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  2. Hahaha, that's really cool. Thanks Seeder. Me and my step-brother were watching a fight in the street last month, andwhen we recalled it later.., we had different opinions on exact details. He isinto brand name clothes and stuff, and he could remember the clothes they worse, colours and heaps of stuff. I was amazed at this. Whereas I tend to keep my vision wide and see the whole thing, I can remember the other crowds of people, how they reacted, the few cars that drove past, I saw where the 2nd guy came from to help his mate... blah blah. Anyway. Point is that no one has a photographic memory. Its apparently impossible in the true sense. If you take a photo of something.., you can review that photo and see everything from the colour of a persons hat.., to how many blue pens are on the table. Everything in that image can be reviewed. Human brains are not like this... However.., just because I didn't know he was wearing white Adidas sneakers.., and just because my step-brother didn't see the 2nd guy come in.., cannot be used as an argument to say the event never happened. Its just not a sufficient argument.
  3. sensible and a sign of European confidence and maturity. The Cold War is over, threats have changed and even though Russia is still a problem, it’s just not nearly as big as it used to be for Europe. I guess the era of blind obedience is over. or at least some in Europe would like it to be.
  4. Do you see any wings? I dont.
  5. Haha you seem triggered cuz i used adult language. And no this is not Fake and I do not own a Light Pointer. Tell me What do i got to gain by faking this? Im clearly not making any money off this......
  6. There appears to be a smudge on the "real object" found in the video on post 17. So maybe that's why it makes it more real.
  7. Whether you recognise or accept it means diddly squat. By making this claim and in the next sentence claiming you will not debate it just shows your ignorance and places you in that elite category of a so called "troll". Try harder next time before spouting your "Sentence". Everything Expand said is well and truly documented and has been many times on these threads.
  8. Psfft, YouTube is imho the best place to watch Ancient Civilization videos. It contains a plethora of information worth viewing. Now if you wish to qualify your statement by saying "accurate information" I would tend to agree.
  9. lmao Honestly man that was a WILD start even by bowl season standards,it's very common for most to start out 5-0 or 5-1 the first day as those smaller games are usually stacked kinda funny ... What i mean by that is like Boise St was a conference champion and 10-3 against a mediocre Oregon who was still somehow the favorite...a lot of these smaller bowls will have a lets say 3rd place finisher in a conference against a 7th place finisher sometimes...they are usually easy to pick,but this was one wacky ass year so why should bowl season be any different i suppose
  10. If ignorance is bliss he’s the happiest person on earth. cormac
  11. I never said that you were a hack. I said that some people sounded like Satan's spokesman.
  12. Yea, its a nightmare trying to figure out. It just seems to like we put in so much effort to find these emails about 1 guy who sad it was planes.., trying as hard as we can to prove it was planes.., rather than just listening to the hundreds of people who said they saw something 100's of times larger than any aircraft moving slowly across the sky silently. We complain about UFO witnesses just telling stories.., but then we use stories (Mitch) to discount the initial claim.., and we accept it because its most likely. Meanwhile several hundred people still claim they saw something completely different.., and one opinion trumps hundreds of others? IF 1 person see's a UFO.., BUT 700 people saw a plane, THEN It was a plane IF 700 people see a UFO.., BUT 1 person saw a plane, THEN It was a plane. Yea..., I get it. Its most likely not going to be a UFO. But I cannot officially draw a conclusion this way Literally can't. This is not my personal opinion. I am just literally not allowed to do this.
  13. You know, he could be charged with treason, he is basically asking for a foreign army to occupy a city in United States.
  14. That is because *stifles a giggle*, the Orthodox Cabal of Egyptologists refuse to do the scientific testing Cladking has been begging for.
  15. Did not get my cookies made yet, between having to run my mom to 3 different places, moving a dresser, doing laundry and finding out our nephew was in from CA for a few hours, I did not have time....
  16. Hell, you should be able to go 3 and 3 just flipping a coin. The rest of the nation are either idiots or overthinking it. Nice to be in the elite though, isn't it? Harte
  17. "What's a moniker? A rose by any other name still gives yas hay fever.". Benjamin Grimm
  18. 78% compared to ALL the other people's a National contest We are competing amongst each other,but also every other American lol
  19. Cheers Chrs. My next question about the mystery blob is .... were there other cameras that could have been directed at the UAP?
  20. What if, one acquires such powers only if in combination to level of their integrity, thus an inbuilt safety system? At least that's what I want to be the case. lol
  21. People tow the political line on all or both sides, but it seems to be worse on the left side than it is on the right side. I'm talking about mainstream points on the political spectrum. The extreme points, on both sides, aren't the same. They often take things way too far. It could be that the guy, who's a regular on "Saturday Night Live", is one of the best examples of this. He has a tattoo of Clinton! It demonstrates that it's no exaggeration to say that some individuals are in the Hillary cult. It also explains why that show is far from fair and balanced in its political "humor".
  22. How are we at 78% when our wins are 50%? Harte
  23. Am probably posting from complete ignorance as I haven't, and I'm likely not going to, watch the video, but... some (most/all? I dunno for sure) of these cameras are gyro-stabilised and use an 'Alt-Az' type mount. They have sophisticated systems that let them lock onto something in 3D space, and using GPS and other tools, they know where they are relative to the object and will move as necessary to keep the object centred. A characteristic of Alt-Az drives is that sometimes the camera will be rotated to a different angle as part of it keeping track of the object as it goes past the 'pivot-point'. I'm probably using the wrong terms, but anyone who uses a decent telescope will know what I mean... So, probably yes is the answer...
  24. Well, because so few are able to do it it actually it is special in that way. But yes anybody has potential to do it.
  25. More likely there’s nothing of archaeological/Egyptological/scientific interest outside of what’s already known and therefore irrelevant to a discussion of AE culture. Just because you, the average laymen, hasn’t had it explained to you by the experts on site (which ISN’T their job) doesn’t mean “it’s all kept in secret” as you claim. cormac
  26. In this case there has been 10 years of research to get to these results. I do not understand how you are skeptical about this, you also do not accept these findings either: You are questioning and disregarding scientific findings and yet fall for claims about telepathy etc which have not been proven. Seems odd.
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