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  2. I didn't live in Pennsylvania as child (have never lived there actually). I also highly suspect these school districts policies were eventually overturned by higher courts. I'm sure places in the so called 'Bible Belt' did these things as well. That doesn't mean that such practices weren't eventually overturned and removed.
  3. Accepted? NO!!!!!!!!! Keep your seat belt on Brit and watch what happens in this country I love. Because it's in the USA where we're in the process of cleaning our house of this corruption. In other countries, the voters just keep putting in charge of their government the same criminals to run amok. We here in the USA have the foresight and the insight to oust the likes of the worst political criminal of all time HRC and install a truly great man, Donald J. Trump. In America, we lead the way for other countries to follow. This in my opinion is largely due to the fact that unlike other western countries, in the United States of America, most of its people are NOT atheists and ARE receptive to take direction from the Creator who dwells within each and every one of us.
  4. Basicaly I agree with this statement. I have seen a few articles about numbers which in my opinion were pretty shallow. But also I have read some material which is according to my own subjective standards pretty interesting. So I am just investigating.
  5. Due to extremely strong winds, this weak stream waterfall gets blown backwards...
  6. Country fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. Sweet tea to drink and Vanilla ice cream for dessert.
  7. What's most revealing to me is that the perp didn't bring a weapon- instead, he used what was available- and so that would indicate to me that he didn't go there with the intention of killing the man.
  8. So the rest of your body has joined your brian brain? NUMB!
  9. I'm back in New York for a couple months. Sunny and cool with a slight breeze off the water. High around 65 and a low around 50.
  10. Oh of course they did. Teachers didn't talk about religion... huh? From 1963, Abington School District v. Schempp:
  11. Brooklyn mobster busted for failing to report $2M in capital gains A Brooklyn mobster was a true wiseguy when it came to making deals in a hot real estate market — but he was a real dummy about paying taxes, authorities say. Salvatore (Sallie) DeMeo, 77, was busted on tax-evasion charges Thursday as federal prosecutors claim he failed to report $2 million in capital gains. The reputed Genovese soldier also stiffed Uncle Sam out of $367,000 in taxes, prosecutors say. The oldfella is making a quick return trip to the halls of justice. Just last month, DeMeo was sentenced to five years' probation after pleading guilty in Brooklyn Supreme Court to his role in a loansharking and gambling racket. Read more: Alleged Howard Beach loan sharks get trial date The members of an alleged loansharking ring run by 10 members and associates of the Bonanno crime family are scheduled to go on trial starting June 25, 2018, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice. The date was set during a Sept. 18 conference on the charges against alleged acting Bonanno capo Ronald “Ronnie G” Giallanzo and nine other defendants. A judge was notified at the hearing that the defendants and the government have been and continued to be engaged in plea negotiations. Read more: Colombo mobster 'Little Dino' who is serving 50 years loses bid to have murder conspiracy conviction tossed A gangster serving 50 years in prison for racketeering couldn't convince a Brooklyn federal judge to rip up his conviction. Colombo soldier Dino (Little Dino) Saracino argued he got subpar lawyering in a 2012 trial that ended with jurors saying he was guilty of murder conspiracies and witness tampering but acquitting him of killing an off-duty cop. A family feud exploded at trial when Saracino's older brother, Sebastian, took the stand against him. "Don't call me your brother no more!" Saracino barked at him. On Friday, Brooklyn Federal Judge Brian Cogan threw out Saracino's bid to overturn the conviction and sentence. Read more: Latest Mob Talk:
  12. You can inerpret let's say a stone as a heavy thick object, or perhaps you can describe it's shape, color, texture, molecular structure etc. So one stub article about something is not a merit of a complete amount of properties which make that object.
  13. I think I've had a few too many. That's the trouble with all-day drinking! Is this my urine I'm standing in here?
  14. I figured it was ABC's mistake since it was quoted. It really was rather funny (in a macabre way).
  15. I can talk girly with the best of them * ahem* I mean I spect another girly will be along soon liz the loon said she was coming in here after her probation officer had seen her
  16. These magnetic spots as they are sometimes called is simply a well known illusion.
  17. Suicide by two bullets to the back of the head. Being from the UK, I am truly astounded at the level of corruption in the US. I know corruption exists everywhere and it's far worse in countries that have dictatorships or high poverty, but the scale of it in another western country, especially the US, actually shocks me. It's practically an accepted part of your culture, from the ground up.
  18. I'm hanging in the middle of the college pick em and not doing so good in fantasy and have to go against ZZ this week.
  19. The answer is no. You might want to read about geology or take an intro course to see what volcanic activity is.
  20. Still can't believe Syracuse beat Clemson but very Happy for Dino Babers and the Orange what a big win.
  21. See above post. It was a misprint by abcnews, since corrected. I copied and pasted without realizing the mistake they made. Sorry, my bad. I should have caught it.
  22. As we see here the vesica pisces is a rather restricted form of the intersection of two discs. The article properly refers to the intersection of disks and not circles.
  23. Yeah, funny they should make the error. I only copied and pasted without seeing it. It seems they corrected it on the website. It should, and does now read: Jesus Campos and Mandalay Bay building engineer Stephen Schuck were both guests of the talk show host in an interview taped Tuesday.
  24. In what way are they being indoctrinated?
  25. Sessions is more concerned with busting some kids smoking a joint in their dorm room than he is with prosecuting any real crimes.
  26. Filming for the upcoming Spielberg-directed sci-fi movie 'Ready Player One' took place in Birmingham, England, last year. Inner-city buildings & locations in Hockley and Digbeth were used as a futuristic Ohio.
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