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  2. I heard that "quantum theory" presents a probability matrix not unlike "magic"
  3. If someone suggests that there is a creator of the universe, and that this is why there is something instead of nothing, the following questions may arise: Where did the creator come from? Why is there a creator, instead of nothing? These are fair questions. If we merely suppose there is an eternal creator, which has always existed, we've only pushed the problem of the unexplained existence of the universe back a step, onto a creator, the existence of which is unexplained. A more satisfying explanation of the state of things might be: The universe we know evolves successively through energy, matter, life, and mind, and finally to what we might call 'spirit'. In this scenario, spirit transcends the material universe, free of the strictures of time and space. In so doing it becomes, essentially, eternal. It is then free to create whatever reality it desires. This could account for the existence of the universe we know, and its creator. Each gives rise to the other, in a great circle of creation.
  4. They have only swapped the term 'heretics' for 'anti-science krook'.
  5. It's an interesting theory, I've scoured it, but I don't believe the answer lies there. Not that I can say what the answer is though mind you. But I certainly do not believe the Warren Commission's findings.
  6. It's not so much about supernatural beings we encounter outside our limited realities that matters. It's what their discovery says about our inner processes that truly matters. Regardless of whether they be arcane, murky concepts or sightings such as gods, angels, aliens or the career of Nicolas Cage. Self-knowledge is God knowledge. It's the realization of the divinity of every person. And that's when the Black Iron Prison appears in all of it's horror and the outsider finds himself alienated in a false world, who can only have been created by a false Principalities.
  7. Yes it is the law... The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act mandates that all JFK assassination records must be fully declassified by 26 October, 2017. But no, it couldn't have happened on Obummer's reign, as he was already in his second term, and it couldn't have happened during the next President's actual term, as the date set was already set for this President's term. term. But yes, it just so happens to be Trump as the President during the term when this law goes into effect. If anything, it COULD have happened on a possible Clinton, or Jeb Bush watch as President, and thankfully THAT did not happen! I even mentioned that in a post here at UM last year sometime... that if either of those 2 won, we probably wouldn't see a release of the important documents at all for sure. As I understand it... ALL the documents are to be released on October 26, 2017, with the exception that an agency that wished to keep stuff withheld, must submit so in writing to the President, and explain why, and the President has the option to honor that request or refuse. I'm hopeful that Trump will refuse any agency request to keep files sealed, if asked. I also recall the National Archives almost screaming to the Obummer Administration for some direction while they were compiling the JFK records last year, for this year's release, and the Obummer Administration not bothering to reply. I suppose figuring Hillary was a shoe-in to win, and they would simply comply with whatever requests come from whichever agencies(assuming those requests will come)... The CIA and the FBI still have the most still-classified files by far. Just release the damned files already... ALL of them... UNREDACTED... and let the chips fall where they may... and perhaps the JFK assassination conspiracy/mystery can finally be exposed/put to rest. It will be interesting to see what happens. But based on history, I'm not holding my breath. If there's still huge amounts of files not released when all is said and done... well... you know
  8. Bloody hell, sick ****er!
  9. I can't listen to a whole lot of JFK stuff as i find his accent nauseating
  10. Who cares... You'd have a pool
  11. The UK for 2016/17 Number one in Europe for Foreign investment. Moving on. Not looking good for the BMW group, The EU raided their offices. - if found guilty how much will they be fined? the German Car industry is having a rough time of it, first the Diesel scandal and now this, The Asian/Korean car makers must be rubbing their hands. The German Car industry was spooked three weeks ago when even we heard rumours the Far Eastern/Korean car manufactures were eyeing up the UK market in regard to Brexit and making tentative moves on the German (UK) market share. as rumours of no-deal grew, funny how Merkel spoke out only the other day on trade talks with the UK.
  12. It reminds me of when I was teaching and kids would just outright deny doing something you just watched them do. In other words, it's the attitude of a 7 year old... Then there are some damn fine actors out there.
  13. Its a standard fringe concept that everyone is biased and part of the vast conspiracy to deny 'x' theory. There are no honest people with different opinions - they are all biased or part of the evil academic cabal!
  14. Maybe some day you will actually show us how your system is supposed to work ? So far it seems to be based mostly on assumptions and speculation.
  15. "Smacking banned in Scotland..." Shame really.... it is just what Nicola Sturgeon desperately needs, and now it's been banned
  16. I just looked up what you said here and that's racist...
  17. I wouldn't mind in the slightest. People are free to their own opinions about the world, after all. Thanks for the heads-up!
  18. So your declaration of bias is directed at anyone who disagrees with you? You have confirmed that. Sadly, I would suggest that the only person here who is biased is yourself. Alice Beck Kehoe, so yes in her opinion KRS is real. So of course you declare her non you see a pattern here? Again anyone who disagrees with you doesn't do so because they see the evidence differently, they do so to oppose and stop you, that they are juvenile, closed minded, etc, etc. Take up a mirror if you want to see some bias! lol
  19. Manfred von Dreidecker

    I was expecting something exciting

  20. It doesn't instill discipline, it instills fear. That's not the same thing. A half decent parent or teacher never needs to resort to violence.
  21. Very well said and I agree with your profound statement. You said it much better then I could put into words. Do you have multiple accounts going on?
  22. I've looked at this quite closely. I absolutely can NOT see the little hatchback until i just 'appears'. Look at the speed it is going at.... it was NOT 'shielded' by the white car... the geometry just doesn't add up. Nor is their any sign of an "underground car park" exit. Fake video ? Conceivably, but VERY well done, considering it is a three-body issue. (the camera is moving, as well as the two cars.) Creating a matte of the background (to superimpose over the hatchback, shielding it from view) would be tricky to accomplish without leaving artifacts. I'm very puzzled.
  23. Giza Before the Fourth Dynasty by Colin Reader (JACF) 9 (2002), pp. 5–21 How accurate the following is a display of his ideas I don't know:
  24. Welcome! Nice to meet you too!
  25. Welcome to you, as long as you don't mind having your beliefs questioned, then you should have a fine old time.
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