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  2. That compares the mass of a human to the explosive energy of a hydrogen bomb. The hydrogen bomb has more energy if they calculated it the same as the human body.
  3. I always hear Wheatley's voice whenever I come across one of Mr Walker's profuse denial laden posts ... ~ [00.00:46] ~
  4. I asked the following question: Your refusal I will take as a tacit admittance that you simply made up what you wrote below: You aren't the first angry young person to bluff and be caught.
  5. Yeah i saw that last night and would like to thank that lil fella for saying all that! I was a bit worried Auburn might not "show up" ready to play and get embarassed...not so much now "They ain't seen speed like we got"...yeah Bama,Clemson,Georgia,LSU who are all LOADED with 5* players brought nothing to the table the likes of UCF!... That guy is fast,but playing rb at 5'8 158 lbs and having a mouth even bigger is a dangerous combination!... I mean this is the guy who got hurt against Navy after running into their goats feed bucket lmao!
  6. I can't speak to NASA's process, but the records I'm using have gaps in them right up to the present time. While I use data from as early as 1875 and am planning to go back even farther, when building a temperature graph, I end up using both actual observations and estimates. I'll bet that if you check out any page on the NCDC "Climate Data" site (, you'll find gaps. Done properly, filling the gaps should produce little change in the averages. I would be real suspicious of a process that doubled the estimated degree of warming. One expects small changes, mostly due to rounding error, but doubling? There's a mistake there somewhere. The graph of Oklahoma City temps that I tried to post awhile back has gaps where there is missing data. I don't think the gaps would show much if we filled them and leaving them there saves a lot of time and adds credibility to the graph. Mostly, it depends on what you are trying to do. Will the process tolerate gaps? Will gaps bias the result? Let's suppose I have a set of annual temperatures going back to 1910. But there are five years missing in the 1940s. A regression process has no trouble with this; it will calculate a curve to fit the data you actually have and ignor the gaps. But plotting those temps will produce a break in the plot where the data is missing. If you don't want that break to be there, you have to estimate the missing values. Do you need to preserve the natural variation, or can you get by without it? Regression removes the variation and replaces it with an average. There are interpolation methods that preserve the variation, but are useless for generating a reliable average. Trees have to live in the extremes of the weather. An extreme low can kill them, even though the average is well within their tolerance. I study trees, so most of the time I need to have the variation and averages won't work. The 1880 date should tell you something: that's the beginning of the "modern" weather record, started by the Weather Bureau and taken over by the Weather Service. There are records going back that far, some continuous up to the present. But there aren't very many. In Oklahoma there were only four stations in 1880. All four of these shut down by 1908. They were incorporated into the "modern" record and by 1892 there were twenty stations, 12 of them sending in monthly reports. The network grew station-by-station until today we have 205 stations. There is no one date at which there was a transition from "estimates" to "measurements." The process was gradual. If we have data, we use it. Another important fact: in order to make an estimate, I need an actual measurement from a nearby station to plug into the equation. No measurement, no estimate. Some of my weather reconstructions have big gaps (a decade, even) where there was no other station that predicted the temps/precip accurately enough to use. The estimate either meets the accuracy standards or it doesn't. If it doesn't, you can't use it and you have to live with the gap. Doug
  7. Not true at all. You have attacked others and been angry in many of your posts. You've employed straw man arguments, misrepresented posts, and even outrighted told falsehoods about other posts.
  8. I am under the impression that you do not know the meaning of skeptic. Your writing suggests you are confusing skeptic with scoffer.
  9. There was quite a large thread in here a few years back that discussed spontaneous combustion. Coroners had ruled out any external factors and gave cause of death as SC. I remember an explanation about how pigs burn being questioned as experimental proof. There have been many cases of SC that are still held as unexplained because the proof wasn't in the pudding so to speak.
  10. That's called a dream. More exact, a nightmare. Its not the same as your body growing cold and numb from blood loss, nor it is the excruciating pain of heart failure. Then comes the inky blackness, then. Nothing.
  11. You lied and it is an obvious callous lie. Here is the issue: What is with the vitriol? Why the anger? Why the falsehood? You are the attacker by posting a lie.
  12. banned for hugging someone who is almost frozen to death
  13. Your mind chose one and the other does not want to let in. Our world and countries are the antipodes of the countries of hell, therefore there is anti America,Anti- Russia and other countries about which Dante does not speak.And all the bad things that happen in our world are inspired from there.
  14. The countries in the West, and the British economy in particular, are heavily dependent on the internet. If the Russians cut our cables and we cut theirs, we lose.
  15. I 2-3 don't remember. When I was sleeping I start screaming because something attacks my heart it was to the maximum because it doesn't stop until it felt like I can't scream anymore and some sad feeling like I already died. Yes, but I am still alive.
  16. But with you, it's always about who you are, what you did, what you achieved, how morally superior you are to us lesser folk. All your ideas and beliefs are Walker-centric. The whole universe revolves around you. Even in denying it you do it. Everyone is laughing at your monumental conceit and you're oblivious to it, so wrapped up about yourself you are.
  17. banned for why get a stress ball, when u can get a squishy
  18. I am not a professional but I can recommend you a great article where you'll find everything you look for. Check this article, hope it'll help -
  19. Debunking may include a statement about the past history of an individual. There are plenty of people online that cannot be trusted at all. Scott Waring is a great example. Another example is the group called secureteam10. I state that the starting point in science is that an idea is not accepted until it is shown to have supporting evidence. Only a fool accepts an idea and looks for evidence that it is incorrect. Someone has to be a blithering fool to accept something without evidence. LOL! You are being very angry and irrational. Cool down and learn.
  20. I've had 2 goes at it. So.....meh.
  21. I'm a Native Traditionalist and non-dualist. I don't believe in Hell
  22. I am not afraid of death, but you should be, haha.
  23. I turned down many surgeries when I was "in the system". I watched people with my problems get worse as I got better. The Medical boards probably get their kickbacks too. I wouldn't be surprised.
  24. Spiritual people descended into hell and their experience of cosmic ignorance and the experience of beings in hell can be read here. Take time to read:
  25. That would be the first option and makes sense. If it come down to tapping or cutting cables today; - these modern day cables carry that much information it would be hard to decipher all the information. So a way to cut through or cut out all the noise would be to disrupt the cables and force the use of other forms of communication such as satellite or Radio communication which would only be used by Govt's or military to carry vital information and easier to intercept. On cutting the cables the British in WW1 and WW2. cut undersea German cables and Japanese cables, Hong Kong to Saigon, Singapore - Saigon in both wars this forced the Germans & Japanese to use Radio communications which was easier to intercept. So, even though this article states Russia as the ability or could cut the cables today, - Going by our past actions it would not be beyond the realms of possibility that we in the West also have the ability to cut Russian underwater sea cables.
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