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  2. decides its time to pick up the subject again......5 threads in and I quickly remember why I needed a break. goes back into the shadows in the hope something new is posted that can help. Not one case I have looked at can prove ET. Many cases that are claimed to be debunked are not debunked if investigated in detail. where does that leave us.....confused as ever with lots of unknowns.
  3. You have no presentable evidence for communication. Saying 70 million people claim something and therefore it is happening is a logical fallacy, no matter how you wish to cut it. You miss the point but never mind To YOU it is a logical fallacy because, first you dont believe it is possible, and second that means you MUST believe all those people are deluded mistaken or lying. it is THAT which is illogical ie to assume you are right because you have no experiences and others are wrong because you wont accept that they might have Eye witness accounts to anything ARE presentable evidences. It then becomes a matter of if you believe them, or find them credible evidences, or not. But this is true for ALL forms of evidence which you did not observe or collet for yourself I don't miss the point at all, I understand it quite well, it's just that you want to have this both ways and you can't. First, I do believe it is possible but there is no 'physical' evidence of these 'physical' visits and so I conclude that whilst it could be true it could also be false. It is not illogical and I am not assuming I am right, I am telling you that there are no physical pieces of evidence to support the claims people (and you) are making. No that doesn't make every claim false but neither does it make any of them verifiable or true. So you are then correct to say it is personal opinion and the choice to believe or not is in the eye of the beholder, so to speak. However you were claiming it as proof absolute that God is still in as much contact with us today as he was in the past: Nope, you are comparing no figures with recent figures and making a leap. Where are your figures from ancient times? As a percentage of the population how do you know that God has not lessened his contact? Lets take a point in time when there were less than 70 million people on Earth, now lets say God spoke to every single one of them in the past, this is God speaking directly to 100% of the population. Now we have 7 billion people on the planet and God is certainly not talking to all of them thus it would be a lessening in God's contact, as a percentage. This is the problem with pulling figures out of your backside Mr Walker, they can be twisted to support any point you like. Before it was a lessening in contact but in the quote above it is a complete cessation of communication. You can't even get the basic point of your own argument correct. Unless you can produce figures to support either point of view then my statement above stands as correct and God could easily have lessened contact and you have zero proof either way. The Wee folk and Fairies exist and have not lessened contact with humans because lots of people, for a long time, have claimed that they talk to them. According to you this argument is sound because you can't directly disprove their existence and I do not need to produce a single piece of evidence, beyond the claims of contact, in order to claim their existence as true. This is another fallacy called Argument by assertion: Indeed, nothing but claims. You fall into another logical trap here because there is another option, that God spoke to all of us at one time but now only speaks to a few. The fallacy you committed here is called a false dilemma and is a type of informal fallacy in which something is falsely claimed to be an "either/or" situation, when in fact there is at least one additional option.
  4. CIA helped stop Russia terror attack Information provided by the CIA helped Russian security services foil an attack on St Petersburg's Kazan cathedral, US and Russian leaders say. President Vladimir Putin phoned Donald Trump to thank him for the information, the White House and Kremlin confirmed. The attack was allegedly planned to take place on Saturday, Russia says. A White House statement said "terrorists" were captured prior to an attack "that could have killed large numbers of people".
  5. What if I spoke like this? I would get harassed by Seeder. I don't think its right that I have to use credible sources to back up any claim.., yet you can just say whatever you want. I looked. Could not find any. As seeder said.., back up your words with credible evidence. Fair enough. Which site did you get your information from then? I understand why you would think that way. I used to be automatically dismissive just because of wording. I will not bite anymore unless you provide a reference to back up your claims. Seeder is right, we should be more professional about this. I'm still learning myself. Thank you for the criticism, I will take it onboard. I know, he was 21yo with the telescope. Woah, he is a criminal? What did he do? remember.., we need to provide a credible reference to any claims we make. Otherwise I will just do it back, or ignore.
  6. anyway - hands up who would like to be a fly on the wall when the Goldstone and Wasserman Schultz probing takes place - all the worlds Intel services will probably be listening with bated breath - unless they do it in a Faraday Cage - (or similar)
  7. ^^^^ overly judgemental and rather uncivilized response - if you don't mind me judging you a bit - ^^^^ a more rounded civilized response - if you don't mind me opining it would be boring if we were all the same and thought the same wouldn't it ... ? *little salute to acidhead
  8. Thank you so much for calmly pointing that out. I find that website to be the best so far if I ever want a quick reference. But you're right. I should find the original sources. I really hope you apply this much pressure to Stereologist and others who make claims .., but don't attempt to back them up. I guess I'm getting lazy, because no one else has to.., so I figure why go to all the trouble when that .org site sums up what I already looked up years ago anyway.. But yea, you're right! Spot on Seeder.,,,,, P.S. I do agree that UFO websites like to hype up some cases, but is a good place to just read up on a case if you want minimum hype. I won't use it as a reference though anymore to back up a claim.
  9. ZZ and BAMA13 make the finals with easy wins. I got crushed by Myles in the consolation round but finish a respectable 7-7. Thanks Myles for another great season looking forward to the final with ZZ AND BAMA.
  10. I have to admit that I read the above a 4 times. The last bit is which roughly translates that, Trump is an example of what the USA is about, is probably truer than some may think. I suspect he has come to represent how many non Americans now view the USA. Certainly it is now impossible to have a conversation about the USA without Trump being discussed.
  11. KiaOraRa friend... I believe there are No Coincidences... I am highly in tune to life and energy... This is possibly a soul from a past life.. Know that may clash with your beliefs but it is a strong possibity.. Plus, the relationship she is in, is for perspective of a human experience. Meaning, to know of all things you must physically experience them.. I'd say, take it slowly, carry on living, but yes be aware and present in life... This woman may be your future, or a very strong long lasting friend ship.... Both are great outcomes.. Head up.... Keep the faith.. Wish you blessings of Love and Light...xx
  12. Antarctica Secrets includes US Navy footage from Admiral Byrd's South Pacific Expedition , reveals the impenetrable wall of ice they encountered, discusses Operation Highjump and looks at the recent mysterious events that have taken place in Antarctica. Just what is this "land of everlasting mystery" as Admiral Byrd liked to call it, hiding?
  13. Images 1 to 3 are showing a helicopter with a active searchlight down to the ground. The images have been taken with an exposure time of some seconds. The little red dots above the bright streak are from the red flashing lights of the craft. It seems that image #1 was taken without any fixing of the cam as the building in the front and the powerlines have a ghostly shadow. If you would see a vid of the scene, you would not see the bright streak but a bright dot only. As for image #4:
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  15. His entire world view flipped at the same time as all the conspiracy websites did the same. Weird coincidence. The guy who says everyone else is brainwashed by MSM is himself actually brainwashed by nonsensical, garbage conspiracy websites and YouTube videos. I'm trying to figure out if that's irony or just good ol' hypocrisy.
  16. Manfred von Dreidecker

