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  2. For a given definition of God (and not the one in the Old or New Testaments)
  3. Actually, the world wars didn't kill all that many people. Many more people died if Spanish 'flu than in WWI, for example Meanwhile, the key to curbing population growth is increased prosperity (one reason why most "western" nations now have negative growth, excluding immigration). But the problem is that those in prosperous "western" nations, earning far more money than they ever really need, also want cheap food and throw-away gadgets from "3rd world" countries ......
  4. What I am wondering about is if a sexual crime is reflective of a person's current values and actions, if it was 40 years ago. Sen Franken's activities were just a couple years ago. Mr Moore's were 40 years ago. Which then is the bigger creep?
  5. So they are open to all then - but like anything in life you are only going to get on with something if you're good at it (or just very lucky).
  6. I 100% encourage them to get right on these goals. It might spur the US into doing things that are comparable. I'd like to see the US do asteroid mining, and space based solar energy collection, and maybe this could be the way to get that started.
  7. Man you have no idea how hard it is for some people to do that. I am absolutely not talking about myself I have like 10000s of friends and hot models waiting to date me.
  8. Yep, we have a pack in my hunting grounds as well. Started seeing them about 5 years ago. I met one face to face on a trail about 2 years ago while bow hunting. He was much bigger then a regular coyote. I saw him before he saw me. We were probably 30 yards from each other. We had maybe a 10 second stare down, then he took off up the hill. Me and my family often take walks in the woods in the summer. I always bring a gun with me now just in case. Or I bring my two Rotties. I know attacks are rare, but they do travel in packs and I have a 6 year old with me. I doubt they'd ever attack a full grown man, unless they thought I was threating their pups, but a little kid? I'm not taking the chance.
  9. The hits keep on coming...
  10. OK.
  11. Alchemical properties are a secret. well guarded. And now back on the topic. I will make some on topic things later, but right now i will play some video game i like.
  12. I disagree, it is completely rational to consider the existence of a God. It is irrational to discount something that can neither be proven nor disproven. Take this statement for example: Everything that exists outside of our universe is God. Until you can disprove the above statement, definitively, it would be illogical to discount it is a possibility.
  13. I actually believe you! Does it have any alchemical properties? (desperately trying to steer the conversation back on topic).
  14. Ahh but therein lies the problem with certain mental illnesses. Sometimes ones subjective reality overwhelms whatever objective reality actually exists. When this happens there is nothing wrong, from the perspective of the sufferer, so seeking medical help seems ridiculous to them.
  15. Not really. There are rational arguments for that we might be in a simulation. We exist and we create increasingly advanced simulations. The fact that we exist and that there are countless planets in the universe makes it likely that also other civilizations that create simulations exist. Simulated beings inside of a simulation could also create new simulations. In other words, there could be countless simulations, and then it would be much more likely that we are in one if those than in the real world. However, there are no rational arguments for the existence of a God.
  16. I have a hawthorn's stake. You just keep that crucifix, garlic and (holy water -optional)
  17. Sorry but i don't provide any inaccuracies It is not my responsibility as to how others perceive, believe, or accept what i write but i do write as accurately and truthfully as i can with as much personal understanding as i can bring to the narrative. if i was on another site i would tell true stories relevant to that site including numerous encounters with sharks dolphins and native animals outback treks and land rover based trips through the middle of Australia in the hottest months of the year which you might also find incredible. I thought i lived a pretty ordinary life but some people must live incredibly boring ones to find my "adventures" beyond belief You might not find unexplained mysteries on such a site but yes you might read about a 6 week trip throughout really outback country all around the red centre exploring meteorite craters gorges isolated springs and water holes using only what we carried in the back of an ex army land rover (including 120 gallons of water and 100 gallons of petrol ) camping on a plastic sheet under the stars and cooking on a small kero lamp inside a 4 gallon cut open tin to protect the flame with an armalite rifle for personal protection You might read about a few months alone on a deserted off shore island. A week in an underwater habitat, hitch hiking thousands of kilometres alone, or numerous other adventures in caves, snow fields, rivers, bays and forests. You cant blame me if i led a very interesting and varied life over my 67 years . I dont tend to mix fact in with fiction, or the mysterious parts of my life in with the more mundane. And most of my life has been mundane. I was a school teacher, after all, not a member of the sas or an outback adventurer, but 12 weeks of holidays a year and 15 days long service leave per year, certainly gave us time for lots of adventures and to develop both skills and the stamina needed to do lots of interesting things I was lucky enough to climb Ayres rock on dawn in the middle of january and get back down before the surface became too hot to touch. I've walked right around its base and ventured into the olgas on sunset (the spookiest place i have ever visited) Ps and oyu reckon I have got a good imagination. You should take up creative writing yourself .
  18. To be honest, it would still be a lot fresher than some of the jokes around here, not that I have a stake in such things!
  19. ~ Daddy no love me ... ~
  20. I bet they wouldn't dare poke fun at Islam or any other religion like this.
  21. Princes William and Harry are playing stormtroopers in the new film. They visited the set at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire last year.
  22. Today
  23. ^^ this.
  24. Don't make me bring out that 800 year old coffin ... ~
  25. To be honest, I have no stake in this discussion!
  26. Don't forget the Holy Water.
  27. Such welcomed news toast. With the worldwide upset that this was beginning to cause, so he should have backed down. It's just more reason to dislike the Trumps as far as I'm concerned.
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