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  2. Aw, gees. Thanks for the merry chuckle. Do these people understand that they're bug-nuts crazy? But I like the robes. Where can I get a robe?
  3. Either your words mean something or they don't. Your's, apparently, are the latter and rather than take back your erroneous statements you try and, laughingly, take the high road.
  4. That it is fun to speculate, but unless you can test your speculation and prove it true or false, we don't gain any knowledge from it. Sometimes a crazy idea has been the seed to an experiment, a test, and new understanding. Sometimes you just have to let the crazy idea go. Emma Acid has a pretty logical approach. When you bring up "cannot do attitude" and say it is unscientific, I think you stray. Cannot do is the boundary between what we know and what we don't. You have to prove can do before you can include it in what we know.
  5. Because what you believe is The Truth and under no circumstances do you believe precisely the same as other people, right, despite the fact your beliefs follow just as regular a party line as the people you look down on? --Jaylemurph
  6. Not trying to be condescending but you could not be more wrong. Government MAKES the laws. Corps have to abide by them. Consequently, the Corps have to play a game....they grease the palms of both parties. Freedom is allowi g the market place to work. When regulations begin to kill competition...thats a bad thing. Regulations should be reserved for things like protection in the work place and preserving the water and air we all breath.
  7. I wish I could give this 27,000 likes!!
  8. Agreed. And it's not the sexy kind of leggy. If a supermodel had eight legs, I'd be terrified of her, too.
  9. Dude, that's not possible. Spiders are terrifying.
  10. Clearly it's a conspiracy.
  11. Since 2/3rds of the populace do, that should raise a concern.
  12. It's also interesting how someone has an opinion that they are right and imposes attitudes on others about how they feel or think are themselves blind about why people find their position unrealistic. jmccr8
  13. Corporations run the government by buying politicians, use the government to boost profits and thereby screw over average folks, then feed propaganda to the masses about the 'evils of the federal government', convincing millions that the cause of all their woes is government control, when in reality it's corporate control of the government.
  14. I peruse I know pretty much everything that's out there...I'm so completely aware of the bias of the I know what to and not to believe.
  15. They were found hung in their indoor pool room. Heard murder/suicide...homicide was called in as one death possibly homicide.
  16. More evidence of aliens than god or gods
  17. A war on words
  18. Here is something that disturbs me. Most of us do not have a very good opinion of politicians. We think they are crooked and dishonest. Most parents would not want their children to aspire to be politicians. So, who will be the politicians of the next generation? Will they be sleezier yet? How to reverse this trend?
  19. Also i think they will never find out who he was he was to smart
  20. Poisoning is another intellectual criminals method used.and i just watched a new zodiac show. it was called the hunt for the zodiac killer. it was a 6 part show and was pretty good they have a lot of new evidence to check may find it interesting if the zodiac case interests you
  21. Very well said. I am looking for honesty and integrity not a social or political view.
  22. Let's not forget that the second and third of those explosions saved several million lives, mostly Japanese.
  23. Thankyou they know they are. Looking forward to seeing them
  24. I heard they played Johnny cashes song burning ring of fire at the funeral.
  25. Adorable. I took some pics of mine in Christmas antlers just yesterday. I'll see if I can find them and post them.
  26. This is where I am too. The middle class folks like me seem to have dodged a lot of bullets from the early versions to the final bill. Good on that. Doesn't look like things got a lot simpler to file though. So far in history, from Reagan to Kansas "rocket fuel for the economy" only boosts the upper stage, doesn't result in more money, more tax revenues, and deficit reductions. The likely outcome in a few years will be the lament that we just can't afford all of these entitlements like social security and medicare with a huge deficit. And of course, health care is not a right. Cutting social programs will be the balance used to offset the corporate windfalls that will not result in a lot of good paying jobs. I would worry most about young people, millennials. They are going to have a really tough time in the gig economy and a plethora of low paying jobs with no benefits. FML as they say.
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