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  2. ExpandMyMind... I've just had a right mare with nested quotes in my post that you are responding to. Could you pop back up and re-read it, as there may have been sections ommitted at the time you replied ? Eat ? Good idea !! Me too !
  3. All depends on what you 'want.'
  4. Yes. Nobody ever kissed me on the forehead except Satan. There was two angels I feel wanted to kiss me on the forehead but I ignore them both because I don't feel them enough good/pure and they leaved me. Then I feel Satan enter me and wanted to kiss me too on the forehead and his energy was extreme pure not like the other two angels I don't get anger on him like on others. Only this.
  5. I raised this very point in the Bitcoin thread a few days back. What happens in the event of war or catastrophic event the Internet will be the first casualty.
  6. A 70yr old man burst into flames whilst walking along a road in Tottenham, London yesterday. Passers-by saw no reason for this to happen and investigators have so far not found a reason for the apparent spontaneous combustion.
  7. So when do we get to call this thread role-playing?
  8. Do you want to argue with all religions ?! Do you have another point of view? If you yourself did not come to this then who else will explain it to you ..
  9. I think, given the current climate, that it was likely some sort of evidence of crimes being committed.
  10. tcgram

    Things you'd love to say at work but cannot:  Customer: Are you the only here?   Me: Nope, the rest of the staff decided to play hide-n-seek, go find them.  :P 

  11. You can claim whatever conspiracy theory you want, but at the end of the day Egypt, Jordan and the entire Arab League made the intentions clear: they were the custodians. Israel, unfortunately, cannot make even this claim. You seem to think this is somehow a bad thing? Granting them citizenship was granting the same rights as every other Jordanian. The level of bare-faced cheek it takes to try to claim that Israel - the people that invaded their country and continually stole their land right up until yesterday, last I checked - are somehow responsible for "creating a path to a future Palestinian State". You're like one of those British colonialist apologists who say that India was lucky to have us because "we built roads and stuff". It's genuinely disgusting. The truth is the polar opposite of what you claim. I mean, what on earth. No Palestinians and no implications of statehood? Some light reading for you: I'll get to the rest of your post later, about to eat.
  12. Yeah those guys hopelessly outnumbered in DR Congo and still trying to prevent children being raped and murdered should really go and do something useful. Like sitting in front of a keyboard b****ing about them.
  13. Critical signs that profilers would note in cases of suicide investigations ... There is a pattern there ...
  14. But who say Satan is evil? Some gay from UK wanted to kidnap me. He send some terrorists two men with minibus who was there in the street waiting. And there was one young boy, waiting too. I feel very negative energy from this boy like he was the terrorist, but then he look me at my eyes and I see stars in his eyes. Then the two men come to me and open hands to get me, then this young boy come next to me and they was shocked and fastly go back in minibus and go away. I was about to fight them but maybe they was with guns.
  15. Find page 223 there and read(The Worlds of Retribution) of the world propulk&f=false
  16. Yeah focus on Russia and tell to everyone what to do to make big troubles and watch a funky bunch of dude going there and cutting it for fun.
  17. Trump didnt ruin it, the mayor, who had a hissy fit/tantrum and cancelled it, despite all the people who had planned, possibly for months or a year for festivities, rehearsed and laid money out for and who possibly counts on supplimenting tourist income. He's the guilty party here.
  18. Well, now's your chance. Go get him seeing as you do this to everyone. Dude...(sigh)... You know what? I think we are done here. I am just going to ignore you from now on. I cannot say anymore without risk of being banned but I just don't think we are ever going to be on the same level. I might skim through your posts to look for anything relative to the discussion.., otherwise I am done with this personal attack stuff. Have a good one.
  19. No Will ... there is no 'we' in this little exchange, and the difference is so vast it escapes your capacity to fully comprehend it. You are still talking of yourself, with yourself and of yourself ... I am merely an observer and witness who is an adjunct to this testimonial of yours .... ~ A good salesman does not sell Will, they make sales ... there is no such thing as a 'good' salesman ... there are only salespersons who are successful or those who are not ... ~
  20. Please post whatever official NASA response you are talking about.
  21. But anyone will only see what they 'want' to see. Seeing the truth doesn't have anything to do with it. 'Wanting' does though.
  22. I've thought it should be mobile, moved around to the worlds hot spots like the Gaza Strip. Lets see if they can do some actual work, come up with real solutions then.
  23. The head of Britain's armed forces has warned that an attack on these cables could be 'catastrophic'.
  24. I have some lunch time reading today.....
  25. Yep. This'll go nowhere fast.
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