation by groups who reshaped it for their own objectives and needs. Appropriations of ancient myths were common in the ancient world, and the early Christians were no exception. The palm-tree story that found its way to sura Maryam is a reworking of Leto's labor. It is about a distressed pregnant woman (Leto/Mary) who seeks an isolated place (Delos/a remote spot), sits by the trunk of a palm tree next to a stream (Inopos/a brook), and delivers a holy child (Apollo/Jesus). ‏It is nevertheless unlikely that the myth of Leto was the direct source for sura Maryam. As was aforementioned, the concise version found in the latter has two parts: Mary's labor and delivery, and the miracle. We might therefore suspect that there was a stage when Leto's myth was borrowed and applied to Mary.[10],_Jesus_and_the_Palm_Tree
  8. when you quote people, do ensure you quote ALL they said....rather than just a line that appeals to YOU! especially as J. Oberg is one of our members here
  9. I agree. Even if we analysed the images.., and found that it wasn't CGI. And somehow thru images proved the alleged big-foot had fine detailled hairs.., and no zipper or whatever.., we can never get proof of what it is. Just what it isn't. So the images will always.., at best.., best inconclusive. (Not proof) But an image in court is considered evidence. Yes.., this is something I think we should all agree on. Especially those who are adamant its definitely ET. They should just realise this.., and work around it. I've been thinking about this post all week. Everything you said made me stop and think for a moment. Thank you. What is evidence? And what would be considered evidence for UFOs? If we look outside our window right now.., and saw a UFO hovering past. What could we do? I could make an observation. I have my phone and an iPad to take photos / video And that's about it. I think ew are all agreeing images prove nothing. Of course, there are people who mis-ID things.., for a multitude of reasons. Poor vision, un-knowledgeable in aircraft types, or celestial objects are the most obvious.., and generally what UFO witnesses "most likely" are all the time. But its those without poor vision, and who are well trained or logical enough to know what a bird, meteor, star, balloon, cloud, moon, etc etc are.., compared to what they describe. Its best to ignore the obvious mis-IDs and accept this happens. Rather than focusing on it, and using it to form a conclusion. Next thing we do is check witness credibility.., but it never seems to make it past that. Because credibility and UFOs just don't go together. So they are automatically assumed to be lying, or stupid. And it gets dropped there. And that seems to be it. UFOlogy 101. *For the purpose of this thread.., UFO refers to objects in reports that are still unidentified.
  10. It's obvious to me Mr Walker that this is where a lot of people fall off of the rails with you. I know exactly how you're using the word 'alien' and like you've said, they do too. It doesn't matter how anyone uses words to describe what they know and are experiencing with what the word 'God' represents. Because in the end, unless spiritual birth is chosen, no amount of words will do.
  11. I beg to differ, there are people that beleive in god that do not agree with others that also beleive in god. They both agree that there is a god but are not on the same side. Telling people that they are intimidated or imposing your opinion about how other people are feeling or thinking is that person justifying to themselves why the get the opposotion that they do. You may see Walker as an allie because he beleives that he has a god that is an alien. Did you not see him evade replying to questions in your thread? He was asked about the evidence that there wete several colors of people seeded on the over 600 planets spoken pf in the UB, why can we not find evidence of the green, purple and orange people that were on this planet? When asked about the immortality of god and yhe heirarchy outlined in the UB again he shied away from answering. Walker's alien god is not immortal and when asked if his alien spoke of any of the races of aliens from the UB again he just disappeared. I asked if there wete more than one alien god groups that were competing for followers in the universe and again not response. I made it clear from the onset that I wanted to make comparatives ofyour and his alien testimonies as I am neutral you two have opposing veiws so not on the same side and I am still interested in doing the compatatives. Walker see it as me being combative by pushing for answets when he himself said they were fair questions and opted out. What do you think that says to me? jmccr8
  12. It's an old joke, and according to many people everyone was much more polite and such back in the old days.
  13. Do I want to know lol
  14. Thank you. I have worked very hard at improving over the last few years. I've found that with comic art, inking is more of what needs my attention. I've realized pencil is a guide and my style is in the inking. As for the monster/man drawing, I thought about putting in animal bones on the ground but thought it would be going too far. I love dark humor. Glad you like it.
  15. Well, I'm not sure about the white light, but there does seem to be some sort of tunneling effect with samahdi. Like it says in the Gospel, "Narrow is the path that leads to life and straight is the gate, but few there be that find it." It seems any sort of distraction may stop the person from reaching the other side of the tunnel. Kind of like going through a wormhole, and if you hit the sides in hyperspace it's uncomfortable and you crash. That's why charity is stressed in religion, because it has a way of getting rid of the earthly desires and removing the distractions. But it also seems to me there might be more on Venus under the thick atmosphere. Like if we tried harder we might get through it. Like we are trying to space travel to Mars and war, instead of Venus and love. With such a thick atmosphere on an earthlike planet, there might be life under the clouds. Also, "It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get to heaven." implies there is some possibility of the camel passing through the eye of the needle.
  16. Alien in biological terms, as not of this earth, but not alien in nature . ie 1 but not 2 alien ˈeɪlɪən/ adjective 1. belonging to a foreign country. "an alien culture" synonyms: foreign, overseas, non-native, external, distant, remote "the study of alien cultures promotes self-awareness" 2. unfamiliar and disturbing or distasteful. "principles that are alien to them" synonyms: unfamiliar, unknown, unheard of, foreign; M
  17. Oh, Kmt wants dirty jokes. Did I tell the milk cow joke already?
  18. Now I must join the holy cat.
  19. Actually i said i think the y can see the pov but reject it. i can see their pov, and its psychological drivers, also, but reject it because i KNOW it is untrue. How could i possibly pretend there was not a powerful interventionist god knowing what i know How can i say to another "your disbelief is equal to another's belief" when I KNOW god exists You want me to lie, to make others feel better about their beleifs? All beliefs are viable until, or unless, you gain knowldge which proves those beliefs to be either true or false Then you have knowledge. I was once quite certain that gods did not exist, but i was wrong. Evidences proved this to me. Should i let another smoke, without telling them that smoking kills one third of all who smoke? No, I must tell them the facts, then let them make an informed choice.. The truth liberates and empowers us, while ignorance can kill, and almost always does harm.
  20. See you when you return our fave Mummy have you seen this? That's a lovely gift to give.
  21. JVG

