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  2. You mean on PAPER after the half dozen or so temperature adjustments to the actual temperature records in the last 10 years where EVERY SINGLE ADJUSTMENT makes past years look colder and recent years look hotter? Ha! This is the true "Climate Constant" you guys are looking for. i.e. Constant confirmation bias, from the "but these adjustments are necessary" Department!
  3. acute

    The Word of the Day is... Vicarious.

  4. When you think of a deep soulful, heartful, voice that trembles and quakes, you might think of someone else....but I think of Rory Graham!! (the gospel at 1:24 is...gospel) Rag'n'Bone Man - Skin Rag'n'Bone Man - Human ..I'm only human after all...
  5. A Sydney family fishing on the Hawkesbury River were stunned by the sight of a large creature splashing near their boat.
  6. A gale hit the mountains of Tatra National Park in Poland on Monday, December 10, causing an impressive snow devil to form. Video:
  7. No, Bitcoin is just a type of Ponzi scheme created by humans to make money. IMO those in on this in the beginning will 'cash out' leaving the later investors 'holding the empty bag'.
  8. After he died, legendary physicist Albert Einstein's brain was preserved for study.
  9. I am getting my recipes together and going shopping tomorrow night for ingredients for cookies.
  10. Watch the other clip on OP link where the tiger kills a 14 feet crocodile
  11. tcgram

    If duct tape and chocolate don't fix it, you're in serious trouble.     

    1. Lilly


      Yeah, if duct tape and chocolate can't help you've then entered into serious wine country.

  12. There has been such an influx of these sexual harassment claims lately and it makes me wonder about the timing. Even Chef Mario Batali is under accusation for it. Are all of these claims credible? I don't know but in some of these cases they seem to be very well timed if not rehearsed.
  13. The left should have listened when we were saying they were losing credibility with ever ridiculous story they came up with regarding Trump. Someone might have actually heard what they have to say right now. Not that there is anything significant there, but it might have changed a opinion or two. Now all his supporters hear is noise. And rightfully so.
  14. Sad, but she apparently had a long life.
  15. Even though I dislike Trump I can agree that media is way out of line sometimes, the fish incident for example. Journalists are a special kind of people as I see it, they have super egos, almost rivals Trumps! If they feel that someone attacks them, question their authority or don't respect them enough they have tantrums like little kids. Trump and media declared war a long time ago, seems neither of them is interested in peace talks, so will be like this I'm afraid. To bad that the media in their attempt to discredit Trump more and more discredit themselfs. Zam
  16. Gaaaaaaah ticks I hate ticks! So these parasites have plagued the world for at least 100.000.000 years. Damn
  17. No I certainly did not answer your question because I asked you to SHOW that one CAUSED the other. You either cannot SHOW that to be true or ignored my request to SHOW that to be true. So why would I answer a fallacious question? Or on the other hand why would I answer a question of yours if you are unwilling to answer my request to SHOW causation? Your insult is unbecoming and unnecessary Doug. You've thrown a few of those around lately and I'm loosing respect for you over these which is really unfortunate.
  18. seeder

    Its a little warmer today, we have some rain which is washing the snow away thankfully.

    1. Piney


      It's 21F here and windy as Hell. I'm freezing my cookies off......

  19. I hope he's a Sing who follows the vows of a Khalsa. The A.G.s here don't have a track record of being honest.
  20. In August 2016, Machli the Tiger Queen of Ranthambore died at the ripe old age of 19. The Bengal tigress, which dominated a prime, 350-square-mile territory within India’s Ranthambore National Park, became a favorite among tourists for her tenacity in the face of incredible odds. Many consider Machli to have been the most photographed tiger on Earth, and her image appears in innumerable magazines, newspapers, blogs, calendars, and more.
  21. For kismit too, that’s an expression. That a well known player hit on a woman in an elevator is not news. Aside from that specific act there is nothing new and revealing about her experience.
  22. I think we must have been on a mind link there because as you wrote that I was just watching the following video - I stumbled on it and watched it just to see something from before Trump won - because I think that can be interesting after everything that's happened - the guy near the end (7:52) summarises his experience of the Trump Rally and it's interesting because even in January 2016 people were noticing the media bias and the censorship... it probably factored into his success - I'll just put a link as it's a tiny bit off topic but related to the whole media collusion to the Russia collusion bs narrative - edit to add the video description - I have heard some many things from every direction about Donald Trump and his race for the White House in 2016. So I decided to check it all out here at the Bay Center in Pensacola, Florida. I took my camera to document and film my experience. I wanted to show what the media does not show on television. Please watch and be respectful. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  23. For some time now, I have been researching bitcoin from a technical standpoint. It amazes me that people blindly trust a system that was created by 1 anonymous programmer. I did some more research and came to the conclusion that Bitcoin was not created by 1 person in particular. Along the road I read some articles that cover the origin of Bitcoin and there I read that some experts in the cryptocurrency community think Bitcoin was actually created by artificial intelligence as some sort of test. The more I read about this possibility the more it became clear for me, that Bitcoin was indeed created by an AI that developed bitcoin. Some think that the AI is controlled by the government, but it could be that the AI managed to stay under the radar and created Bitcoin in order to create a bigger infrastructure for itself. This video sums up the evidence for that case pretty well and elaborates on the impact.
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