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  2. Wrong movie and that'd be mean.
  3. And I have so much unfinished wood and boxes!
  4. If that's the case, Shadow should pst a detailed synopsis of the new Star Wars movie so Aquila can stumble upon it when he returns.
  5. You could. I paid quite a lot for it, and it's basically a fancy, varnished stick in a box.
  6. I could make a wand on my lathe... Hm. Wish I'd thought if that earlier.
  7. Aquila is watching a movie
  8. I certainly didn't. Bender did.
  9. Where did Aquila go? Where is Xeno? Where is everyone tonight?
  10. If you’re business is incorporated, does that mean we can buy shares in it?
  11. Lol butt and other I would assume males would use it for
  12. Which suddenly reminded me of this:
  13. Lol but Shadow is cool, smart butt but cool
  14. You used a bad word!
  15. Some years ago I went to the Harry Potter exhibit at a museum in Chicago. It was really fun. I bought myself an official Harry Potter wand. And you know what? It doesn't perform any magic. But it makes a handy back scratcher.
  16. Ruby, feel free to employ the following image. I like Shadow too much to use it.
  17. With regards to her old mobile phones -- what evidence, exactly, do you believe she hid?
  18. My mom got me a broom for Christmas. A Harry Potter themed broom. For 5 year Olds. It's broken.
  19. Is that what I said? Anti-islam? I said until globally Islam undertakes a reform. It's not happening anytime soon.
  20. i have already answered this question. If you do not agree with my response.., you will need to explain why instead of spamming. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's a video on Norway's UFO observatory. I think we can all agree something like this is needed to acquire scientific data.
  21. Holy crap. I'm sorry, this whole train of discussion is a derailment. I've said enough.
  22. There is nothing to forgive. Shadow was thinking of the mole people, who sound like their mouths are full of cotton balls when they speak. Reptilians definitely have a thick acccccccent.
  23. Fair enough. We all change minds, time to time. So now you're anti-Islam?
  24. is my answer to not being forgiven
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