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  2. I don't think so. I think he was serious. Although you may be right...
  3. I don't know if he is real or not, rather not, but he have specific energy. I have seen him in the distance while in car as white angel and he was enjoying I feel him. Later I talk to a person who disappear after I talked to him. He told me to never wonder.
  4. You can give me the face, but that is how I feel about some of the accusations flying around about so many people.
  5. I detected a very faint hint of sarcasm in his voice.
  6. Oy,is this really relevant?
  7. I hear him in my head every time I type it. Does that count?
  8. Lately I been having strange things happening to me. I been having dreams of the future and been feeling peoples emotions without anybody saying anything only to have it confirmed later on. And last but not least when I walk by people and objects there seems to be a strong wind that waves by. People have told me they have felt this wind. And when I walk by towels it continues to wave by. Does anybody else experience this?
  9. I've never said Neandertals weren't self aware They and homo sapiens /cromagnons create archaeological evidences that they were, BUT only within the last 70- 100000 years or so. Very ealry Neanderthals give no convincing evidence of any spiritual or religious (abstract conceptual or self aware) thoughts, or ceremonies, despite the beginnings of tool construction and use. Human level self awareness as we know it today, ie which separates us from non self aware species, requires a level of conceptual abstract and symbolic thought and internal language which is then shown to exist in artefacts such as fertility figurines, in ceremonial sites, and in some paintings. I follow christ and the bible more closely than most professed Christians do. God (of whom Christ is a part) LIVES in my life with me/ In my head, in my body, and in the world around me. Again where are your qualifications to judge what I am, and why should you care. One does NOT have to belong to a particular church or religion to be a christian. That is rather the point of true Christianity The way to the father is through the son, not a church or a priest or a pastor or even a pope. The bible outlines the life and teachings of Christ, and shows us how to live our own lives .
  10. So, just to clarify. God created all things including Satan, right? And made Satan much more intelligent than us. And Satan is meant as a test for us, right? A test which we will obviously fail, if it is in any way based on intelligence, and surely most tests are... I shall just leave it at that, other than to wonder if our civilisation will grow up before we get wiped out by an asteroid/comet..?
  11. Yeah of my all time favorites aswell. I'm sure my comments won't come across as the "most popular" on this thread lol...judging by your smart ass commentary hell i know they won't lmao But i honestly never got The Beatles...that's why i started off with a disclaimer hahaha I know about their importance to the history of music but...meh
  12. Could it be....SANTA? just rearrange the letters This Pope guy is way off the Reservation. Okay, first he says...we need to reword the Lords Prayer...delete the 'Lead us not into temptation' he tells us that we shouldn't argue with the devil.... But...wasn't Jesus tempted by the Devil in the Wilderness...and didn't he argue with said Devil...telling him...Get behind me Satan! ? The Pope is a leftist statist...he should be removed from the head of the Catholic Church.
  13. Every damn time
  14. Actually, no..I don't. And furthermore, I think you are being so partisan about the entire debacle...because you hate Trump as much as they do...because your dreams and hopes were also crushed when Hillary went down in flames. Would that be accurate?
  15. That opens many questions I'd like to ask of Pope Francis. If Satan is a person... he cute? ...if so; is he single? ...if so; can the Pope give me Satan's mobile number? ...if so; could the devil and I, theoretically, still get married provided we do so in a country/planet/dimension that accepts gay marriage? ...if so, if Satan and me ever get divorced do I get to rule half of Hell? Also, which demon should I conjure up to write up the prenuptial agreement?
  16. You remembered!
  17. You're the Republican and now apparent beatle supporter all a sudden... What's up with that? Oh and The Doors BLOW!!!...ok i made myself angry saying that
  18. I did that when someone had the bright idea to give me a pocket knife for my birthday. I have many scars.
  19. AU had 4 players that made several All American lists,kinda sucks when that happens and your team doesn't make the playoff...feels like a missed chance!
  20. Must be the voice of experience talking. Don't kill me CK, you aren't that far from me.
  21. I'm fine, I've had it happen so much I don't notice. Hah, which is another way of saying I'm a bit clumsy. The annoying thing is cleaning it up.
  22. I actually watch his videos often.., but not anymore after hearing that insane claim that ETs can never visit Earth.
    • Fila
    • Saru

    Greetings. Just wondering what happened to this thread, and why its locked?

    Am I allowed to create another thread asking the same question?

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    2. Fila


      Ok, thank you. I wonder why the thread was locked.
      Is it illegal to discuss this YouTube paradox?

      Or was a post within the thread?

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    3. Daughter of the Nine Moons

      Daughter of the Nine Moons

      While I did not close it it appears to have been closed as being intentionally disruptive.

    4. Fila


      Its disruptive in every single thread. Why is one thread discussing it the problem?

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