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  2. Brexit is certainly the best thing to have happened to Great Britain since she won WWII in 1945.
  3. Actually I'm pretty sure we're all a mix of pc and npc, I don't know of anyone who managed to escape the game of life playing them however it will at sometime or another. I disagree that the player will lose in the end; don't know about you but I'm playing a game with multiple victory conditions.
  4. Not sure what volume it speaks, I didn’t even vote for Trump. But I live here and there were constant reports of how Clinton was going to steamroll over Trump and how the polls demonstrated this fact. Little wonder so many people were shocked when this didn’t take place.
  5. They're all about 150 years old?
  6. Show me no less then 4 main stream sources that argued in favor of it for a year. Not even close to the same thing.
  7. Probably a cat or dog that has been mumiefied
  8. Scientists have been left mystified after the body of a creature resembling a dinosaur was discovered with flesh still on its bones. The partially-preserved corpse was discovered by an electrician cleaning out a sub-station that had been left untouched for 35 years in Jaspur, a small city in Uttarakhand, India. It resembles a small dinosaur, but since flightless dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years, scientists have struggled to identify it. The creature has now been sent for analysis, including carbon dating, which will reveal its age.
  9. Very few people knows that Abe Lincoln actually laid the foundation for The Internetzz, after his Gettysburg-speech, when he was "laying a cable" in the woods there afterwards... True dat!!
  10. I re-timestamped everything based on when the video starts and when the first timestamp is provided by the COI and just worked up from there. I can tell you that either I am really bad at on the spot math or someone is bad at math at the COI: 1:14 - Ufo/Uap video starts. 1:29 - At 0:15, the weapon sensor operator (WSO) changes the zoom from 1.0 to 2.0, making the object much larger on screen. 1:32 - At 0:18, the WSO changes to TV mode and the zoom resets to 1.0. At 19 seconds, the operator changes the zoom to 2.0. In the visual band, the object appears dark against the bright daytime sky and is clearly oblong shaped. 1:55 - At 0:41, the WSO changes the image back to IR mode and then resets zoom to 1.0. 2:06 - At 0:52, the sensor either breaks lock on the object or the object shifts rapidly. The sensor rapidly regains lock. 2:15 - At 1:11, the WSO changes zoom several times. 2:18 - At 1:14, the object suddenly and instantaneously accelerates to the left, out of view of the sensor at.... At 2:15 the COI's timestamp inconsistencies really starts. Also, when the "object" "accelerates to the left", I am surprised I do not hear the pilot exclaim some obscenities.
  11. From the text you quoted: Those estimations from election forecasters are the spin. The polls are the actual data. I'm not spinning anything and the BBC definitely were not. You've simply misunderstood what those numbers meant. If after having me point this out to you you can't or rather refuse to see that, then that itself speaks volumes.
  12. In my old house I lived in (it was 60 year old sommer cottage) It was only single paned windows and when it was windy outside the curtains moved. If it was storm I could feel the whiff. When its windy outside and you see your curtain move feel around the edges of the window and I can garantee you that you will feel a whiff somewhere, The scratches are from your nails when you are scratching yourself, maybe while you sleep. Im very sensible to the cold winter climate and my skin gets dry and itchy. My arms and legs are full of scratches some I do when I sleep and some when awake. In the summer I dont have this kind of problem if you could call it that. I could lubricate my skin after shower with a lotion to avoid scratch my self but most of the time Im to lazy to do that.
  13. You have no presentable evidence for communication. Saying 70 million people claim something and therefore it is happening is a logical fallacy, no matter how you wish to cut it.
  14. "This needs some serious thought!!....hmmm!?!"
  15. LOL, those pictures were equally cute, disturbing, and hilarious. .
  16. I’ll stick with what Pew Research is saying verses anyone’s personal spin on this. The polls predicted a Clinton win and they were wrong.
  17. Just checked sock draw not there but thank you
  18. ...and a shave...and a shower...and a change of clothing
  19. At 2:26, the "object" appears to jump off the center screen (after zooming in), but this is not in the analysis at the COI. Actually, the entire timeline does not correlate with the video - Hire more people dude! At 2:28, the "object" again appears to jump off the center screen (again after zooming) - i think this is what the COI is referring to when " the object suddenly and instantaneously accelerates to the left." How is this not consistent with it being the jet causing the effect and not the "object" in front of it? Edit: So I started my stop watch when the actual ufo/uap occurrence starts (1:14) and 15 secs after that is when the COI's timeline starts, and is correct on what is happening. I do not know about the rest of the timeline yet. However, at the COI, they provide us the reason for the first "jump" at 2:26: " the sensor either breaks lock on the object or the object shifts rapidly. The sensor rapidly regains lock." They did not provide the same hypothesis in their last time stamp, even though we are seeing the same situation at 2:26.
  20. Lincoln Cathedral was the world's tallest building between 1311 (during the reign of Edward II) and 1549 (during the reign of Edward VI), when its central spire collapsed. It was the world's first building to take the title from the Great Pyramid, which had held it for nearly 4000 years.
  21. That's been well cleared up though. He released his actual birth video.
  22. Its your friend messing with you, she obviously has dark humor
  23. What a game from Gordon last night! Kept me in the running. All of Bama's games bar one will be finished by around 9pm here tonight, so I should have a decent idea on whether or not I'll have a chance. Hahaha. Sweetpumper fell at the last hurdle. Rocky you should walk it now. I wish Sweet was here so I could ridicule him.
  24. Not so much the use as it is a medical term, but contextually, given the situation. You would never call a pregnant women "with fetus" or one getting an abortion as "aborting her child" yet it's exactly the same thing. One term is warm and human, the other, cold and dispassionate. As in war, it's a necessary dehumanizing step before committing an act one may have qualms about.
  25. Today
  26. That was forecasters' opinion on what the polls would mean for the election, not the actual polls. In other words the polls didn't say 70% of voters would choose Hillary and 30% would choose Trump. Have you seen the actual polls? I posted them earlier in the thread. The polls had it much closer than some people seem to realise. (Link to every poll on the election outcome) And considering he only won by a total of 70,000 votes split between 3 states, the election itself was much, much closer than many people seem to think.
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