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  2. Call it 'artistic license'. SC
  3. Gotti Jr. thinks upcoming biopic on dad is too violent Junior Gotti has a reel beef with the upcoming movie about his murderous mob boss dad: “Way too much violence.” “When Hollywood sees a mob movie it has to be a bucket of blood, not family,” the godfather’s son told The Post. “If Hollywood gets the movie 70 percent correct, I’ll be thrilled.” Still, the Mafia scion said John Travolta, who stars in “Gotti” as the infamous Gambino crime family boss, “acted the sh-t out of the film.” while John Gotti Jr. hasn’t seen the final cut of the beleaguered biopic, whose Dec. 15 release was indefinitely postponed last week, he was on the set for nine of the 27 days of shooting. Read more:
  4. You forgot Camden, New Jersey. Where my childhood education took place. We beat Chicago and Detroit hands down.
  5. Doctors believe Wentz tore ACL, out for year
  6. Thankyou too.. Peace to you friend.. I can not give "evidence" like you Ask.. This system does not allow for such things to be Made available, especially not without Ridicule.. I can say this. We humans have a positive, negative polarity that Emits Energy, Generated through thoughts in the Mind and feelings from the heart.. EnMasse through being Ruled and Controlled, through Dependence on Money, we are slotted into the Haves and Have Nots.. There are More, Have Nots..Through the Suffering, and Pain In a Collective Masse Consciousness Frequency or Vibration, this Negative Energy has opened Vortex's allowing YUCK ENTITYS THRU... We are Not the Only Energy on Earth and Around Earth.. There are Others and they Mean Harm.. So we must lift the Vibrations to Higher Frequency, through Balance in Emotions, Peace and Love.. The Things can't come through then.. You can Believe or Not that is Your Will.. However, No judgements towards those who know more about Such things than You Do.. There are genuine people who know about this and they are not Crazy.... They are Helpers and they Protect All.. If you Knew of what I know, you would be glad of the Helpers who protect... Peace to you and yours...
  7. One large part of that problem is the POTUS. It is he who has shown a clear hatred of Islam, any conversation from he , his party or his followers is now cast in the shadow of the man who tweeted anti muslim propaganda videos after telling the nation he wanted to ban muslims from entering the country.
  8. well yeah but if they do that then their technically casting a spell making them witches... besides what's wrong with being a little superstitious, i mean I've seen some strange sh*d and you can only handle so much of it before you start thinking maybe theres something to this magic stuff
  9. So... how long till tomb robing becomes archeology... because i think i should explore some rich peoples tombs... you know in the name of... science?
  10. I disagree and agree with different parts of your comment. (1) I disagree that it’s ‘trouble’ that emotions are ‘artificiality induced’. Do you consume any kind of media where the emotions are not directly the result of a human? (2) I 100% agree that excessive gaming is very unhealthy and even deadly. (3) Healthy emotions and positive responses can come from games. We’ve moved into an era where there is so much creative force behind gaming. It’s not just about mashing buttons or hours behind the keyboard, there are games which are more about the experience than actually pressing the buttons. They’re like a story or work of art, stretched out and interactive, rather than the idea of a classic game. (4) There are games which tackle real life issues and emotions. Friendship, bullying, death etc. They’re more about awareness than trying to trick someone into thinking that they’re having a real-life experience, and you’d be hard pressed to say that they don’t help with real emotional exchanges. What would you want from a game? I’d love to be able to suggest something to possibly sway your negative views.
  11. Yeap. And lets not forget that committed minority can achieve "great" things, for example, bolsheviks... And just to get objective numbers on how many "moderate" muslims there are, make comedy bit similar to that of Red Dwarf's episode Better Than Life: I guarantee, polls will show majority for severe punishment.
  12. Lol.... Well i certainly do not know about any of this: enlightnen me. I really would like to see some evidence of this, it sounds fascinating. All the pictures and scientific proof would be great. Thankyou.
  13. Prove that the "referee" is cheering on one side. Actually more to the point I would request that you ask the same of the media which has you so convinced of this. Prove it. If you are willing to ignore and disparage one of the branches of government over political ideology you should at least be able to prove your accusation. I don't mean innuendo , I don't mean guilt by association , I mean actual proof of a bias which functionally impacts the investigation. If you cant then you're truly willing to sacrifice nation for party.
  14. Manfred von Dreidecker

    My wife's gone to Jamaica! 

    1. freetoroam


      Jeeze she is getting about a bit, is she an envoy or a smuggler?

  15. Based on the same BM original: You may have it for $38.00 plus shipping: M.
  16. Ahh... sanctions. Excellent idea. We could call them "Boycot, Divestment and Sanctions" perhaps ? Oh wait.... the PLO have been promoting that idea for decades. (and are doing so currently). There doesn't appear to be any public appetite for it ? (at least, not in the UK). I wonder why ?
  17. What god problem? I do not believe in a god, so i have no problem and it really is as simple as that.
  18. Another Dark Age is not what is required.Not to mention a horrible thought to wish upon ones children or grandchildren.Would much rather have a more peaceful an loving caring approach if possible....I agree we need to combat these issues greed,drugs,politics..etc.For the sake of future generations I wish for a better solution.
  19. Trump gave information which A. he had no right to give. B. very possibly burned an Israeli asset risking lives and C. caused our allies to question whether it was safe to share intelligence with us. There is no need to muddy the waters, Trump himself crapped in them.
  20. Wtf are YOU on About!!.. Obviously you Don't know, Or you would be In the KNOW... You be you and Leave me to be ME...... Thanks.
  21. Atlante: compare to the White Chapel symbol for nome 15 of Lower Egypt. Kenemet: That's the phoenix (bennu) and is very differet from the crested ibis. Kmt_Sesh: Good catch. I missed that post. This is what happens because of my boid brain. SC: Curious why this sign (of Thoth) isn’t present in Gardiner’s list of birds either? Perhaps someone just made it up and it doesn’t really exist? Yes, the Bennu (phoenix). A bird that also symbolises Thoth. Quite appropriate really when you consider the pyramids were, according to the Coptic-Egyptian texts, built as ‘arks’ or ‘Recovery Vaults’ to ensure the rebirth/recovery/renewal of the kingdom from the imminent flood foretold by Thoth. Oh what’s that – Thoth pouring out a deluge of water? And is that a pyramid rising out of water at the bottom of the register (right side)? SC
  22. Yeah not so much. IRS unfairly targeted liberal groups, too, Treasury Department watchdog finds
  23. Not according to the article: the idea was to ward off witches. People were very superstitious back then, and believing in demons, ghosts, elves, goblins and witches allowed for much of it. Today people are more knowledgable and thanks to science and much research, explanations are given. There are still some who still believe in demons etc. But you do not have to believe in religion or be naive to be superstitious, but it helps.
  24. Peace to you.. Wonderful Mind, I agree with what is said in your Post, excepting the above statement.. Emotions are Neither Artificially Induced or Unnatural.. Nor are the Situations that caused these Emotions.. Games are Games.. Food is Food. Walking is walking.. These are Outside the Sphere of Emotions, they have no Energy attached, until the Person attaches with focused thoughts & actions. I agree, this is not the way to live, but that is the Spice of Life, to have Differences.. Peace to you..xx
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