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  2. That all sounds lovely an yinish an yangish an I agree with the most part of this but honestly Anger is an emotion one of many it has its place an time where it will come. Its jus a natural progression of feelings an emotions.How we handle it is another story however.Life an being alive encompasses an array of lessons, trails an tribulations..How we deal with these emotions at those times will vary all we can do is our best..Our wisdom an clear headed thought process can clouded at times..Thats jus a natural part of being alive an growing from the lessons we learn in life...
  3. "Russians are the source of all your problems, and the benevolent Democratic party will protect you from them. Don’t like the president? Blame Russia. Worried about healthcare in America? Russia. Don’t like an opposing viewpoint? It’s Russian propaganda. Worried about the DNC weighing the scales for Hillary and openly declaring that it has no obligation to provide real party primaries? Hey, look! Look over there! It’s Russia!" This sums up the stupidity of the whole waste-of-time non-scandal nicely.
  4. I don't think Trump will fire Mueller - he's too sussed to do that and knows what it would lead to -- ie. never ending accusations of getting rid of him because he was uncovering the mythical ''''collusion''' in this thread earlier it's been said (Merc if I remember right) that Mueller could WANT to be fired and is pushing for it in a way -- so he can get out of leading a failed 'mission' and hurt Trump at the same time - I speculated that Mueller might use Health Issues to step down and save face -- but Anchor Steam thought that Mueller is enjoying his '''work''' and will keep at the lucrative job for years if he can --
  5. Joc the first link shows nothing regarding Donald Trump, I mean nothing, the 2nd was about the use of one bomb used for a specific target of underground complex. Please provide a link to your claims about Trump's success with some apecifics. All you are doing is "propaganda" with undeserved praise. The newsweek does give some insight of his decision to leave military decisions to rhe military or like its common known Trump policy "Ididnt know what they were doing, therefor I am not eesponsible", buth then YOU DECIDED TO IGNORE the, in my opinion unnecessary umless you are busy with the Kardashians drying paint wall, article conclusion: And I will not reply any further unless you can provide some serious info, wich I would actually apreciate.
  6. This is Why You are very Intuitive and Powerful and A good Teacher.. I am an Admirer of Your Mind Design.. I have always thought of You as Fair and With Clarity... I Feel and have Knowing, that the Message of Christ..IS..Divinely Inspired...All teachings of Love, Peace and Harmony's are Divinely Inspired also..... So...All will be Good in the World once again.... And About Time!!!! Peace to you friend xx...
  7. something just hit me in the gut when I looked at those two naive young women - and that was ..... that I would rather see a picture of them like this - than with their brains blown out and splattered against a wall or a leg hanging off - rather see them crying for a political loss than the death of a family member or even their whole family - Clinton let it be known that she would have supported a '''no fly zone''' in Syria when Russia went in to work with Assad and the Syrian army to oust the Al Qaeda affiliated groups and Islamic State who were running amok and taking over the country - It's anyone's guess what that could have lead to - but it could have lead to serious and escalating military conflict with Russia - it's like that's what Clinton and her Globalist backers wanted - to destabilize Russia and bring about Regime change there - and at the same time to remove the Assad Regime and give the green light to a Sunni (Saudi) lead Islamic State - ? those two young women look so innocent and gullible - and have no idea what their support of Hillary Clinton might have lead to -- sorry bit of topic - just felt the need to say that
  8. Manfred von Dreidecker

    Hello everyone. Today I'm going to be critically studying the Bernanke-Yellen Bubble. I'll let you know what I find out. 

  9. Manfred von Dreidecker

    Good news everyone!  in a positive sign for Americans’ incomes, the average work week increased by about 6 minutes to 34.5 hours in November…. 

    Yes, people have to work for six minutes longer per week! Do you think people will be paid longer for it? Yes, I rather doubt that part as well. . 

