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  2. Not to suck up but I think your the best and most informed administrator on here. Great point!
  3. When they do travel is sure isn't the way we think of with a outdated rocket ship that can barely make it to the moon.
  4. Word salad. Anyway, why do you need God?
  5. Here's a few more words:
  6. This may be more fitting for an Avatar. Very scary!lol! I would prefer the snake over her though.
  7. I have been told not to follow the white light because it is a trap.
  8. What's epochal is that we are the sons of God. When we realize it, we can make real the Father's inheritance that being in partnership with him, we will be creating that which can't be created any other way. First ourselves, and then what God only knows, which we will find out soon enough.
  9. Manfred von Dreidecker

    A bottle of Beer. 

  10. Very nice ChaosRose. I will take that as an early Christmas gift.
  11. The vehicles they used didn't look too much like wrecks, that is until the guys got working on them! I like watching what the Slo Mo Guys get up to
  12. That wasn't pretty epic, that was EPIC!
  13. LA–LA-LA A BOOK BY Kate DiCamillo Illustrated by Jaime Kim by Candlewick pres My good friend Gail, came to visit me this week. She was a Liberian before she retired and to tell you the truth, she still is actually. I have always loved books, but as I age, I find myself reading slower so can’t plow through as many as I did when young. Also, I find myself rereading many books now that I am old and gray and loving it. Books can be good and faithful friends, always sharing more wisdom with each new reading. Authors, with their words, speak for us, open up inner doorways that would remain closed if not for their sharing their own ideas and life experiences. In that we find that we are not alone, unique true, but so is everyone else. Gail loves books written for children. I have always been fascinated by them because when reading their content and seeing the artwork, they seem so simple and at times I think, hey, I could do that. But not really. I believe that books for children are perhaps the most difficult to write when it comes to sharing ideas with others. When a good children’s book is written, it also speaks to adults as well. She brought a book this week, titled, “La-La -La”. On the cover, it shows a young girl singing with the moon (or the sun) behind her. So I was drawn to open the book and to read it out loud. I found this book powerful on many levels. Such a simple concept, with such simple dialogs throughout, yet speaking, at least to me, volumes about my own search from my earliest years until now. When we are seen, or see another, what is spoken is just the tip of the vast ‘underneath’, that endless ocean that makes up our inner lives. Jesus was correct, in the end, we are all children trying to make our way through the dark, seeking the light. Each of us can be a light to others, and the light we share, when we truly see and love those around us, comes from beyond us, allowing love and honor and respect to flow outward. The only word used throughout the book is “La”, set to different rhythms. There is the tentative LA, spoken out loud, then a look around to see if there is anyone listening and hopefully will respond. Then, another “La”, waiting, getting impatient, and walking away in frustration. The first page shows a little girl standing alone, saying just one simple word “La”, perhaps in a whisper. Then the little girl sees a beautiful orange leaf (so it must be in the fall season). She follows it slowly at first, then runs towards the leaves which seems to leave a trail. Then she comes to an opening. Just before she sees the opening, she says “La” with expectation one more time. She steps out into a beautiful forest scene, filled with beautiful colors that the season of fall is famous for. Again, walking, she says “La”, which I take to mean, hello (?). Then waving to the tree with the leaves she says “La-La-La-“, seeking to get the trees attention. Thena long Laaaaaa, with a mix of frustration and anxiety. She then continues to seek to get a response to her La-La-La’s, though out the forest, that get weaker, and then she walks away crestfallen. Alone. So she goes back inside, sees one leaf on the floor and scowls at it. Then three leaves fall on her, then more but she for a time continues to be angry and withdrawn. Yet more leaves keep coming into the place where she is sitting, a lonely place, all by herself. So she finally gets up and walks outside again, but this time it is night. It is beautiful, dark, with purple background, with some light that comes from some ray that is focused on her. She seems a little fearful, hesitant, but she bravely steps out and goes deeper into the ray of light that is shining on her from above. She comes to a clearing, and sees a patch of light on the ground, a round patch of the most beautiful light and on such a dark night. She is in awe. She looks up and with expectation, but not yet trusting, however, she is smiling, with some hope, and says “La!” Then with more joy she opens her arms and says again, though this time twice,” La La”, but the smile is gone, perhaps her trust is again wavering. She stands in silence in the midst of the bright light, hands down, wanting so much to connect with the light shining down on her. She runs back home and gets a heavy ladder and drags it back outside. She sets the ladder up, though it seems to balance itself (don’t ask me how, I am just the reader of the book), and she climbs up towards the starlit sky. She sees the full moon and says, “La-La”, then again five more times “La”, waits, and frowns and climbs back down, and sits on the ground very sad, not angry, but so sad and alone. She drags the ladder back home….and yes sits and pouts with her back to the door leading outside. Who can blame her, I can’t. For I have done such things many times in my life, and perhaps many more times before I go into the great outside. She falls asleep next to the ladder. Such a gift sleep. Then as she sleeps, two leaves float inside, she looks up and sees the light shining in the doorway and says with joy, LA!. Such a glorious light, it surrounds her, but does not blind, or hurt her eyes. The light is white in the large middle, and golden on the edges. Like the moon, which can give off a bright light when full. She goes outside and hears this: “LA! - LA! - LA!” Someone is reaching out to her! She stands there, stunned, unable to move! She runs towards the full moon, its rays beckoning her forward through the darkness. She stops before the full moon which is now no longer up in the sky, but near the earth at her level. She says “La”, a little frightened, for this is something new for her. The bright light that now has a gentle loving face, responds! LA!-LA!......she is ecstatic, her face overflowing with joy. So they conversed with many LA’s, back and forth they talk on a level that comes deep from within both of them. She is seen and loved and she can now share the love with others that she has so longed for. In the end, what more is there, what is it we work for, but to be seen, loved and embraced? Everything else if it cannot lead to that is in reality a waste of time. For what does not love us, uses us, drain us and then lets us go.
  14. I am glad to see you have a sense of humor also. Shall we call you the PINDAR Queen?
  15. well, at least i'm in good company.
  16. I am always glad to see some humor.
  17. That is merely your uninformed opinion.
  18. It's even seven words.
  19. Yes that was a pretty epic post by the Mystic Crusader.
  20. Sorry, I had to do #2 after "My birth certificate shows me as the son of Rodney, not "God"." All my cells still in hysterical laugh... Wait, here it comes... See you later.
  21. I think you may be correct but I don't know exactly how it all works.
  22. Thread closed for review. Folks, please keep in mind we do have children on this site, and please read the site rules, found here:
  23. So now you mean like the Royal 'we' ? You leave my mom and dad outta this ... ~
  24. Neither is the Golden Rule.
  25. He's my Father in heaven, and we are his sons and daughters.
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