    He's making a list, he's checking it twice, he's gonna find out who's naughty and nice 

    1. Manfred von Dreidecker

      Manfred von Dreidecker

      The "he" being Admiral Michael S. Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA).

    2. Manfred von Dreidecker

      Manfred von Dreidecker

      He sees you when you're sleeping
      He knows when you're awake
      He knows if you've been bad or good
      So be good for goodness sake


      Edited by Manfred von Dreidecker
  17. Kiaorara Friend.. I hope you are well.. Are you scared? Fear heightens the Negativity coming in at you... I believe you are being used through your energies while you sleep... The scratches, are a type of Claim on You... Which arm is this left or right? The presence that comforts, is lulling you into a false security... Growl this thing.. Claim back your space.. If you have herbs that are Native to the land.. Dry out and smudge your house.. Even leave this by the windows.. You must exert the power within you, through Firmness towards this to get the heck out... And have No Fear, you are being protected by loved ones and guides, however they can only guide, you live in the physical, you must do the Action.. Remember this, we are physical and energy, spirit, demons, ghost are JUST ENERGY... You have more power because we live in this world not them, they use physical to play out their actions....
  18. They took Jerusalem in '67, not '48, and Israel started the war in 1967, not the Arabs. Would you, in 1948, have accepted the Partition plan, if a large force of Europeans had invaded your country and demanded half of it? Would you accept this now in whichever country you reside? Claiming the Palestinians are somehow at fault for what happened in 1948 is dishonest on many levels. Claiming they are somehow responsible for both wars is laughable. You should also be made aware that the Israelis leadership has almost always been extremist. They would not have stopped within the Partition Plan. They tried to take Gaza and the Good Heights long before 1967, and, if you listen to Netanyahu (just last week), you will hear exactly why they think they have a right to all of the land: it says so in the Bible.
  19. meanwhile ... back in the Big Brother House - back at the Special Counsel - and a fun day ahead... (if the 'two sources familiar with the matter' are correct -)
  20. WE might never know but of course ALL computer / phone activity is recorded and monitored so the information has been recorded NSA....GCHQ....? so destroying the hardware hasn't removed the monitored content but it gave the excuse not to RELEASE the content - ? like... oh sorry it's all gone - what a shame...
  21. Very few Nativity scenes. Nice idea.
  22. Now I have to watch Wizards again! Peace... Good stuff! I agree with you that pencils create a scene but inking brings it to life and creates depth. Although I must admit there are some amazingly realistic pencil artists out there way more dedicated than I will ever be. I once did some freelance stuff for an online horror mag back in the 90s, I can't even remember what it was called. All pencil and charcoal drawings to fit the motif. Monsters and murder and such. Very dark subject matter which was kind of my thing. Then after a few months the editor who recruited me sold it and less than a year later it was gone. I like your use of bold strong colors. The Scooby one screams Hanna Barbara to me, the Spaceman Spiff panel looks just as I imagine Watterson would have done it, and yet your original designs show you have your own style. So keep it up, enjoy, and you will just keep getting better. If you can make a dollar along the way so much the better!
  23. I love the expressions those medieval artists give people. Look at the look those horses are giving that elephant (or possibly warthog).
  24. Nicely put - and a fair summary imo - He is one tough cookie ( but has a soft side as well ) Gemini -
  25. Summerin1905

    im back finally after oountless hours of livestreaming on twitch :P

  26. We will never know, because it was destroyed. If someone said “We have nothing to hide because we burnt everything yesterday” would you be suspicious?
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