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  2. What you mean “we” white man?
  3. Kinda a running theme in Japanese Anime for some reason. More hair = stronger character.
  4. Yeah, we'll hash that out in some spirituality discussion.
  5. That's kinda the main reason why any argument in favor of an all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful deity falls short in my view. But don't really want this turning into a debate thread, so back to random dumb s**t.
  6. does look like giant bananas.
  7. Would really turn some heads at least.
  8. I would think that if something is descrbed by a culture then it is relevent in that context. How other cultuers describle what may be similar but still unique to that culture. How we see them is not relevent to either culture because we are not members but observers. jmccr8
  9. And then there was the legend that people with certain chromosomal disorders, like Williams Syndrome who were considered changelings or witches or in the case of my people kiimochks'niis (night walkers/skin walkers)
  10. Very well said, I think we want to be as natural and unencumbered as is reasonable to reach our authentic self or true potential as you say. I think of it as an integration between inner and outer, for me, this authenticity is summed up in one line “it is what it is” this is home for me in my humanity. I want to be clear this has not been an easy journey to get to this understanding either. I have been tested. Oy Vey!
  11. The question is faith in what exactly? If people have faith in two mutually exclusive things, then their faith is no different then beliefs. It divides. Ideological division is just part of nature, and is unavoidable. What is avoidable is social division, in the sense that we let our differing ideologies prevent us from treating other people as human beings in a kind and respectable manner. So if we connect with others on an emotional level, in other words learn to still love one another despite our ideological differences, then we can remain united despite differing thoughts, beliefs, and faiths. I wouldn't say narrow, probably a better word would be exclusive. In that, you believe your belief is mutually exclusively true, and anything else is false. That's just being rational and non-contradictory. However being narrow-minded is another thing entirely, and is what stops any learning and growth. I think one needs to remain open-minded to virtually all possibilities while still maintaining an exclusive stance on any particular issue. That way you can not only stick to what you believe is actually true while still being open to change and revision once new information comes along.
  12. I don't blithely ignore anything but claims without supporting evidence are just that, claims. If we took the claims of people to be true without looking into the supporting evidence then we would be in a bit of a mess no? When it comes to angels people have a reason to lie. Confirmation bias plays a huge role here but that's for another discussion. If I was to sum up your argument it would be this: I believe God is in contact now as much as he ever was before and my proof is that 70 million Americans say they have been visited by an angel. So, your starting premise (God has made contact before now) is unproven. You can make claims to knowing the truth but again it's just a claim, you can't present one single piece of verifiable evidence to support your position. Then you use an ad populum (70 million people claim it so it must be true) to try and support your unproven starting premise. If 70 million people really have had physical contact with angels then there should be some evidence other than stories. Where are the medical records showing miracle curing? Where are the photos or videos of these angels appearing physically to people?
  13. I only have a belief in my faith and trust in God. Personally, I don't have a belief in myself. Beacaue if I dislike anyone, I dislike myself most of all.
  14. Lol. Possibly. They store them in the toaster, and then they wait for some natural disaster and release them. They're hoping to help the people affected by the disaster. I say why not release them before a disaster takes place? Seems like the better plan.
  15. Manfred von Dreidecker

    I just saw a headline: Trump’s Misuse of Intelligence.  I thought, "surely that can't be right, he#s never yet shown any signs of any", but I realised it meant the latest lies the CIA's been feeding him. 

  16. Oh...I could name a few. But that would probably be against some site rule. Lol.
  17. Yeah, but your not bombarded with peoples personal drama and selfies.....which I have never taken.....and you are discussing a topic where you learn something.
  18. Lol...yeah...there's a bit of selective amnesia going on, eh?
  19. @Findparadise I am a believer that Ouija operation can be sometimes subconscious and sometimes involve real external spirits. It sounds too possible that Scarlett is intense and conduit for real spiritual activity. This whole things sounds not healthy for your mental health and also includes the danger of an unwanted spirit influencing you. Although, mysteries are fun and exciting and you are only in this for fun, I would advise you to stay away from this. I have heard too many stories of people regretting what they started.
  20. Riding her mortar and paddling with her pestle.
  21. Believes can divide, I think it depends on how you apply them. Hammerclaw is Christian yet, he applies his belief in an inclusive way. I think humility is what unites us.
  22. No you're not boring me. Gnosticism is a favorite subject of mine. I don't get all literal about any type of scripture, but I like gnostic myths. I relate to them. Maybe that's what "Truthseeker" is picking up on.
  23. You want hair that looks like giant bananas?
  24. Do you have a narrow belief in yourself, if so how do you grow? A banzi tree grows proportionate to it's environment just like goldfish in a bowl, they are atrificial conditions that restricts growth. Yes it lives and develops but not to it's true potential. jmccr8
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