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  2. Nobody is going to throw him out, but I think he will quit and not run for a second term. Just my opinion. He is somewhat old and unhealthy, the stress has got to be unpleasant. He has had a few big wins, chiefly the tax bill from his point of view. He could just say he has done enough, claim victory and leave.
  3. I honestly don't know what to do about your ears, but I've heard a hairdryer on a low setting, aimed into the ears from a short distance, can be soothing. You don't know how you hurt your ribs? When you went to visit your friend, did you spend an evening cage boxing a kangaroo at a bar?
  4. That is way too much info for a post...a blog maybe..just saying
  5. You are Most Welcome..xx..
  6. Only among Leftist Statists...his support base hasn't really diminished at all.
  7. Mmm hmmm....any idea how much land was grabbed by The Bamster? And where?
  8. Area201

    Boom goes the dynamite. ;)

  9. Lol I wish. It hurts like crazy and lower ribs on right I hard somehow
  10. That has to be frustrating. Have you tried sticking one of these up to your ears?
  11. Sure, in once sense there does need to be a reason. A causal chain cannot be of infinite the universe did have a cause. Since a cause must be; then it logically follows that there is a reason. What that is, and whether there be any "God" or infinite consciousness, I know and you know that we can't say for sure. I mean, is there any reason that molecules attract as they do, or things exist as they do? Sure there's some reason. But, if you believe that there is no greater consciousness than just our own selves as we know them.....then are right. At the same time, the fact that a thing can't be scientifically proven doesn't mean that thing doesn't exist. It just means we don't know it yet, or can't prove it. There are plenty of things that exist that we don't know. Everytime some new scientific discovery is made that was previously unknown, we learn something that we didn't know existed before.
  12. Goodnight TC. Sorry not chatty tonight, ears are still playing up from plane
  13. Night, lass.
  14. Not Grant Cameron. Kind of. Guys like Cameron or Greer, they had their own face to face encounters with the UFO phenomenon and don't need to rely on anything government has locked up secretly, even if that was true or not. The team of high ranking officials stepping down all at once (obviously planned operation) is unique I have not heard such a thing in the past. They had some fake project bluebook or what not, using public sightings to help target real ufo phenomenon. Anyway, you can say it's nothing, but there was video and tracking of at least one ufo released, that of U.S. Navy 2004. The problem we face is just look at this pathetically low quality sh*tty video released. Just pathetic. Are we supposed to believe trillion dollar US Navy cameras record in lowest possible quality and they can't provide the real footage? So as we can see, it's more of a "half-assed disclosure" or closer to a "quarter-assed disclosure" which Cameron details. I think his argument makes sense. It's neither "evidence" or "not disclosed anything". It's something in between and to play the public in a very condescending and managed way.
  15. Hi, I know this is an old post. This is happening to me. 3 times now, First one then about 2 months later then about a month later. This third one was right in my ear or very near me. today actually 12/11/17. What does this mean?
  16. Indeed, there is wisdom in your post and a good life is subjective as you are pointing out. What constitutes a good life to me is not going to be the same for someone else.
  17. I've gotta bail for the night; we have a regular work day tomorrow, then our employee recognition at the Health Dept on Wed. and a Quarterly Staff Meeting Thursday afternoon. Good night!
  18. Yes. That is true. God's blessing also be with you. I guess, maybe what I was asking was how you know. It seems a fair question to put to someone who claims to have the kind of knowledge that you do. In a place like this, it's proper to discuss this type of thing because all kinds of people can say all kinds of things.
  19. So is this just an Xbox/PC exclusive? And Timothy, do Xbox games regularly run at 60fps? Or above 30 even? The only PS4 game I've played with 60fps is Titanfall - and it's glorious. Oh, and the Nioh demo, come to think about it. I'd be happy with a reduction in resolution in order to play at 60fps. It's much better for the experience.
  20. Last night I spent 3 hours reading "The earth is flat" website. I took down some notes and I do think (and I hope I'm right), the whole movement/website/etc it's a social experiment. I think that the ones who started this non sense are quite aware of the stupidity of this idea but they want to see how many people will change their minds around "vague" explanations just to become part of something. Their forums have so many members that will discuss and give (according to them) proof of why the earth is flat and why the rest of us "live in a lie" that proves the point that some people will grab an stupid idea and the more and more they read about it they start to believe in this idea even if they can't even explain why. This whole experiment (in my opinion) also proves human desire of believing in something controversial just for the sake of it, being special, being part of a minority that "discovered something that others can't" which can apply to several beliefs. I can't explain why I believe this is a social experiment but it sure looks like it.
  21. Hey Walker I thought you wanted to talk aboit this where did you go? jmccr8
  22. I managed to get a 6/8 for this. The ones I got wrong were questions 3, and 6.
  23. Wow I gota agree with you on this nicely said Xeno.Nothing is ever as easy as a,b,c it takes a combination of things at all times.Even then theres no garantees..
  24. No. No, it's not. The idea that eight people are responsible for (re-)populating the Earth is not valid in any sense of the word. And that's not even directly addressing the fact that the Bible is not an historical document and it's foolish to treat it like it is. --Jaylemurph
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