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  2. Man if I had just listened to that guy on Alex Jones a few years ago. I almost did. I'd be a multi millionaire right now. smh
  3. Videos and pictures are completely worthless when it comes evidence of ETs, in no shape or form do they verify the existence of ETs.
  4. Agreed. It does look cool. Just the quality is lacking.
  5. After all of the controversy that's been going on concerning this widespread form of sexual harassment / abuse that's been going on in Hollywood right through to the White House, where this great can of worms has now been opened due to victims now coming forward to tell of their experiences and name their perpetrator's. I was somewhat astonished that Donald Trump would endorse this Roy Moore character after such said allegations have been made toward him. The first thing that jumped to mind, was birds of a feather flock together. And I hope they are both investigated soon for these claims of sexual harassment / assault. It's even worse to think about the 14 year old girl that Moore allegedly took advantage of by abusing the use of power when he was in his 30's. It literally makes my skin crawl.
  6. KiaOraRa Will... I hope you are Well. Yes, this is So True.... If Anger is expressed with Negative Intensity, Then that is what will return back to You... Hornets are fierce..... Lol.. Peace to you and yours My Friend *∆*
  7. Here I thought it looked cool. Also the light pollution, good god!
  8. ChrLzs is just anxiously waiting for proof of aliens.
  9. tcgram

    Hell hath no fury like a Pop Tart that hasn't had time to properly cool.

    1. XenoFish


      The toast. It will never betray you like those evil pop tarts.

    2. Piney


      Yuck! I'll stick with my morning ham chunk and string cheese....

  10. Sorry, but yes, it is terrible quality even with a long exposure. Try taking a photo of a plane. And also remember to make a comparison to what you see with your naked eye
  11. Artificial intelligence/learning programs will be very useful in the coming years or sooner on monitoring our skies. If this "not yet devised" learning program is able to snap pics/videos of what would constitute an anomaly, then our confidence of UAPs/UFOs existing will increase with it possibly being ET. If they can track it's trajectory on earth, then we can possibly find where it lands and observe them coming out of the craft... This narrative with corroborating pic/video evidence will surely be perceived as proof.
  12. While we're at it lets petition NASA to stop hiding the flat earth.
  13. acute

    The Book of the Day is... Malachi.


    1. Piney


      Isn't that one of the Children of the Corn?......

  14. Oh and here's a shot from a webcam of mine.. I don't actually run an allnight cam as I don't do *serious* amateur astronomy, but here's the typical quality from a not very expensive cam - it's just a quick shot taken while I was testing it out... See if you can spot Orion... (click to get larger version) Dreadful quality, isn't it...
  15. It appeared you were angry or getting overly-excited. Your whole post has that feel imo. If not.., and you also don't see what I see.., and this is you normally? I don't know what to say. The video I mentioned to I'mconvinced? Yes, sure. That's fine. I will hunt them down. As for the rest.. just post some links if you don't feel like explaining it all over again. Thank you.
  16. A Republican opinion columnist has an opinion? Devastating. I'll send Mueller the telegram to pack his bags.
  17. Yes to all. If CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc., all caught footage on their own cameras by their own reporters of what looks like an exotic craft and aliens coming out of it, that do not look like humans, then I am sure we all would consider that as proof. If they look human, well, it would be harder to think of it as ET. Also, even if it did not look like us, we still can say that they live in the ocean or underground and have lived here from the start, so that would be kind of like ET. So I guess my analysis is that we are not looking necessarily for ET but sentient beings that is not already on our list of known sentient beings/humanoids.
  18. Is it possible to become happy by hanging out with other people who are happy ?
  19. Peace to you Xeno ...xx.. The actions are directed by/from either Positive or Negative Thoughts.. Dependent on the directive from the mind, the body can't move till that is Decided... So, Thinking or Thoughts, are first, then Action.. There are a lot more " Blessings " when Positive thoughts and Intention are combined with Action...•°•...
  20. Quote the bit you think is angry. In future try reading it in a monotone rather than attributing emotions.. As for the rest.... Maybe you should have read some threads here and learnt a bit before posting..? Anyway - where's the very best video you were going to show us?
  21. Claims of wrong-doing but little solid evidence, journalists who tell tales of spying and intrigue, 'mistakes' that seem to only go in one direction. We're supposed to conclude guilt based on this type of information? The Mueller investigation better have some much better evidence is all I can say. Meanwhile things aren't looking too good for Mueller's team:
  22. Please calm down. What is with the angry attitude? Please just be civil. I know its exciting when we think we are right about something, but try and contain yourself a bit. Yes there are more cameras, and they are cheaper. But this cannot be used as proof UFOs never existed. There are more factors and variables to consider if you really want to look into it properly. 1) Its possible that people spent more time outside in the olden days. Now we watch TV, play video games, go to malls and look at computers inside, walk to our cars, drive to work (generally inside). 2) People do not spend much time looking up. How much time daily do you spend analysing the skies? This small time is now even greatly reduced due to having mobile phones. how much do you hear complaints about them making people anti-social. Or the dangers associated with us always looking at screens. 3) Cameras are not very good. I'll start a new thread about it this week after gathering some data. For now.., here's an experiment we can all try. Go outside and wait for a plane or helicopter to fly over. -Study the detail of the aircraft with your naked eye, colour, shape, patterns. - Take a pic and study the image. You will notice you can barely see the aircraft. It will simply look like a smudge. Probably more. That's just what I can think of now, but I really need to address other topics so I will move on. Astronomers do not really look through telescopes as much as you think. Even when they do.., they are looking into a very tiny area of deep space, and would not see a UFO it was 100 meters from the observatory they are enclosed in. There are really not that many High Quality cameras pointing towards the sky. Webcams are terrible quality. The worst you can get. again. Point one into the sky (night time would be MUCH worse btw) and see what you get.
  23. God is just another way of saying "we don't know". So humanity created some thing to explain the unknown away, we call those things gods.
  24. I know that was your point, that is why I made it for you. Everything starts out with a lack of evidence and then excuses if they don't work out - seems to align with the methods of science to some degree, to weed things out.
  25. This is true, that God can do as he pleases. But he decided to create everything in a certain way. Only one way the same for everyone. If this is realized, then one should go in search of the meaning of God's desire. Because in my experience, although God has created us with an allowance of our desire, it is a temporary thing that is determined on becoming attuned to God-consciousness and his desire. This is in reality the only way we can actually do as we please.
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