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  2. Not really true. You can't prove they exist with the current crop of YouTube videos but as a place to post evidence YouTube is as good as anywhere. I've not found any and I have looked quite extensively. This seems to be the common result for people who are interested but not easily convinced. Just some would do. Nobody carries out scientific investigations into UFO sightings these days as most of that has been done and the conclusion of 'nothing to see here' found in almost every case.
  3. IDK how I had never heard this before but Trump is on tape admitting to walking into the dressing room of the miss Teen USA pageant while the contestants were dressing . Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It's okay to call my daughter a 'piece of ass'
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  5. I think you made a mistake and posted on the wrong thread. We are constructing our thought experiment on another nonexistent subject - UAPs/UFOs. Stay on topic Timmy...
  6. Cormac: According to Scott BS'ing ones way through the facts is called artistic license. From: here. Kmt_Sesh: “So I'd call it artistic license, but I rather doubt the artist found a depiction of Thoth as a crested ibis on an actual relief or painting. If he did, it might be interesting to see the source, because it's always entertaining to find mistakes in inscriptions (the Egyptians made plenty of them). But I honestly don't think the explanation is that exotic. Artistic license.” From here. SC: So when Kmt_Sesh invokes “artistic license” with regards to the disputed crested ibis glyph in the modern piece, that’s perfectly acceptable. But when an alternative thinker does likewise, it’s “BS'ing”. I’m beginning to see how this works. When the disputed crested ibis sign is not found in Gardiner’s list, it was apparently made up by the artist “…I rather doubt the artist found a depiction of Thoth as a crested ibis…” – Kmt_sesh). But when the bennu on a standard isn’t found in Gardiner’s list this is simply because “Gardiner does not list every single hieroglyph and variation” (Kenemet). Thus - when the disputed crested ibis isn’t found in Gardiner’s list, it’s because it was made up by the artist. But when another sign – the bennu on a standard – isn’t found in Gardiner’s list, it’s because Gardiner didn’t list every sign and variation. I’m definitely seeing a pattern here. If every sign and variation thereof hasn’t been listed, HOW then can anyone regard the disputed crested ibis on a standard as being made up and the other as simply unlisted? Why can't BOTH simply be unlisted? How and ever… moving onwards… N29 – yes, I see that now. Thanks. I’ll come back to other signs in this temple below. Kenemet: “…The Bennu is G31 in Gardiner... G32 on standard. …” SC: No – G32 is the Bennu upon a PERCH, NOT a standard and signifies inundation/flood.. So, returning to the Bennu found on a standard (signifying a deity) in this temple of Thoth, which deity do you consider this bennu on the standard refers to? Any idea - and why? As far as I can make out, the inscription below (top of right-hand register) … …reads something like ‘Granary brought [by] Thoth’ – something like that? I’m not sure if the sign above the bread loaf (‘t’) is the sign for ‘granary’ (Gardiner’s O51 - it has a pointed tip like a pyramid rather than a flat top) or is perhaps a ‘perch’ sign associated with the sacred Ibis above? If this is a perch sign (to be associated with the scared Ibis above it), then this would read something like “Inundation brought [by] Thoth’ or something similar. Your thoughts, Kmt_Sesh? SC
  7. I was thinking along those same lines, by securing the financial records of Trump associates its a good opportunity to catch the family in a lie.
  8. Yes, biased "believers" should not be so gullible and use videos as proof. But I am sure there is credible footage of UFOs out there that is still unexplained. I am wondering how much of this footage is required to prompt a scientific investigation. That's how the videos/images end up in the "Solved" pile. But there is always only ever going to be 2 piles. "SOLVED" and "UN-SOLVED"
  9. I'll be honest I'd of crapped myself I had a Dolphin swim up beside me once I soon got out of the water,my kids thought it was hilarious and jumped in with ithe it made their day anyway
  10. Trump Jr wasn't the conduit of choice for Assange. That would be Roger Stone via Randy Credico. Trump Jr wasn't the conduit of choice for communication with Russian hackers, either. Peter Smith was.
  11. It's the frozen waste of an alien battle cruiser. Space turd.
  12. I would like it if Bernie were the guy in 2020. Barring a huge rise from a 3rd party I'll be voting democrat , for POTUS at least, and being burned by the Clinton machine is a resume builder in my opinion.
  13. Well if it looks like a comet, acts like a comet and sounds like a comet then it's sure to be an alien probe - while they are checking for radio signals someone should also run a DNA analysis on surface scrapings in case it's infected with sasquatch hairs.