    Your golden years are great as long as you can live through them and enjoy life...

    1. and then

      and then

      I was thinking the same thing, earlier today.  Aspiring to live a long life is fine but I REALLY would rather not outlive my health by many years.  There is living and there is existing in pain and misery.

  22. The program was headed up by Luis Elizondo, a military intelligence officer, who resigned earlier this year. In his resignation letter to Defense Secretary James Mattis, Elizondo questioned why the Pentagon was not "spending more time and effort on this issue," the Times reported. Elizondo told the Times that he kept working on the project out of his Pentagon office until his resignation, along with officials from the Navy and the CIA, despite the lack of funding. The Pentagon told the Times that the program ended in 2012. Its supporters say it is still in existence, but that the Defense Department has stopped funding it. The DOD sure has a broader spectrum of what is seen in the sky and space above, more than a fixed, land based observer due to the access to radar, satellite imaging, aircraft encounters (like this video) and other data. Maybe the DOD has recognized the threat, and shifted to Defensive solutions, instead of trying to analyze every encounter. Who knows.
  23. I found a fellow willing to sell me bog oak from Yugoslavia, which happens to be where my grandmother was from. That'll make a nice gift to my aunt, uncle, and father. Though my uncle would quibble about how old it is.
  24. As long as congress allows it to. It’s in their hands. So long as one thing leads to the next it can go to arresting your nephew for selling dime bags out of his bedroom if that info was obtained somehow during the process. They can follow any lead to anything. It doesn’t have to be anywhere near related to the initial pursuit. Congress controls when this starts and stops.
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