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  2. So you get a lot of use out of "woodie," but please tell me you weren't wearing that bra at the time. This is Chicago, so we're no strangers to cockroaches. In our Egyptian exhibit we have a replica of the tippy-top of a pyramid, with capstone. Once a little girl dragged me over there and pointed at the capstone...on which was perched one of the biggest cockroaches I've ever seen. I asked for its ticket.
  3. I just choked on my ginger ale damn you
  4. That's a no-brainer. It's called a complete lack of common sense.......
  5. and to think.....all those years ago in my innocent youth.... I was watching Woody Woodpecker...
  6. Lol can mean what you were referring to. Type of Roach, had one in my clean bra last week. Also a brand of Bourbon that also sell premix of Bourbon and coke
  7. It's amazing people are trying to justify a grown man attacking another human being for whatever reason. Lately, it's becoming more difficult to tell the so called good guys from the bad guys.
  8. acute

    Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd:


  9. kmt_sesh

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans at UM! If you're lucky like I am, the rest of the week is free. Mine shall be filled with eating, wine, the museum, and much slacking.

  10. Does "woodie" mean bug or roach in your parts? Here, it really does mean something quite different. Seeder will know. And snicker.
  11. Hi guys, I hope all are well. As you can guess from the title this thread involves the Rosetta stone. More specifically- recently I was reading a thread here or historum or above top secret (looked on all 3 buand in one post I remember seeing a comment to the effect that the Rosetta stone has actually been overestimated in importance to deciphering hieroglyphs. The post seemed to be reasonable but I can't find any info that supports it on google(nor can I find the original thread/post). Does anyone know where I could find more info about this or that know themselves about it? Thanks guys!
  12. Well, that's pretty much my system of "Italian cooking."
  13. Ah I see. I guess my computer creates photon particles and that hits my eye cones and then I see, now it makes sense...light is a wave not a particle, ALL matter is a wave. ALL energy is a wave, energy is always transferred as a wave. Wave theory is 100% correct as is admitted by modern physicists, the problem is they also say that particle theory is right. So they invented this thing called "particle-wave duality" to try and keep their particles in the equation. No modern scientist will dispute the fact that matter and light can be proven to be a wave, they just claim it is ALSO a particle somehow. It is not both, light has only been proven to be a wave..the double slit experiment proved this. The double slit makes much more sense when you realize its a wave the entire time. They cannot actually take a particle or photon, and shoot it. They can do no such thing. They have never even observed a particle. These particle accelerators are assumed to be colliding particles because they start with the premise that the light rays they are using are made of particles. They should be called wave colliders. Oh and btw, dark energy/dark matter is the atomistic version of ether theory. Modern science KNOWS that space is not a vacuum of nothingness, that there must be some sort of energy that permeates all of the universe...aka ether
  14. Close physical contact shouldn't be one of them. There are sometimes good reasons children are repelled by different people. Hugging people when you are a vulnerable child is a lot different than shaking someone's hand as an adult. If you want to teach them something, teach them how not to shake hands like a limp fish and look them in the eye.
  15. Come on, man, those Spaniards probably fired four shots and subdued all of the Americas in three days of combat. Why send out your conquistadors, who were usually drunk and always heat exhausted, when disease did all of the work?
  16. Photons have never been proven. Particles are not necessary for any matter to exist. Particles that carry light waves is complete nonsense. Electrons/protons and the like (let alone gluons/gravitons) have never been proven. Atomistic thinking is a cancer to science.
  17. Nah, no good. Coming from Greek stock, they used too much feta cheese and goat tongue. As Harte put it, inptolerable.
  18. The only authentic Italian restaurant where you pay someone to microwave a frozen dinner for you
  19. Now you folks know the truth. You weren't supposed to realize this so soon after expiring. All of the fringies posting ridiculous ideas are actually deranged demons sent to torment us.
  20. Woodie makes me think of: Which the lizards/dragons here love
  21. Could be a fun one to do
  22. These videos have been great! I love this kind of stuff and have spent many a while on YT watching this sort of thing. They're much more to my liking than trees
  23. I've seen this one before. It's pretty clever. Good thing that glass is there.
  24. Look at it this least people don't call you an old fart.
  25. This happens to me when I watch TV. A random word in my thought will line up perfectly with them saying it on TV. I used to have precognitions of what song would be on the radio next. Ihave had other weirder experiences with precognitions that came true. So I believe you. As for its cause that isn't so easy.
  26. Are you talkin' bolllocks?
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