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  2. We shouldn’t and we should kick the UN out. It is a joke in its current form. Governing bodies love to “come up” with laws and regulations. Most are without any inkling of real world experience. The Jews have 613 laws and I don’t think that any Jew is able to follow them perfectly. Jesus came and replaced them with just one (to respect one another). Did you catch that, he basically but the law into the hands of the individual. But here’s the conundrum, with 7 billion people on the planet, you can’t make everyone happy – you can’t respect everyone. If you do something, no matter how benevolent it is to you, it will almost certainly cause someone grief somewhere else. So we align ourselves into nations and those nations have their own destiny. In the case of Palestine and Israel, there can only be one. One or the other is going to walk away with nothing. That may be sad but it is life in this world and no law, no UN is going to be wise enough to fix it. The longer it draws out, the worse it will be for everyone. Trump took a step to finish it. Now, instead of enabling the status quo, steps will be taken to solve this issue for good. That’s just so much nonsense. You make it sound like nations can’t exist without big brother (UN). Sticking our head in the sand is capitulating to big brother. That’s what nations do. That is how they interact with each other. The law is what happens between any two. Artificial laws imposed by big brother makes things worse, especially if there is no enforcing body. What you need is Gort, but that isn’t happening anytime soon. As I’ve pointed out many times before and it is important is that it is up to the participants (and allies) to determine their destiny, not external entities. Both Palestinians and Israelis reject the pre-1967 borders. Again, this is what is important so pay attention. These borders divide each side into 3 separate parts - completely indefensible. Understand? You have to remember the reasoning for Israel in the first place. Israel needs to be a place where Jews and defend themselves, because the world has never done so. The Jew can no longer allow their fate to rest in anyone else’s hands again – PERIOD!!! Don’t you find that interesting that one of those writing/voting on that resolution is perhaps one of the biggest grabbers of territory? Sounds like they were only protecting themselves. Is that fair? What does that say about appearance? The status quo gets people killed. One reason to take and keep land of your enemy is so that he can’t rebuild and come right back at you. By giving back that territory, nothing is solved and you’ve just allowed your enemy more reason to attack by showing weakness.
  3. Originally, an underdog was a shipbuilder who stood in a pit and sawed planks of wood from beneath, while the overdog sawed the planks from above. The underdog got dirty and covered in sawdust, yet the overdog got the credit for the work done.
  4. Guy with 18,000 posts in 4 years on one website mocks people addicted to the internet
  5. That's like saying: it's okay if a private corporation closes my gym. I'll just teach in my back garden. It makes no sense. Just because you are able to find work elsewhere doesn't mean it's okay to have an entire market shut off to you.
  6. My stool is more qualified for the job then most people in power now days.
  7. I went to this site to see photos of the eyes. I also looked at the link from the OP and it is quite clear that the two images are very different. The mystic post article has a fake image at the top. Looks like papageorge1 has been fooled again.
  8. Thread title should be changed.
  9. Scientists see only the external manifestations of strength and energy but do not know who is behind these forces and directs all energy to matter and cosmic objects. And if we wanted to understand what laws work the energy, we would have to turn to cosmic or natural spirits.
  10. I have a valid reason to be fed up with people's BS, including yours. Passively calling me 'salty' about it fails to address the issue. Might as well kick me in the nuts and then call me 'salty' for bein' ticked over it.
  11. Damn and here we have our very own "Likely Guy" using dial up still and somehow he's still alive...we may need to ask him his secret to eternal life Ok smart ass comments aside lol,as i said i get what you are saying but i also feel like we are going into the direction of "free market capitalism" argument on the virtual side of things...
  12. Nope. Just making a statement. You salty bro?
  13. More like a kakistocracy these days, to be honest.
  14. Because "Creation" is all things.
  15. Check yo self before you wreck yo self.
  16. That's just flat out false. And are you seriously gonna play the 'blame Obama' card? Really?
  17. Since 9/11, Americans have paid nearly $5 trillion for its foreign wars, according to Brown University’s Cost of War project — or about $25,000 per taxpayer.
  18. You wouldn't confuse her with a dwarf.
  19. Netflix sucks.
  20. Of course not, because the 'when' is entirely in the hands of the corporations now. Probly won't be once it's actually implemented, but go on. Keep talkin' tough. No, not for 'their jollies', for our money. There is no 'better service' beyond the websites that come in their package. That's the point. All other websites (or any content they don't like) gets put in the slow lane. Under Net Neutrality the term 'better service' applied to internet speed to all websites, not just a select few. No matter how you look at it you're paying a s**t ton more for less service. Woah there buddy, bit of a stretch there. You don't have to hate anyone to know these multi-billion dollar service providers are screwing us all over here. That's an entirely separate topic. We're talking here about our national ISPs creating a monopoly on the internet here in America. Net Neutrality didn't do a thing about it cause it's completely unrelated. Do you ignore the fact that we hate Trump for specific reasons such as this? I could list out the reasons a mile long why I despise this administration. It's not like I hate it for no reason.
  21. No, but the internet was about to. After Netflix pays Comcast, speeds improve 65%
  22. Holy Hell!!! Does that mean I can go watch a movie without knowing everything about it before I see it? Does that mean the tumblr snowflakes will go extinct? I think I see, noo, yes, no, maybe is that? Hope?
  23. I don't watch TV. There's nothing entertaining on it anymore. Wow, the more I'm in this thread. It's like internet addicts anonymous. I, I, I nnnneed my fixx, bad man. WiFi hey you got anymore of that WiFi?
  24. I get what you are saying,but i would just figure out a way to make money without the was done for many years before the net!I've done pretty well with "word of mouth". We all lived without it for many,many years and we didn't go extinct
  25. Well I am sure you can look up the definition. If I say in my own words Gnosis is knowing and learning esoteric or hidden knowledge. Knowledge mostly unknown by the mainstream populace.
  26. Just because you think something doesn't affect you doesn't mean that you should allow it to happen. Do you care if TV has subtitles? Should that then mean that there shouldn't be any available for deaf people? And why bother making multiple comments in a thread on a subject you don't care about?
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