  10. KiaOraRa My Friend xx. For every Emotion, there is a Positive and Negative Force.. Any E-motion used Negatively, will have adverse effects on the One doing the Emotional Action, and anybody in the Vicinity of that Wrath.. It is a Wise approach to Life, to Be Balanced.. To do this, You must first want to change the Behaviour.. Then become Aware of triggers, this has resonance with, people, places, times and events.. Become Aware of triggers, then Reign the Emotions in, to Work with you and Not against.. Emotions are Necessary, we live in a physical existence, but when they are Causing many Imbalances, it is time to put your foot down and Control and Direct the Forces into Balance.. Peace to you xx
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  12. re bolded --- err yes probably for a couple of decades or at least since the time he showed an interest in running for president - that's probably where the leaked *ussy edited clip from 10 years ago came from - a leak from a recorded private conversation - they must have been sitting on that one for many years - and really if that's the worst they could come up with we can conclude that they have nothing on the POTUS of any significance - nothing that gets in the way of him being President - hence the attraction to twist everything and drown it in negative spin -- because that's all they have -
  13. You are Most Welcome.... Peace to you and yours xx
  14. come on now - don't get carried away with this - I think you are referring to the time that Trump shared some information about Israeli based intelligence that laptops were planning to be used in Islamic terror attacks - would you have preferred that a plane full of Russian civilians were blown up ? you are (deliberately?) perpetuating the myth that Trump committed some great illegal act of betrayal - but this is what's happening all the time now - perception management, muddying the waters and negative spin -
  15. Hello Friend xx All people are Special.. Unique and Beautiful..This is our Purpose..To shine our Light and spread our own Unique Beauty wherever life takes Us.. I am glad of it.. To have Difference, is the Variety and Spice of Life.. And most Importantly, Lends a Wider Perspective, outside of Our own Lifestyle... Learning and Teaching Simultaneously.. Peace to you..xx
  16. The best we can say is that it’s a product of a company called Ancient Treasures. It’s a commercial product: I can not make out the signature on the piece (by the leading foot). For all the “Excellence in Museum Reproductions” hype, they are obviously not in the business of producting exact facsimiles. Consider another of their products: I trust that everyone reading will know that such a perspectival depiction is very unlikely to be found in ancient Egyptian art. The original is obviously this, in the British Museum: I have no problem with such stuff (as the decorative plaque based on this). I find it harmless and amusing. It attests to ancient Egypt still having a place in the culture, with people who would likely not go so far as studying hieroglyphs. I have no wish to bash Ancient Treasures, but we can be realistic about what they produce: decorative pieces with an ancient theme, not aimed at the expert and not on any account to be cited as evidence. Creighton likely stumbled over his in such a place as this: —which effectively hides its character and origin. This is what gives Internet research a bad name. Caveat surfer. M.
  17. ... I've been playing trivia crack.
  18. The word that is used can also be translated as "murder" or essentially, "to lie in wait" (premeditation). There is a clear difference between committing murder and defending one's family or life. Those who choose to parse the meaning of God's words so that they can find excuses to ignore them are wasting their time. Believe and obey or just ignore and do as you will. IOW, just make a choice...
  19. This is Beautifully said Friend.. Wonderful.... However, I want you to Know, this World and what we have right Here, right Now, is an Amazing wonder.. I definitely recieve teachings of Life in Nature, and I give back, with reverence to the Sun, moon, stars and Nature.. The Real Gods.. Life is in the Mind.. and you are what your thoughts think, what your heart feels and what your Mind Sets.. Be of cheer and hope...xx..
  20. So you choose not to believe the comfortable lie of mainstream science, but you do choose to believe the comfortable lie of the afterlife due to the overwhelming evidence?
  21. Life is never inconsequential--life feeds on life--and every type of lifeform makes demands and contributions toward that end. It is the way of nature, neither good nor bad.
  22. Why would we attack our allies? Don't the British people deserve support. If they remain calm and defiant is that not admirable? Also, Prime Minister May was the first to come to America and officially congratulate President Trump. I would rather follow the "We won't tell you how to run your country and you don't tell us how to run ours" philosophy.
  23. Peace to You... Purpose is Action.. We need action in Life or we become Enertians, we watch others Participate in Life.. The Most asked question to Self is .. What is My purpose?? For Me, My Purpose is to Stop the Systematic Control on the Minds and in the Hearts, of Humanity.. This is Easy, because I know, who I am and I know I can Make Change.. So I Go do.. To get it Done!!...PURPOSE!!...
  24. This may come as somewhat of a shock but you are not the first to arrive at this thought. Welcome. It is still an accomplishment to arrive. Your existence is part of the information contained in the universe. No matter what has happened or will happen, you are data that cannot be erased. Might not be as good as Valhalla, but we take what we can get.
  25. it is not about followers or pilgrims here, wrong you understand
  26. And Iran, despite what the Trump crowd is going to say, has propped up both the Iraqi and Syrian Army with their Shi'a militiamen who did a lot of the heavy lifting. Some of their top army generals have died on the battlefronts. They deserve no less than full credit for ISIS' defeat.
  27. Because some people need to feel special.
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