  14. People get addicted to the idea of some kind of karmic balance, were if they put out enough happy thoughts and good deeds, everything will just fall into their lap. This is not the case. Sure an upbeat attitude contribute to a better subjective experience of life. Positive and constructive actions can improve your life, including those around you. However it is not a guarantee. Just because you've put out a lot of good mojo, doesn't mean you'll get it back. Some of the best people I've know have had the worst of lives. No amount of positive thinking and good intent changes anything, actions do. Just because you found and returned someone's purse doesn't automatically get you a +1 on the positive side of the karma scale. Even a pessimist can create a good life, because of their awareness of the fan and what's might hit it.
  15. I think it's worth bearing in mind that with the sudden explosion of very high quality, mobile cameras which now the majority of the population own and carry around with them at all times, the proportion of UFO photos and footage has not exploded accordingly, something you'd expect to happen. I think that's pretty much proof that there aren't actually any cases of visitation. This would be more of an assumption, or hypothesis at best (providing you do thorough background research and are willing to test, analyse and communicate your hypothesis scientifically) Yes, gullible people are frustrating. Biased "believers" should realise that they are actually causing harm to UFOlogy.
  16. There's a place not far from here where once an old shed/barn stood the shed was allegedly haunted,now the said ghost is apparently still there we done a stake out there ages ago and picked up .... Nothing at all just as a side note the horses which now graze the field will not go anywhere near the place where the shed stood but I'm guessing this is nothing to do with the haunting
  17. I think there could be some legitimacy to that thought process. Its kinda cool, in a way Trump is so bad that he's forcing America to be great again to fight against his dangerous delusions and corruption.
  18. What would be more frightening in your opinion. A consciously aware creator that can do as it pleases regardless of our desires, or an dreaming god, one forever sleeping, wholly unaware of our existence. Even if the source of all this is just some strange primordial cause and we are an accident. The thing is faith and spirituality concern only the individual. It gives meaning to an inherently meaningless existence. Order to chaos in a way. Like how we try to figure out those things we do not yet know. The idea of god is just us projected onto the whole of creation, our gods represent aspect of the human persona often. The only depth to any spiritual idea I have is we are star stuff, I do not know how, I do not know why, it doesn't matter to me, I exist. Life exist. But I have issues believing in the idea that a god created all this for just for one species, on one blue marble, on the edge of one galaxy. It's a terrible waste of space. When it comes to science discovering new things. I find it wonderful. We learn more in the finite time we have. If only spiritual people would hate on it less, they might learn something.
  19. It's exciting. In all likelihood it is just a piece of ice and rock from another star, but that in itself is amazing. But there's always that little what if, bolstered by the fact that science professionals are taking that what if seriously.
  20. My concern is that those claiming its a coup will be doing so based on the "evidence" presented by Murdoch media. Watching the posts from you, paranormal panther and hackcorp is like entering an alternate universe where facts have no meaning, its really disconcerting beyond just a normal left v. right standpoint. I can honestly understand supporting your guy, I can honestly understand arguing for his innocence, but I just cant wrap my brain around the level of delusion it takes to claim that this investigation doesn't need to be happening and doesn't need to be completed. These last two quotes should make you realize how far off the rails you've gone. I .....I......Um...... Ok so you are on a thread promoting the idea that an investigation cant be fair if there are democrats on the investigation. That investigation is into a man who you rabidly support that cant have an oppositional discussion without belittling his opponent through nicknames and mockery. That same man who you are defending also just tweeted out blatant propaganda against an entire religion that he got from a hate group. That same man attacks and attempts to erode the checks and balances which have kept this nation free from tyranny for 200+ years any time they disagree with him. It takes an unbelievable amount of gall for you to speak of taking up arms due to the POTUS being investigated and then lament the loss of mutual respect and compromise.
  21. Without meaning or some kind of purpose, people often do. So with this in mind, the literal meaning of life is whatever prevents you from ending it.
  22. Nor should it. Videos and photos are indeed easier to fake nowadays,which gives EVEN MORE reason not to accept just one of thme as 'beyond reasonable doubt. Why wouldn't you simply look for corroborative evidence? Fakers are generally lazy.... Just as well- who would be silly enough to think that Youtube was a place of reference? Rubbish. And the plural of rubbish is not reality. I challenge you to post the best one you can find - if it's not convincing, then you have your answer. What? Using Youtube is 'investigating'? Hahaha. If I want to prove something to you, I'll post the BEST evidence- videos, artefacts, proper analysis. Feel free to show the best you've found for ufos=alienz. And also, don't confuse believing that aliens exist out there somewhere in the Universe (I think almost everyone here believes THAT) and believing that alienz are clandestinely visiting earth.
  23. Maybe not quite a reindeer but Meaning & History of RudolphFrom the Germanic name Hrodulf, which was derived from the elements hrod "fame" and wulf "wolf". It was borne by three kings of Burgundy, as well as several Habsburg rulers of the Holy Roman Empire and Austria.
  24. Well... that was a bit left-field!
  25. I think it has more to do with chemtrails personally.
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